David Spade has built a successful career on comedy, but in his latest role as the lead character of Netflix’s new original series Nothing Personal, it seems like Spade wants to make sure you know he can get serious too. In addition to showing off his darker side in this gritty dramedy about the inner workings of Hollywood, he also takes on the challenge of writing and directing an episode himself. When you’re done watching Nothing Personal and want to see more from David Spade, check out these 10 of his funniest moments from the past two decades of television, film, and stand-up comedy below. David Spade’s New Netflix Comedy Nothing Personal Reveals His Darker Side

Netflix releases its darker side with Nothing Personal

David Spade is always funny, but he’s also a great actor who brings a lot of depth to his roles. In Netflix’s new original comedy series, Nothing Personal, he plays Bob Ducca, an alcoholic writer at an online magazine. The show follows him as he tries to get over his divorce and struggles with addiction while navigating life in Los Angeles. While it’s certainly not as lighthearted as some of Spade’s other work, it shows off just how good he can be when given more serious material.

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Netflix comedy ‘Nothing Personal’ available for streaming today

David Spade stars in his first TV series as a semi-retired mob enforcer who finds himself mixed up with two low-life brothers in debt to some dangerous people. The show has been dubbed an unconventional family comedy, by IMDb and it definitely is. But just don’t let that discourage you from giving it a shot. It’s more original than your typical ‘family’ comedy, and I mean that in a good way. Each episode tells its own self-contained story about these quirky characters who are thrown together through a series of unfortunate events (mostly). In other words, each episode can be watched independently of one another and still make sense. There’s no need to watch them in order or anything like that; which makes for easy binge watching if you so choose. Each character brings something different to the table but they all manage to come together nicely in ways you wouldn’t expect.

Funny, raw and real are three words to describe David Spade’s new stand up special, David Spade: Nothing Personal

Live at the Troubadour. After a long hiatus, Spade returned to his roots as a stand up comedian and it has definitely paid off. The show was filmed in June at Los Angeles’ Troubadour. The HBO show Funny or Die Presents: David Spade: Too Soon takes on celebrity deaths in light of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade’s suicide in order to show how comedy can be used to heal from tragedy.

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Leave it to a comedian like David Spade to be self-deprecating while making fun of himself, his profession and those around him.

This might be David Spade’s best comedy yet. The comedy veteran is known for his sarcastic, dry delivery of one-liners and insults. But in his latest movie, Nothing Personal, he lets loose with a role that challenges him to be serious while still making you laugh. This movie isn’t exactly warm and fuzzy—but it’s a great reminder of why we love David so much. He has an amazing sense of humor about himself, which makes him incredibly endearing. Here are some things we learned from watching Nothing Personal:

There are always two sides to every story: When you watch movies or TV shows where there’s an obvious bad guy who gets what they deserve at the end, think again.

David Spades New Netflix Comedy Nothing Personal Reveals His Darker Side
David Spade’s New Netflix Comedy Nothing Personal Reveals His Darker Side

A bit more serious than his previous show, Spade (2002), this hour-long special will give you something to think about after watching it.

It’s about life and death, but for once it isn’t a comedy. Fans of David Spade (2009) might be surprised to see their favorite comedian get serious in his new Netflix special, Nothing Personal. However, as they learn more about his life and family history, they’ll realize that it makes sense that he’d take such a dark turn into comedy with his new show.

Netflix has finally released Spade’s new comedy Nothing Personal, which was filmed in 2016

This movie isn’t for kids, he said. I think that’s why it didn’t get released right away. It will come out on streaming eventually. This is going to be a really surprising year for me, because I do a bunch of dark things next year.

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In the film we see both funny and serious sides of his personality

David not only takes on a darker role, but he also expresses his empathetic side. If you are a David Spade fan, I’m sure you will enjoy all of his films. However, if you are new to David’s comedic career, it is nice to see him take on both sides of comedy in one film. I highly recommend Nothing Personal on Netflix! It’s worth taking some time and watching it!

He plays a man struggling with life after the death of his father

David Spade is no stranger to comedy. From his days as a cast member on Saturday Night Live, then leading to memorable roles in films like Joe Dirt and Tommy Boy, he’s a household name for his zany brand of humor. Still, for Nothing Personal, Spade tackles something darker than what we’re used to seeing from him.

The comic actor talks about portraying his darker side on screen, saying I’ve always had this sensitive dark side,

he tells his costar Christopher Walken. But I’ve never had an outlet for it. Now I have one in Christopher and in Nothing Personal. It’s very liberating. In addition to Walken, Spade stars with Sarah Silverman, Rebecca Romijn, Will Forte, Rhys Darby and Jane Seymour. The movie is directed by Chris Prynoski (Metalocalypse, Superjail!) and written by Paul Soter (The Simpsons, Tenacious D).

David reveals what he thinks it takes to make a great comedy, saying it should be about real things that happen in everyone’s lives.

It’s also got to be absurd, it’s gotta be smart. It should make you feel good when you watch it, and you should walk away thinking, ‘I liked that movie,’ but also ‘Wow I learned something about myself or life.’ And with certain types of comedy like mine it has to be not just funny but truthful and personal. So if it doesn’t have those things then there is no point in doing it. But once you get all those elements together then yeah, then you can start writing jokes and stuff.

Critics are praising his performance.

Here’s what they’re saying: The movie can be a little grating at times, but David Spade is great, adding some welcome levity to his scenes. He deserves all the praise in their world for his turn as Joe. It will be interesting to see if he continues down darker paths or returns to his more family-friendly roots with future projects. Regardless of which way he goes, we know one thing for sure: We’ll still watch him!

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