The racing genre has been around forever, and it’s still going strong today. With every new console generation, more and more racing games come out to meet the demand of gamers everywhere. With so many racing games out there, it can be hard to choose which one you’ll be playing first, but this article features five racing wheels that will quench your need for speed. 5 Racing Wheels That’ll Satisfy Your Need For Speed

1) Logitech G920

For those who want a racing wheel that can be used on a variety of games, the G920 is your best bet. It features dual-motor force feedback and realistic controls, and it’s compatible with both Xbox One and PC. The downside? It’s pretty expensive! Not to mention, this gaming accessory weighs about 9 pounds, so you’ll need to find someplace to put it when you’re not using it. Thrustmaster T300: The T300 has been praised for its realistic gear shift paddles and pressure sensitive brake pedal.

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2) Fanatec ClubSport Wheel

The Fanatec ClubSport Wheel is a racing wheel that features an integrated steering wheel with sequential paddle shifters. The ClubSport Wheel also includes a 900-degree turning radius and plenty of buttons for managing in-game functions. It’s compatible with PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, so you can use it to play just about any racing game your heart desires.

3) Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel

The Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel is a replica of the steering wheel found in the Ferrari 458 Spider. The racing wheel features all the controls that are present on the real steering wheel including paddle shifters, a D-pad and red, green and blue color coded buttons. The Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel also includes an extensive list of pre-set buttons for different driving styles. This racing wheel can be used with both PCs and PS3s and is compatible with any game that supports those consoles.

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4) Thrustmaster T80 RS

The Thrustmaster T80 RS offers the most realistic racing experience you can get. The rigid force feedback system provides instant response to your steering and pedal inputs, so you can feel every detail of the road. All-metal gears make for precise gear changes, while the ergonomic design ensures that you’re in total control. This wheel is compatible with PS4/PS3/PC, and includes a 5-year warranty.

5) Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer

The Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer is a great option for those looking for a racing wheel that can complement their home rig. Featuring 1080 degrees of rotation, this racing wheel has it all. Connecting to PC via USB and featuring force feedback, the Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer is a solid choice for both casual gamers and hardcore racers alike. Though at $150, it may not be an option for everyone.

Lightweight and easy to set up, the Logitech G29 Driving Force gives you an authentic racing experience right out of the box.

5 Racing Wheels That'll Satisfy Your Need For Speed
5 Racing Wheels That’ll Satisfy Your Need For Speed

Do racing wheels work for need for speed?

Racing wheels are one of the most important aspects of a car, from performance to aesthetics. If you’re in the market for new racing wheels, there’s a wide variety on the market that will satisfy your need for speed.

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What steering wheels work with need for speed?

Ever since the early days of racing, steering wheels have been a vital component of any vehicle. There are a variety of steering wheel types depending on your needs and budget. The following are five of the most popular steering wheels that will satisfy your need for speed.

What steering wheels work with Need for Speed payback?

– Logitech G920: A direct plug-and-play wheel compatible with PC and Xbox One, this wheel has 900 degrees of rotation, a dual clutch system, and a detachable pedal set.

– Thrustmaster T150: This racing wheel is compatible with PC and PS4 as well as being one of the most affordable wheels on the market.

– Mad Catz TE 2: This wheel is compatible with Xbox One and PC but has only 900 degrees of rotation.

What is the most realistic racing wheel?

The Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel is a relatively affordable option, and it’s one of the most realistic racing wheels on the market. The hand-stitched leather feels almost as good as the real thing, and you don’t have to worry about them getting sweaty or slippy from long hours at the wheel. The pedals are made of metal with an anti-slip grip and a sequential gearshift that will take some time to get used to but will feel like second nature after a while.

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