Window+G is one of the most useful key combinations in Windows that you probably never heard of, but can’t live without once you do hear about it. Window+G will cause Windows to cycle through every open window on your desktop, from smallest to largest and back again, until you’ve cycled through them all. You might not use this shortcut often if you have only a few windows open at once, but I find myself using it constantly when I have so many windows open that I don’t know what order they were opened in or what was running when I last used them! Window+G the ultimate shortcut

Keyboard shortcuts are universal
What works on your Mac will work on a PC. You don’t have to relearn shortcuts if you switch computers. Command (⌘) is your friend: When you memorize shortcuts, it shortens typing time and gives you more flexibility when deciding how to phrase something. A lot of professionals develop their own shortcuts for commonly used phrases.

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The keyboard is faster than your mouse
Since computers and their operating systems are built with us humans in mind, keyboard shortcuts make our lives a lot easier. If you’re not already familiar with them, we recommend spending some time getting acquainted. It will be well worth your time—especially if you use Microsoft Windows.

Keyboard shortcuts save time
When you’re working with a computer on a day-to-day basis, getting faster and more efficient at your job is key. There are many ways to make that happen. One of these is keyboard shortcuts; when you learn which combinations will perform certain tasks for you (like saving an Excel file or closing a window), it allows you to keep your fingers on the keyboard and reduce time spent moving them from one end of your desk to another.

Learning shortcuts means learning fewer commands
Learning shortcuts is one of those things that pay for themselves quickly. Because you’re able to memorize fewer commands or key combinations, you can work faster and more efficiently. Shortcuts also allow your fingers to travel less distance across your keyboard. This translates into an overall lower risk of RSI (repetitive strain injury) and carpal tunnel syndrome. And who wants that? Take a little time today to start memorizing some shortcuts!

Window+G the ultimate shortcut
Window+G the ultimate shortcut

You learn by using shortcuts daily
You see these every day—but do you know what they’re called? What does CTRL + C do? How about ALT + Tab? These are called keyboard shortcuts (sometimes referred to as key combinations). Using them saves you precious seconds of time throughout your day. Once you learn a few favorites and start using them regularly, it’s hard to go back. Here are a few essentials

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Cheat sheets encourage you to use shortcuts
Microsoft Word is a complicated program and it can be difficult to learn all of its features and intricacies. Fortunately, cheat sheets serve as an invaluable resource for any user looking to speed up their workflow by using fewer keystrokes. Microsoft also has cheat sheets available for other programs like Excel, Outlook and more.

Practice makes permanent
You’ve heard it said that practice makes perfect. In reality, practicing something incorrectly over and over again can create a permanent bad habit that you won’t be able to overcome later. Take for example your golf swing. Many of us were never taught proper technique and had to figure it out on our own as we played more rounds of golf.

Master the basics first
While you can make your writing faster using some advanced shortcuts, it’s a good idea to learn some of the more basic ones first. For example, if you want to learn about bold text but don’t know how to use CTRL + B for bold or CTRL + I for italics, you won’t be able to make full use of CTRL + G.

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