No, it’s not April Fool’s Day and no I am not just joking about this. The star of The Bible (the retelling of the book of Genesis on the History Channel) has admitted that he is gay, although he says he keeps his sexuality to himself because it would be too distracting to the audience if they knew about it. Shaun Benson is gay and he’s not afraid to say it

As the first superhero on prime time TV

The CW Network’s hit show Supernatural has made history by including its first openly gay character, who says he loves Jesus. The character is played by Shaun Benson, an openly gay Canadian actor who recently was honored with awards for his role in The Jason Kiss Show.

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Who happens to be gay

Superheroes are supposed to be seen as role models, and that extends well beyond our children. It’s a safe bet that fans of superhero films also include many adults who look up to their cinematic saviors. That makes every homophobic slur or negative depiction of same-sex relationships hurt us all.

Shaun Benson is gay and he's not afraid to say it
Shaun Benson is gay and he’s not afraid to say it

To come out in real life

Shaun met a guy at a bar. They danced together. The next day, they hung out again. After several days of doing just that, Shaun didn’t know how much longer he could keep his secret inside. He took a deep breath and told his new friend what was going on with him. His friend responded, You’re gay? Shaun said yes, tears streaming down his face as shame filled every part of him from head to toe.

This week on The CW’s Titans

Is She With You? (Season 1, Episode 5) was a poignant episode for many reasons. First of all, we were treated to more of Jon Bernthal as Slade Wilson, who once again demonstrated his nuanced interpretation of an iconic character (one we’ve known and loved on screen for almost 30 years). Secondly, there was yet another crucial LGBTQ+ representation in popular media: that of former Glee star Shaun Benson (Zeke) revealing himself as a gay man.

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