For most apps on your Android device, you can choose to automatically update them, or only update them when you open the app itself. However, there’s no option to control automatic updates on the Google Play Store app that comes with every Android device by default. If you don’t want the Play Store updating automatically, you’ll need to disable it manually every time you want an update. Here’s how to do it. Disabling Auto Updates on the Google Play Store

Why did I get an auto-update?

There are a few reasons your phone might have received an update. Some apps, like Twitter and Facebook, let you schedule updates in advance, so you can set them to go out when it’s most convenient for you. Others require new features and bug fixes as they roll out; they must be updated periodically to keep functioning properly.

How do I fix it?

For those that have no issues with auto-updates, there’s a simple solution for those that want to disable them. Go to Settings -> Applications -> Manage All Installed Applications, then select Google Play Store. There should be an option called Auto-update apps, which you can uncheck. That should do it!

Disabling Auto Updates on the Google Play Store
Disabling Auto Updates on the Google Play Store

How can I stop this from happening again?

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On Android phones, there are a few ways to prevent unwanted updates. First, you can go into your Settings and select Applications. From here, select Manage Applications and then scroll down to find any apps you do not want automatically updating. From here, you can tap each app individually to adjust these settings.


In order to disable automatic updates in Android, you’ll need to edit a couple of lines of code. Thankfully, there are many tutorials out there that can help you through editing these lines. You may need a phone or tablet in hand while reading through these instructions in order to test what they say is working. After you have done it once and know how to do it again, it will be much easier if you decide to update your device with new versions of Android as they come out.

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