Mai (English: ‘Mother’) is a 2022 Indian Hindi-language family thriller drama streaming television series on Netflix created by Atul Mongia, directed by Anshai Lal and produced by Anushka Sharma with her elder brother Karnesh Ssharma under the banner of Clean Slate Films and Colour Yellow Productions. Mai was released worldwide on Netflix on 15 May 2022 and became the most watched show on the service in India over its first weekend of release, clocking in 33 million views within the first three days of its release in India alone, making it Netflix’s most watched series debut to date. Netflix’s Mai is a mother’s rage

What is it about?

After years of silence, Atul Mongia has finally broken his silence to answer some burning questions about Netflix’s highly anticipated web series, Mai. The series, starring Sakshi Tanwar as an angry mother out for revenge, will premiere on April 17th.

How many episodes are there of Mai?

How many seasons are there of Mai? : one season. What are all of them about? Season 1: From Paris to New York, and from Mumbai to London, witness Maia’s journey as she fights for her life and loves. Season 2: When Maia discovers that everything she thought was true may not be so, she embarks on a quest to find answers to her questions.

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Season 1Release year: 2022

A grieving mother discovers the criminals behind her daughter’s tragic death, and transforms from meek to merciless to get the real story.

Netflixs Mai is a mothers rage
Netflix’s Mai is a mother’s rage

1. Episode 1


After Sheel’s daughter is tragically hit by a truck, peculiar details lead her to suspect it wasn’t an accident, and she begins probing for the truth.

Netflixs Mai is a mothers rage
Netflix’s Mai is a mother’s rage

2. Episode 2


As Jawahar’s insiders learn of last night’s events and hunt for a crucial crypto key, Sheel gets some unexpected help. Farooque takes on Supriya’s case.

Netflixs Mai is a mothers rage
Netflix’s Mai is a mother’s rage

3. Episode 3


After a scare, Sheel takes the hunt for the crypto key into her own hands. Farooque confronts Neelam about the hidden cash, but underestimates her power.

Netflixs Mai is a mothers rage
Netflix’s Mai is a mother’s rage

4. Episode 4


Despite a rift with her family, Sheel pursues a plot against her target, but faces more trouble than she anticipated. Farooque intercepts a key player.

Netflixs Mai is a mothers rage
Netflix’s Mai is a mother’s rage

5. Episode 5


A criminal returns to town to exact revenge. A tip leads Sheel to use the crypto key to frame an enemy. Farooque gets a final chance to nab Neelam.

Netflixs Mai is a mothers rage
Netflix’s Mai is a mother’s rage

6. Episode 6


As the police and Goyal’s men go after Neelam and Keshav, Sheel carries out one last vindictive plan — and then makes an alarming discovery.

Why do we need to watch it?

Directed by Anshai Lal and co-produced by Anushka Sharma, Mai stars Sakshi Tanwar as an overworked housewife . Tired of working hard all day at home, she has lost her patience with her husband and his extended family members who take advantage of her. The ten-episode series follows Radha as she learns to stand up for herself and becomes independent after entering the competitive world of politics.

What makes this show unique?

The lead roles are played by Sakshi Tanwar and Atul Mongia. Atul Mongia’s real life wife Richa Chadha plays his onscreen wife in one of three interwoven love stories in Netflix’s new drama series, Mai. The web-series has been written by Atul Mongia himself who also makes an appearance as one of its characters. While fans have seen him play an older version of himself on shows like Bade Acche Lagte Hain, he will be seen playing his younger self for the first time in Mai.

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Why should we invest time in watching it?

When compared to some of India’s biggest hits in recent times, Netflix’s ‘Mai: A Mother’s Rage’ falls way behind. But there lies its biggest strength – realism. No over-the-top performances, no unreal situations and no substandard screenplay. The only reason I am writing about it today is because I watched it with bated breath in spite of knowing what was coming ahead. Afterall, who has not been angered by someone or something at some point?

Netflix’s Mai is a mother’s rage

How far has this show gone?

Netflix has reportedly picked up ten episodes of an upcoming series called Mai. The thriller drama will star Anushka Sharma and be directed by Anshai Lal, who previously won awards for movies like Talaash (2012) and Airlift (2016).

Who are these people involved in making the show?

The series was directed by Anshai Lal and produced by Anushka Sharma, with her elder brother Karnesh S. Sharma under their banner Clean Slate Films. Atul Mongia served as writer of all seven episodes. Priya Sadanandan was its executive producer, while Ravi Walia oversaw direction for all episodes and Hitesh Sonik edited all episodes. For Netflix, Smita Bhide served as executive producer of content and Ronanta Del Carmen served as line producer.

Where can you watch it from?

The best part about it is that you can watch it from anywhere because Netflix has literally made it accessible everywhere. However, to find out if your country has subscribed to their services and if they are offering the series you may have to search in different sources as not all countries have had Netflix subscriptions yet.

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What Is The Plot?

‘Mai’ tells a story of Sarika, who is in her mid-30s and works as an HR professional in Delhi. But she has no friends or family, due to which she loses her mental balance. She becomes more violent towards children (as they remind her of herself) and even tries to drown one while taking bath in their house next door. Her two sons are disturbed by her attitude. That’s when Sarika starts losing control over her behavior.

The Story Behind The Show

‘Mai’ is inspired by an incident in Anushka Sharma’s childhood. Her brother Karnesh had been kidnapped and released for a ransom of Rs 1 lakh when she was just four years old. The fear of him being kidnapped again never left her, but as an adult she realized that instead of relying on someone else to help find him if he were ever kidnapped again, she could handle it herself and did not need anyone else to protect her family. This became inspiration for her film NH10.

Where Can I Watch The First Season?

A TV series that you can never miss out. The story is about Kalpana Jaiswal who is an average Indian mom and homemaker, living with her husband, a retired army officer Pradeep Jaiswal and their two daughters, Diya and Bulbul. One day on her school run, she stumbles upon two goons brutally murdering a young boy. In order to stop them from committing more crimes in future she decides to become their next target.

What Are Some Similar Shows To Mai That I Should Watch?

There are plenty of shows that center around families in trouble. But there’s nothing like Netflix’s new show Mai: A Mother’s Rage on television right now. If you liked shows like Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, then you might find yourself drawn to Mai. Here are some other similar shows to watch if you like Mai

What is the story of Mai?

The story of Netflix’s series, Mai: A Mother’s Rage begins with Hanif Rajput (Kamal Vohra) who leaves his wife Seema (Sana Amin Sheikh) to work overseas. He promises to keep in touch with her but doesn’t. When he returns home, he tells Seema that she has become fat and unattractive and she better shape up or else he will divorce her. This naturally leads to problems in their marriage.

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