Sebastian Arcelus may be one of the newest members of the cast, but he’s one of the best ones. He joined the show during its second season in 2012 as Lucas Goodwin, an editor at The Washington Herald, who eventually becomes Zoe’s boyfriend and fiancé. His role on Scandal has made him popular with fans, who have been praising his acting since before he was even in the show. Here are ten reasons why Sebastian Arcelus is the best actor on Scandal. 10 Reasons Why Sebastian Arcelus is the Best Actor on Scandal 10 Reasons Why Sebastian Arcelus is the Best Actor on Scandal

10 Reasons

  1. He always plays such dynamic roles 2. He’s consistently funny and charming 3. On How to Get Away with Murder, he was charismatic and evil 4. I love how he portrays vulnerability and strength in his characters 5. His character arc on Scandal has been compelling 6. He’s worked with amazing actresses, like Kerry Washington 7. You can see how he develops over time 8. His acting has added depth to a talented cast 9. He’s incredibly realistic 10.
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Reason #1 – He Cares About His Character

Watching an actor portray a character to perfection is something that any viewer would want from any show. The same rings true for any talented actor and his craft. Therefore, when discussing some of the best actors working today, it’s hard not to start with Sebastian Arcelus as Lucas Goodwin in ABC’s hit series Scandal. For one thing, Arcelus doesn’t just play a role: he makes you believe it.

Reason #2 – He Is Accent Perfect

When you watch Sebastian Arcelus as Lucas Goodwin, an editor at The Washington Herald and later Zoe’s boyfriend, you can easily forget that he’s not actually American. How does he do it? His accent is dead-on, making us think that maybe we just have a bad ear for accents. When did being able to change your accent without even realizing it become such a hot talent? And when will America wake up and realize they have a talented actor in their midst?

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Reason #3 – He Isn’t Afraid to Get Into Physical Pain

Many actors in his position might be reluctant to fight for a more intense role because of how it could potentially harm their bodies. However, Arcelus was more than willing to get bruised and battered for season two’s Someone to Watch Over Me, during which Goodwin (and later Cyrus) got into a particularly brutal fight. He really went all out, and it showed that he wasn’t afraid to risk his own health if it meant giving an even better performance.

Reason #4 – His Face Can Show So Many Emotions

Whether he’s silently expressing his love for Olivia, or gritting his teeth in anger at Frank – Sebastian Arcelus has a face that speaks volumes. You know what I mean? It can go from grinning ear to ear, to immediately looking horrified and sad within seconds. He does a great job of playing each emotion with sincerity and it makes him such an amazing actor.

10 Reasons Why Sebastian Arcelus is the Best Actor on Scandal
10 Reasons Why Sebastian Arcelus is the Best Actor on Scandal

Reason #5 – He Doesn’t Disappoint In a Fight Scene

The most amazing moments of an actor’s performance often come when they are put in unfamiliar circumstances, such as a fight scene. As a journalist by trade, Goodwin never thought he would be involved in a high-stakes street fight, but that all changed during Knee Deep, which saw Goodwin go toe-to-toe with one of Rowan’s men after being caught digging for information on him.

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Reason #6 – There Are Many Versions of His Character

There are many sides to Lucas Goodwin. He has been both a villain and a hero (he was killed by his own hand). This has given Arcelus an opportunity to act in multiple ways and show off many different talents. In most shows, if your character dies, you can’t come back. Here though, that isn’t true.

Reason #7 – He Always Looks Like He Believes What He Is Saying

Whether he’s talking about love or politics, Sebastian does a great job of always looking like he believes what he is saying. He doesn’t overact and his face can convey so much emotion without being too broad or silly. It really looks like he cares about what’s going on and you care because you can see it in his face.

Reason #8 – The Chemistry with Bellamy Young

It’s always a good sign when an actor and actress have good chemistry with each other. Bellamy Young, who plays First Lady Mellie Grant, has described her friendship with Sebastian as really special and it shows in their scenes together. The energy between them feels authentic and real. They are able to convey years of friendship even though they don’t often share scenes together.

Reason #9 – His Character is Progressing

Just like most of us, we see changes in his character; Goodwin started out as a shallow and judgmental editor-in-chief to The Washington Herald. But then he realized how hard Zoe had worked at her position as a reporter and how much she knew about her field. After that realization, he began supporting her by proposing different news stories to change The Herald’s reputation as an outdated tabloid newspaper.

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