We at WriteMovies have teamed up with Dramacool to bring you this review of Upload, so you can decide if it’s worth your time or not. Spoilers ahead! Upload Review: Is it worth your time?

About the show

Science fiction has always been about predicting how our future will unfold. Today, technology is changing so rapidly that even hard science fiction is being rewritten. The way we connect with each other through social media and have access to unlimited amounts of information all via a smartphone is something that sci-fi only dreamed of years ago. With so much of our lives revolving around these technologies, wouldn’t we want a peek into what could be possible in just 10 years or less?

My impressions

Upload has one purpose, and one purpose only – to entertain. You can watch Upload without learning anything new or being challenged in any way. In fact, you’ll probably laugh quite a bit while watching. So while I doubt there’s anyone out there looking for intellectual stimulation in their television shows, if you want some fast-paced comedy, check out Upload!

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IMDb score

6.7/10 from 1,016 users. Metascore: 48/100 based on 46 critics

Rotten Tomatoes score

A review of Upload. If you love Sci-Fi drama, I would highly recommend watching Upload! It’s awesome how much power is available in that nano chip if you knew how to use it. Unfortunately, my lack of understanding about tech stuff kept me from following some of what was going on. Good show though 🙂

Upload Review: Is it worth your time?
Upload Review: Is it worth your time?

Metacritic score

66/100 User Score: 4.2/10 (based on 500 ratings) Ratings Breakdown is as follows: 44% Positive (189 Ratings) 33% Mixed (133 Ratings) 22% Negative (95 Ratings) 2% Very Negative (13 Ratings) 3% Awful (11 ratings)

The 411 on Netflix

From talk shows to documentaries, Netflix has a little bit of everything for everyone. But what about when you’re looking for something that’s a little different from their normal programming? Well, I’m going to break down some of their more obscure shows and see if they live up to expectations. Today I’ll be talking about Upload, a show that certainly meets my criteria as an obscure series.

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