One of the most iconic villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Red Skull has been the dark heart of Hydra since his first appearance in Captain America: The First Avenger. Played by Ross Marquand, he was last seen sacrificing himself to assist Thanos with acquiring the Soul Stone during the events of Avengers: Infinity War, and was notably absent from Avengers: Endgame, which left many fans disappointed. Is this the end of the Red Skull, or has he managed to find a way to cheat death again? Here are my ideas on how he will play into future MCU films… The Red Skull’s ENDGAME

Who is the Red Skull?

For over 75 years, The Red Skull has been a central villain of Marvel comics. He is one of its oldest and most powerful villains. In addition to being a villain, he was also once an ally to Captain America. So who is he really? And what’s his ultimate goal? It seems as though we are finally going to find out in next year’s Avengers: Endgame!

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His Rise To Power In Captain America: First Avenger

In World War II, Johann Schmidt (also known as The Red Skull) is appointed by Adolf Hitler to lead HYDRA after Werner Reinhardt’s death. His time with HYDRA allows him to acquire knowledge of a cosmic cube, which he uses to go through a physical transformation and become more powerful than ever. During his attempt to unlock its power, however, he explodes and becomes immortal – changing his name from Johann Schmidt to The Red Skull.

His Fall From Grace And Return As An Enhanced Super Soldier The Red Skull’s ENDGAME

Over time, Johann Schmidt became disillusioned with his own ideals and grew increasingly obsessed with power. It wasn’t long before he was caught in a heated confrontation between two HYDRA operatives. One of these men was exposed as a Skrull (one of an alien race bent on world domination), and Schmidt killed him in rage.

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How He Turned Into A Stonekeeper In Avengers: Infinity War

In order to become a Stonekeeper, Ross Marquand explained that in Avengers: Infinity War, Red Skull was forced to ingest an Infinity Stone. So in order for his body to even be able to process it and make use of it, he had to turn into something more like a stone kind of creature. But is there another reason why he decided to adopt that specific new look?

The Red Skulls ENDGAME
The Red Skull’s ENDGAME

What Could’ve Been If He Hadn’t Died The Red Skull’s ENDGAME

While many comic book deaths are temporary, sometimes characters do die, and fans are left wondering what if? Those questions likely run through Robert Downey Jr.’s head every day. It was because of his death in Captain America: Civil War that Tony Stark became a fugitive in Avengers: Endgame. Had Zemo not hired Crossbones to kill Cap’s best friend, then Steve Rogers may have been present when Thanos destroyed half of all life on Earth with his Infinity Gauntlet.

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What paint was used in the movie Captain America The First Avenger in the painting Red Skull?

The paint that was used in Captain America: The First Avenger to paint The Red Skull’s face was called Makeup FX Gray. It is described as a light gray color and is odorless. Unlike black or white makeup, it doesn’t look like make-up if applied lightly, but gives an eerily realistic effect for close-ups if you apply it heavily.

What gods are red skull talking about in Captain America 1? The Red Skull’s ENDGAME

This is for comic book fans, or even just comic readers. In The Winter Soldier, in order to obtain leverage over Steve Rogers, Zola mentions how HYDRA has been after the stones for a long time. He also says that there are four of them; red skull says that he has one, and he wants another one.

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