Whether he’s starring in his own HBO show or playing some other character, Danny McBride seems to be having the time of his life onscreen. Check out this list of the best characters McBride has portrayed and vote up your favorites! Feel free to add any of your own suggestions as well. Who do you think are the best characters Danny McBride has played? Vote up your favorites! Vote down any that don’t belong on this list! Anyone who has appeared in at least one film or television series will be included, so long as they are primarily comedic. Feel free to add any that we missed! The Complete List of the Funniest Danny McBride Characters

Kenny Powers

From Season One to Three, Kenny Powers is arguably one of television’s most obnoxious and ignorant characters ever put on screen. He is a man with so much heart that he managed to land a spot on Eastbound & Down, even though it was unlikely anyone would be able to do so. However, his stupidity at times makes him seem like a normal person, albeit an extremely well-developed character. Kenny Powers does not care about anything or anyone; he has one goal in mind: success in professional baseball.

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Ethan Klein

This is one of McBride’s best and most annoying characters. What’s funny about Ethan Klein? He’s an insufferable jerk who doesn’t give a damn about anyone around him. He makes people furious just because he can, usually for no other reason than his own entertainment.

Will Ferrell (Anchorman)

If you don’t know Will Ferrell’s signature character, Ron Burgundy, from Anchorman , then you must be living under a rock. Ferrell is famous for his slapstick comedies and Ron Burgundy is no exception. He is constantly trying to woo Veronica Corningstone with his smooth lines and charm but she always turns him down. He even goes as far as to say he will never wear pants again if it means he can win her over but that doesn’t work either.

The Complete List of the Funniest Danny McBride Characters
The Complete List of the Funniest Danny McBride Characters

Ricky Bobby

from Talladega Nights, a 2006 American sports comedy film starring Will Ferrell and written and directed by Adam McKay. NASCAR driver Ricky Bobby (Ferrell) is having a bad season and falls behind in points. In his attempts to win, he accidentally causes one of his most talented opponents, known as Cal Naughton Jr. (played by John C. Reilly), to be injured during an extreme racing stunt.

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Ronnie Barnhardt

In Eastbound & Down, comedic actor and lifelong baseball fan Danny McBride plays aging former star pitcher, Ronnie Cupcake Barnhardt. His character is a boisterous, self-obsessed man-child who becomes obsessed with his young rival pitcher Kenny Powers.

April Ludgate

Every college student’s favorite know-it-all from Parks and Recreation is actually a major jerk in real life. OK, she isn’t (at least not completely), but it’s hard to argue with Leslie Knope’s assessment: She’s like a female Hitler.

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