There’s a change in the Gmail navigation bar that you might not notice immediately, but you’ll probably wonder about it once you do. If you look at the top of your Gmail inbox, where you see labels for the inbox tabs, there used to be text next to each label indicating what it was, like Primary or Social. That text is gone now—and here’s why it was removed, and why that makes sense. Why Gmail Got Rid of Text Labels in Its Navigation Bar

How Can Email Marketing Firms Use This Change?

Nowadays, people use email more than any other digital channel for sending and receiving messages. They usually prefer to search through their inboxes to find specific emails, which can make the process frustrating. However, a recent change from Google is set to change that. It recently updated its navigation bar so that labels are not displayed anymore. What does this mean for marketers?

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How Will Email Marketing Clients React to This Change?

There are many people who use Gmail for email marketing purposes, and the recent change to text labels from the navigation bar can affect their workflow. Email service providers that do not provide drag-and-drop functionality will be unable to add or remove labels as easy as they could before. This means that companies and individuals will have to deal with click-throughs when they have too many tabs open, which may make things more difficult.

Why Gmail Got Rid of Text Labels in Its Navigation Bar
Why Gmail Got Rid of Text Labels in Its Navigation Bar

What Else Can Email Marketing Firms Do?

Many email marketing firms are already feeling the effects of Gmail’s decision to discontinue text labels in their navigation bar. Emails can now only be sorted according to the pre-existing tabs in the navigation menu: Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates and Forums. Since Gmail doesn’t allow any more sorting or filing options beyond these categories, email marketers are seeing an upswing in customer complaints about not being able to find messages from a specific sender.

How Will Email Marketing Clients Adapt?

E-mail marketing clients may need to adjust their codes and integrations to take account for the removal of text labels from the navigation bar. The new Gmail experience is not much different than before, but getting used to the location and labeling of tools will cause some adjustments.

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4 Tips for Managing an Effective Campaign with Inbox by Gmail

Inbox by Gmail was designed to allow users the ultimate power over their workflow and personal organization. With the recent removal of text labels from its navigation bar, many users have expressed confusion and concern about how they will stay organized and prioritize tasks on their agenda.

Since this change is really up to you, there are a few different approaches you can take.

Why Gmail Got Rid of Text Labels in Its Navigation Bar
Why Gmail Got Rid of Text Labels in Its Navigation Bar

3 Ways You Can Become a Proactive Marketer

Marketing can feel like a daunting task. Yet, it doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re new to marketing or need to rethink your current strategy, here are 3 ways you can take the stress out of marketing and become a proactive marketer:

– Do some research on the audience that’s most likely to purchase from you. By doing this early on, you’ll know how best to talk about your products and services with those potential customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

what does hide bottom navigation on scroll mean

If you’re using a phone or tablet, your main interface is the entire screen. With that as the case, anything at the bottom of the screen is likely to be inaccessible because it’s blocked by your hands. Additionally, on desktop versions of Gmail there’s no room for any additional text on the navigation bar without altering current screens.

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delete labels in gmail

Google recently announced that it’s ditching text labels from the navigation bar for new and existing users, opting instead to give people a clearer view of what their emails actually are. Gone are the Primary, Social, and Promotions buttons, which will be replaced with things like Updates, Online Bank Statements, and Old TPS Reports.

Why Gmail Got Rid of Text Labels in Its Navigation Bar
Why Gmail Got Rid of Text Labels in Its Navigation Bar

where is the left navigation panel in gmail

Gmail, the world’s most popular email service with more than a billion users, has had its fair share of headlines and news. Now, there’s a big change for Gmail users to be aware of: it’s going to get rid of text labels in its navigation bar. That might sound counterintuitive or confusing at first, but it will actually make using the email service much easier as you’ll be able to see what you’re sorting your emails into without having to click on the text labels first.

meaning of different symbols in gmail

Gmail was a pioneer when it introduced the Inbox to present email content differently from traditional email. With the launch of the new Gmail, they are breaking away from this trend by not including text labels in the navigation bar. These labels were previously used to categorize your emails – e.g., unread, important, etc – but are now replaced with other icons like chat or calendar icons that better represent their function.

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