When Starlight was born, her mother wanted nothing more than to protect her daughter, like any other good mother would want to do. The problem with that, though, was that Donna January’s idea of protection didn’t end up the same as most other mothers’ idea of protection. Starlight’s Mother Groomed Her To Be A Superhero

The first 30 seconds

Starlight was a teenage girl who had never known her father, and could barely remember her mother. She grew up in Los Angeles with her mother, Donna January, a former actress and model who had suffered an accident on set which cost her to lose one of her legs below the knee.

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What was their dynamic like?

Starlight’s mother has always felt like a distant figure in her life. She moved away when Starlight was young, and she saw her only on holidays and very rarely in between. When she began learning to use her powers at a very young age, Starlight thought that learning to control them might help ease some of that distance. But as Starlight found out later, it didn’t work like that—the two were destined to have a complex relationship that neither could understand until now.

Do you think the children knew about their powers?

No, they were kept in a secret facility away from society. They weren’t told what they were or even shown who they were until their powers developed naturally and suddenly one day. This way, they would grow up as normal kids, with no knowledge of their special abilities.

Getting her pregnant – what do you think?

While it’s not a perfect analogy, many women who are struggling to conceive with their husband look at other alternatives as if they’re going through trying to get pregnant twice. If you have tried with your current partner and now you want to explore other options… then I would say that it is okay for you to do so, but just be sure of why and don’t hide anything from your partner. They will need some time to process as well.

Starlight's Mother Groomed Her To Be A Superhero
Starlight’s Mother Groomed Her To Be A Superhero

How do you think she died?

Accident? Disease? Murder? What could’ve killed her and how? Who do you think killed her and why? What do you think she would’ve done if she had survived? Would she be proud of Starlight or feel like a failure for missing such an important part of her daughter’s life due to dying when Annie was younger and most impressionable. How do you think it would affect Annie to find out what caused her mother’s death.

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Has she been talked about in the show?

Starlight was shown to be an emotionally abused child who ran away after her powers manifested. She stayed at Miss Mystic’s for three years and only calls her mother when she needs to contact her. She does not live with her mother and it is unknown where she lives exactly but most likely in Los Angeles as hinted by Eclipsa during Star Anise’s visit.

Would you like to see more of her character? Why or why not?

Yes! While she was only in 1 episode, she made a huge impact on Starlight. Please bring her back as a recurring character. She is so much fun to watch and every time I see her, I laugh.

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