Scanning paper documents and storing them on your computer, tablet, or phone has always been a tricky business. You’ve got to find the right scanner, make sure the scan quality is good enough, deal with saving and organizing the files properly, and maybe even keep backups of everything so you don’t lose all that hard work if something goes wrong. With artificial intelligence technology integrated into these scanners, all of those tasks become much easier than ever before. Learn how AI makes scanning easier than ever in this guide on how to choose the best document scanner for your needs! Your Document Storage Needs Just Got Easier

The Advantages of Scanning Documents
Scanned documents are easy to file and organize. They can be stored in a searchable digital database where you can quickly locate any specific document at any time, whether it’s from a few years ago or just yesterday. These documents will never age or get damaged. You no longer have to worry about keeping your important paperwork safe—everything is digitized! With these features and more, scanner technology has evolved and improved in recent years, making document scanning more convenient than ever before.

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Why can’t we just use cloud storage?
In recent years, a number of businesses have tried to use cloud storage services to cut costs and keep pace with technological advances. However, there are many limitations that make it difficult to adopt such a solution. For one thing, cloud storage involves sending your data over an unsecured internet connection—you really have no idea who might be able to access your data if you do so.

AI Technology for Scanned Documents
Scanning hard copies of documents and storing them digitally has never been easier. But organizing those scanned files, tagging them appropriately and making sure they’re protected from damage can be a nightmare. That’s where Artificial Intelligence technology comes in. Here are just a few AI technologies that can streamline your document scanning, storage and retrieval processes

Your Document Storage Needs Just Got Easier
Your Document Storage Needs Just Got Easier

How does it work?
To help you maintain your document archives with ease, Google has built a powerful new imaging and document storage technology that can compress, organize, and deliver your documents straight to you. It’s called AI-powered imaging recognition. Essentially, all of your image files are run through Google’s algorithms so they can be converted into text-searchable PDF files.

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Is this realistic?
Before you invest in a new system, ask yourself if it’s really necessary. When I was younger, my grandfather was convinced that he needed to replace his 30-year-old TV with a new high-definition model. The salesperson promised him that a modern television would increase his pleasure while watching shows and reduce eye strain. It sounded logical enough, but I asked my grandfather one simple question: Do you watch more than an hour of TV per day? He said no.

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