CTRL + SHIFT + T is one of the most useful and commonly used shortcuts in Google Chrome’s arsenal, especially by web developers who need to test the code they have written in the browser or debug issues with it. But, what does this shortcut do? How can you use it effectively? And why should you even care? You’ll find out in this article on CTRL + SHIFT + T , along with instructions on how to use it, too! What Is the CTRL + Shift + T Shortcut?

The 3 Key Combinations
The three most common combinations you’ll find in Chrome are CTRL + T, CTRL + SHIFT + T and ALT + F4. To get a sense of what they do, try them on your own computer: Type CTRL+T in your address bar and hit Enter to open a new tab. Then use CTRL+SHIFT+T to open a new incognito tab. Finally, hold down Alt and press F4 to close Chrome completely.

How to Use the Keyboard Shortcuts
This shortcut allows you to open a new tab. When you have multiple tabs open in your browser, it can be easy to lose track of where you are. This shortcut is a quick way to jump back to your starting point. As an added bonus, pressing Ctrl and Shift together makes it easy to locate particular letters on your keyboard if you need them for a search term or similar use.

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How to Get Access to These Keyboard Shortcuts
To use any of these keyboard shortcuts, hold down both Ctrl and Shift on your keyboard, then press T. When you do so, a grid will appear over your open tabs in Chrome. You can select which tabs you want to pin together by clicking on them.

What Is the CTRL + Shift + T Shortcut?
What Is the CTRL + Shift + T Shortcut?

Adding Macros with Autohotkey
Autohotkey is a very powerful program that allows you to do many things that are not possible with a standard keyboard. You can easily change keybindings and create macros on your own. To start, first download Autohotkey from its website and install it onto your computer. Once it’s installed, create a new file by right-clicking in Windows Explorer and going to New > AutoHotkey Script. Name it whatever you like (e.g., MyScript) and click Save.

Are You Struggling with Typing All This Text?
The primary purpose of CTRL + SHIFT + T is to create a vertical ruler that shows up on your computer screen. All you have to do is click and drag it where you want it, then start typing away. The nice thing about using CTRL + SHIFT + T as a shortcut for text creation is that all of your type stays aligned within it—no matter how much you write.

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