Are you part of the Provident Fund? Do you have to make withdrawals from your account? Have you tried to do so online, only to discover that you can’t without a digital signature? If so, then you might be reading this article because you aren’t sure how to set up your digital signature on the Provident Fund Portal. The good news is that setting up your digital signature on the Provident Fund Portal is actually very easy, and it doesn’t take very long at all! Setting up your digital signature on the Provident Fund Portal

What is a Digital Signature?

A Digital Signature is a new way of providing proof that you are who you say you are. It uses cryptography to confirm both your identity and validity of any document or message. This helps prove that an individual has sent a specific message, as opposed to someone else pretending to be them. The most common use for Digital Signatures is electronic transactions, such as sending information over email or sending documents over fax. They also prove useful in cases where an organization needs to approve documents from other sources.

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What do I need to start using Digital Signatures?

The Digital Signature feature is only available to users who are in a role that grants Digital Signature permissions. These roles include Registered User, Authorized Signer, and Manager. The following table describes which roles have access to Digital Signatures

How do I set it up?

Setting up a Digital Signature for PFRDA’s (Provident Fund) e-Filing facility is quite easy. It can be set either through a two-factor authentication or by using SMS-based verification. I would strongly recommend using a two-factor authentication as it will provide you with additional security while filing returns.

Setting up your digital signature on the Provident Fund Portal
Setting up your digital signature on the Provident Fund Portal

What are the benefits of Digital Signatures?

Signing in with a Digital Signature is quick and convenient. You only need to create one Digital Signature, which will automatically be used for all Government of Canada online services that require it. It’s also safer: you don’t have to type in any personal information every time you want to access an online service.

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Final Thoughts

The provident fund portal has been a long-awaited change in our system, bringing millions of workers out of offline into a more productive online setup. Though not fully complete yet, our goal is to update all employees about these new online tools and how to use them safely. Here are some instructions for setting up your digital signature; it’s easy and straightforward, so enjoy!

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