Indian tech hubs, like Bangalore and Hyderabad, have been attracting an increasing number of large international tech companies to set up shop in the area. This has created quite the stir in Silicon Valley, as many feel this shift in gravity may cause the Western United States to lose its hold on tech leadership forever. So what’s behind all of this? What the Heck is Happening in Indian Tech Hubs?

They have a talent pool to work with, because India has many highly-educated people. This makes it easier for international companies to set up business there. It’s cheaper: The country’s infrastructure is generally less developed than that of Western countries. Additionally, companies can save money by importing goods into India without paying high tariffs on those imports.

The cost of living and doing business in India can be a fraction of what it costs to do business elsewhere. As more and more companies turn to offshore development centers, they’re scoping out places where salaries are low, resources are abundant, and developers are trained at major universities around India. For all those reasons and more, Indian tech hubs—specifically Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, and Kolkata—are on top of many companies’ lists for overseas talent.

What the Heck is Happening in Indian Tech Hubs?
What the Heck is Happening in Indian Tech Hubs?

Quality of Life
Silicon Valley may be world-renowned, but India’s booming tech hubs are gaining ground. The nation has consistently been at #2 or #3 for Best Countries for Business and its talent pool of 2 million engineers adds to that momentum.

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The Future Looks Brighter Than Ever Before
The past few years have been tough for tech hubs such as San Francisco and London. After Brexit, it doesn’t look like things will be improving anytime soon. That’s why so many foreign tech companies are setting up shop in cities like Bangalore and Hyderabad. Expats prefer living in cities that offer a diverse range of cultures, sights, and sounds. But these same expats want to escape from their lavish offices when they leave work at night – because life needs balance.

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