It is always exciting to know that Google launched another game-changing feature, and I believe this latest invention may just be the most loved one so far. Google’s new Dark Mode has been very successful at solving all my problems as a user and I truly think it can fix all your problems too! So today I will be talking about 10 reasons why Google Dark Mode is better than your current theme, so let’s get started!

1) Eye strain

When you stare at bright white backgrounds for long periods of time, you’re straining your eyes. Save yourself from long-term eye damage by switching to a dark theme.

2) Saves battery

On devices like smartphones, where battery life is at a premium, dark mode can help save precious time. A University of California Berkeley study found that switching from a bright screen to darker one saved as much as 20 percent on battery. The backlight on most modern phone screens uses an incredible amount of power—up to three times more than necessary according to some estimates. This means even if you get full-day usage out of your device with normal mode, you might see twice that when in dark mode.

3) Control over ads

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The first and most obvious reason that dark mode is an improvement over standard white-background themes is that it’s easier on your eyes. Studies have shown that blue light, which most people associate with a white screen or page, can disrupt sleep patterns—so if you work at night and want to go to bed at a reasonable hour, switching to a darker background will definitely help. Also, many studies indicate there’s a link between computer use and diabetes.

4) Reduces phone temperature

Everyone knows that phones get hot, especially after long periods of intensive use. When you start feeling your phone heating up, it’s best to do what you can to cool it down before any damage occurs. By switching to a dark-mode theme, you’ll be able to reduce temperature as much as 15% compared with standard themes. This small change can make a big difference over time!

10 reasons why Google Dark Mode is better than your current theme
10 reasons why Google Dark Mode is better than your current theme

5) Better for nighttime browsing

Reading for hours on end by bright white light can damage your eyes and make it difficult to fall asleep at night. Wouldn’t you prefer a darker browsing experience that is more conducive to reading at night? That’s where Dark Mode comes in handy. It switches from the normally blinding white color scheme to a dark-grayish one that makes it easier on your eyes and actually reduces eye strain.

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6) Minimalism

Some people love it, some people hate it. And I don’t blame them—it’s a bold design choice that won’t appeal to everyone. But if you do like black backgrounds and white text, then Google has made a few tweaks to its dark mode so that you can see more of what you want: Black backgrounds with dark text. That means no more eye strain at night and much less screen glare in sunny areas—no sunglasses required!

7) Upscale appearance

One look at a screen using dark mode and one using a lighter color scheme, and you’ll see an immediate difference. The higher contrast and lack of blue light emitted from darker screens like black, gray, or red make for text that’s easier to read—especially at night or if you have less-than-perfect vision.

8) Black Friday deals can be cool with it too

Switching between themes is not as hard as you might think. It only takes a few clicks to change things up and give your environment a brand new look and feel. Moreover, if you’re at work and would like to change your desktop theme for other people who want to see what it’s like when they get home, that’s easy too. You can switch back and forth in seconds while others look on, curious about how different things can be.

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9) A night mode? Yes please!

Let’s face it. The nights are darker and, more often than not, we have to use our phones and tablets after hours. It’s tough to concentrate on reading an eBook or writing a text when you have to strain your eyes through glaring white fonts on an all-white background. That’s where night mode comes in handy!

10) You get used to it quickly.

Going to a dark mode can be difficult at first. The problem with most dark modes is that they don’t let you choose. Most apps simply switch to their night mode and that’s it. This means you have to get used to something new, but after about a week of daily use, you hardly ever notice anymore. The whole process takes about a day and by then, you won’t remember how bright everything used to be! 10 reasons why Google Dark Mode is better than your current theme

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