The awful truth about Jimmy Savile’s assault on Britain’s children was that nobody knew about it at the time, which was the whole point. He gaslit an entire nation, making an art of being someone who was so popular, so well-liked, that no one would ever believe he could possibly be capable of such things as he was doing to young girls and boys all over the country. The Awful Truth of Netflix’s Jimmy Savile Documentary

From the director of ‘Abducted in Plain Sight’

British entertainer and media personality Jimmy Savile sexually abused as many as 500 children over six decades, a new documentary says. The British Broadcasting Corporation aired Exposure: Abused and Betrayed – A Life Sentence on Oct. 9. If you haven’t seen it yet, find it now on Netflix or read more below. You won’t want to miss a second of what may be one of Netflix’s most emotionally gutting documentaries yet.

You wouldn’t believe me if I told you

Netflix’s documentary about British entertainer, predator and sexual predator, Jimmy Savile is riveting. As someone who was born in England a few years after he died (at age 84), I have no personal experience with him. I knew his name and that he was famous – but only in a general sense. In spite of not knowing anything about him other than that fact, though, I could hardly turn away from his story – it is awful beyond belief.

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What Jimmy Savile did was not ‘funny’. It was sexual abuse.

If you’re a parent, it’s really important that you see Netflix’s new documentary  Abused: The Untold Story.  It covers Jimmy Savile in detail and will make you realize that your memory of his actions is probably accurate. He was an evil man who abused children in England during his lifetime with impunity, and we have all been gaslit by him in death. And by others who supported him.

There were hundreds more victims. Hundreds more families destroyed.

In 2012, British TV personality and serial sexual predator Jimmy Savile was accused of molesting hundreds of children. It took years for people to believe what many saw as an awful truth: that someone who had become a part of British culture, a regular celebrity guest on television and radio, could be hiding such deep depravity in plain sight. The new documentary about his abuses—directed by rival director Louis Theroux (who is perhaps best known for capturing gruesome realities) — includes candid accounts from those who encountered him personally.

We allowed him to do it because we didn’t believe our eyes. We allowed him to do it because it was easier than confronting the reality.

It was easier than facing our worst nightmares: that a monster could live among us. That our TV heroes were as rotten as Jimmy Savile was. And we allowed him to do it because everyone else was allowing him to do it. It wasn’t just anyone who knew, or even any one group of people. It was an entire nation who watched and turned a blind eye for decades – and in doing so, allowed him to continue abusing children on an industrial scale.

This documentary makes you confront the reality – that at least 450 people were sexually abused by this man, and hundreds more let down by those who should have protected them.

The documentary does not shy away from an awful truth: that at least 450 people were sexually abused by Savile, and hundreds more let down by those who should have protected them. Now it’s up to us to figure out how we can prevent a repeat. It is no exaggeration to say that in 2017 Britain has never been more ashamed of itself. It seems every day brings news of another high-profile abuser being held accountable for their actions – yet there are also still many institutions where victims are silenced and abusers go unpunished.

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If any good can come from Jimmy Savile, let it be this. Let this be what stops other predators destroying lives like they did his victims’ lives.

Most devastatingly, though, it demonstrates just how easy it is for those in power to gaslight an entire nation. Why? Because we want to believe what we’re told. Because our belief in those who tell us has made them powerful. And their power means they can get away with just about anything. They can cover up crimes and abuse on a scale so large that people find it easier to turn a blind eye than confront an awful truth.

Yes, He Was A Monster

Although it’s sad to think about, if you were born in any year between 1965 and 1985—and British—there’s a good chance you knew who Jimmy Savile was. As an icon in UK culture, he seemed ubiquitous. But as we now know, he also hid his true nature behind an act so convincing that even his best friends didn’t believe him capable of sexually abusing scores of children and teens.

How Jimmy Savile Gaslighted An Entire Nation

When BBC aired Exposure: The Other Side of Jimmy Savile in 2012, it provided an unfiltered look at how one man could exploit a position of trust to commit sickening crimes. But how did he get away with it for so long? What else had we missed about our national hero? And why did so many people disbelieve, or even actively deny, what was happening?

The Awful Truth of Netflixs Jimmy Savile Documentary
The Awful Truth of Netflix’s Jimmy Savile Documentary

Why We All Fell For It

We’re a nation with low self-esteem and even lower trust in our fellow human beings. Yet when a white knight like Louis Theroux steps into tell us that, despite everything we know, we are wrong. We can’t question his impeccable credentials as a journalist; he looks like us and he sounds like us – so surely if he says it, it must be true? It’s a gaslighting technique; turning your victim into one giant question mark.

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Lessons From Jimmy Savile, The Awful Truth of Netflix’s Jimmy Savile Documentary

As shocking as it was to learn about Savile’s crimes, it was also somewhat gratifying to learn that he had been able to dupe so many people. This isn’t an attempt at character assassination, but rather a way for you to become more aware and careful. Don’t let yourself be gaslit! Gaslighting is a form of emotional abuse in which a person is made to question their own perception or sanity in order to make them submissive.

Was there a remake of the awful truth?

There was a remake but it was a fake. All documentaries aren’t real and some can be scripted. Here’s where I’m going with that: It’s my opinion that filmmakers found it easier to recreate documentary than produce one from scratch. So when news about serial child molester Jimmy Savile broke out, it came as no surprise that everyone wanted to know more about him. Why wasn’t he stopped sooner? Could all those rumors be true? And most importantly, how many victims were there?

How does the awful truth end?

For now, all we can do is hope to see justice served. In some ways, it’s not surprising that there’s been such a delay in bringing these accusations to court. The disgusting culture of secrecy within institutions like hospitals, schools and churches makes them perfect places for predators to groom their victims; as we have seen time and again with many other scandals – from abuse cases involving public figures to corruption at FIFA – sexual harassment is often not taken seriously or covered up.

Who is Irene’s daughter?

So who is Irene’s daughter? Why does she look so distraught at the thought of her mother marrying a former ‘friend’ from work? Was Jimmy Savile part of a sex ring? And if not, what was his position in all of it? I don’t think we’ll ever know for sure unless BBC3 decide to take up another season and perhaps give us some answers. All we can do is hope.

When was the awful truth filmed?

The awful truth was filmed in 2012. The broadcast date is unknown but it could be anytime from March 2013 to March 2014. It is difficult to find more details because so much information has been redacted and censored on forums and social media, like Twitter.

What is the quote about carrying two handkerchiefs it the movie The awful truth?

What is really sad is how Jimmy put on such a great front as a philanthropist who worked hard to raise awareness for children and young people. The reason he was carrying two handkerchiefs it to wipe away his tears of joy over what he was doing. He knew exactly what he was doing, but in order to do it, he had to gaslight everyone around him. That’s what makes him so terrible and brilliant at once. The Awful Truth of Netflix’s Jimmy Savile Documentary

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