An airplane comes back to life, along with its passengers and crew, who have been missing for five years. It sounds like the stuff of fiction, but it’s actually the premise of NBC’s new show Manifest, which premiered on September 24th and is already one of the most talked-about new TV shows this season. If you’re planning to watch it and want to know what it’s all about, check out this guide on the supernatural show everyone’s talking about, Manifest! The Supernatural Show Everyone’s Talking About: ‘Manifest’ !

What you need to know about the new show

When American supernatural drama Manifest premieres on NBC Sept. 24, you’ll want to be in front of your TV with your phone and laptop handy so you can connect with other fans online during and after each episode. The show will make viewers work for answers, says Jeff Rake, who created Manifest with David Frankel. He adds that there are plenty of twists and turns ahead — not just during each episode but throughout the season.

What we think of the show so far

This Is Us with jet lag. Creator Jeff Rake smartly draws from his own experience as a travel journalist (he wrote for Time and Newsweek) to create a propulsive, fast-paced pilot that puts you in row 27C with questions about why you’re there and what happened while you were away—and keeps them coming. The passengers are trying to get home, but they can’t know how they got back, which is maddening… but also entertaining as we enjoy watching them look back at their own memories and wonder what else may be a trick of memory.

How it is similar/different from other shows

Just like we would do with any other new show, make sure that you first list all of its similarities and differences to other existing shows. Many readers may not know what Manifest is about. In addition, be sure to include why many critics believe it is a great show and how everyone seems to be talking about it. Also, don’t forget to mention Jeff Rake’s other previous work such as My Generation, Revolution, and others. How his style affects his new show could be a factor in why it is so different from other shows out there today.

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Why you should start watching now

What could be better than an exciting new TV show? An exciting new TV show that’s suddenly a hot topic of conversation. Manifest is an action-packed drama with plenty of elements to sink your teeth into. It takes viewers on a trip through multiple timelines, featuring characters who reappear five years after they are assumed dead. There’s even a hint of romance with Jared, one of Flight 828’s pilots, played by fellow newcomer J.R. Ramirez. If you haven’t started watching yet, tune in immediately and catch up before it goes any further! The show is only going to get more and more complicated from here on out (in a good way), so you don’t want to get too far behind!

So you’re late to the party…what next?

The first episode is available on NBC’s website and app. If you don’t have cable, you can also watch it via Hulu or the free trial of CBS All Access (both of which require a paid subscription). If you’re in Canada, it airs on CTV/CTV Two/CTV Go in simulcast with the U.S., and will be available for streaming on CraveTV (Canada’s answer to Netflix) within 24 hours of its airing.

Where can I watch it online?

NBC has released all of season 1 on its website. You can also buy or rent it on Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play. The DVD/Blu-ray will be available for purchase in December. The Supernatural Show Everyone’s Talking About: ‘Manifest’

Is Manifest getting a season 4?

We have no plans to cancel it, NBC Entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt said on Tuesday. I’m very happy with it creatively. I know there are a lot of questions about our future but we are in business with them for two more seasons. Those future seasons will be 12 episodes each like season 2, as long as series star Melissa Roxburgh is available for them. There will also be other changes behind-the-scenes, now that Jeff Rake has stepped down as showrunner after season 2 concluded…

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Is Manifest a true story?

The story revolves around a flight that disappeared over Bermuda in 2009, five years before Manifest’s premier. This may lead some viewers to wonder whether it’s possible for passengers and crew to reappear after such a long absence. One of Manifest’s executive producers, Jeff Rake, revealed to TV Guide that the Bermuda accident was real, but none of our characters were on that plane. We are telling an original story about what happens when these people disappear and then reappear five years later. It could be an event that has never happened before or could happen again tomorrow. In other words: no, Manifest is not based on true events .

Is Manifest season 4 Cancelled?

Will Manifest be Renewed for Season 4? When Will Manifest Season 4 Premiere on NBC? What Is Manifest Season 4 Episode 1 Air Date? Watch The Manifest 2018 Live Stream. How Many Episodes Are In The Lost-Looking Drama Manifest? Everything we know about returning characters and a season three renewal date of February 11, 2019. Want to watch more free full episodes of TV shows online without a cable subscription? Click here to see how you can watch today’s hottest TV shows including NCIS, Grey’s Anatomy, SNL and more!

Is Manifest a good show?

Manifest is a show that’s getting a lot of hype right now, and with good reason. The show centers on what happens when you disappear for five years and then reappear, with all your loved ones completely unaware that you’d even been gone in the first place. With some limited plot details released early on, fans are eager to know exactly what it is they’re dealing with here. It certainly sounds intriguing!

Will there be a season 3 of Manifest?

It’s too early to tell if Manifest will get renewed for season 3. With that said, things are looking good! The series debuted as a successful TV show and was generally well-received by critics and viewers alike. We’ll just have to wait and see if NBC gives it an order for more episodes. If you want to get caught up on all of season 1, there’s no better time than now! You can watch Manifest online right here via TV Fanatic.

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Will there be a season 5 of Manifest?

Sure, there’s some great buzz out there about Manifest and many people will watch it because of that, but it needs to keep drawing in new viewers as well. So long as season 4 is as good as season 3, I can see NBC wanting to bring back Manifest for a fifth season. You never know though, we might have just seen its last episode. The one thing that always makes networks pick up shows is great ratings, so I would say if you want to watch more of Manifest then live tweet during episodes and make sure your friends are watching too! In short — If you love Manifest then don’t stop watching after season 4 ends! Season 5 could be right around the corner (or not).

Can a 12 year old watch Manifest?

The series centers on a plane that goes missing and is presumed lost, with no trace of debris or survivors for 5 years. Then, out of nowhere, it appears again on land in Philadelphia with all of its passengers returned and none aware of their time away. The mystery unfolds over two timelines — while they were missing and while they return to their loved ones. But it’s soon clear there are more sinister forces at play than what’s first imagined. With an ensemble cast including Melissa Roxburgh, Josh Dallas, Athena Karkanis, J.R.

Why was Manifest Cancelled?

The ratings for Manifest started out strong but they dropped over time, leading to a lot of speculation that it would be cancelled. It still airs in many parts of Europe and South America though, so it’s not necessarily gone forever.

When shows like Once Upon A Time were cancelled last year they found a new home on Netflix. ABC might want to do something similar with Manifest; then again, it might depend on whether ABC or NBC makes a better offer for additional seasons of Manifest. If you’re interested in watching Manifest live – either in syndication or its original form – there are plenty of ways to do so.

Is Manifest terrible?

It seems like every other TV show these days is a super-high budget fantasy or sci-fi series. And that can be great, but sometimes it’s just nice to have a change of pace with something that has no evil vampires or robots. Sometimes you want some normal human drama, and even if normal sounds boring in comparison to #Daenerys slaying armies, I still believe there’s room for a good old fashioned TV show about people being rescued from an airplane. That’s what Manifest is, and while it takes itself kind of seriously at times, it still ends up being a pretty interesting show worth watching.

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