Intimacy, the newest Spanish drama on Netflix, explores the complexities of relationships and the difficulties of finding love in a digital age. The plot follows Sara (Itziar Ituño), who recently lost her boyfriend and best friend, Enrique (Adrián Lastra). Since he was her only close friend and confidant, Sara feels lost in the aftermath of his death, barely able to make sense of what happened or how to continue moving forward with her life. Spanish Drama Intimacy Examines the Complexities of Relationships

In fact, it’s not as simple as that

In Intimacy, two women (played by Itziar Ituño and Patricia López Arnaiz) engage in a relationship that feels uncomfortably like an affair. The catch is that they aren’t married to each other, but they live together—and their spouses are best friends. This high-pressure situation leads to drama so deep it can never be solved through a reasonable conversation or healthy compromise. At times, Intimacy reminded me of another European show about relationships, Divorce (HBO). In both series, there’s no tidy resolution at the end of each episode; instead you simply see characters pushing forward into uncharted territory.

Romance isn’t dead in Spain

The title of Netflix’s new series, Intimidad , literally translates to intimacy. And while it sounds like a sexy love story, don’t be fooled: This Spanish drama is all about sex and intimacy, but not necessarily in that order. The show takes on how sex complicates relationships when people aren’t communicating properly. For example, we follow two married couples at different stages in their relationships and see how they deal with relationship problems differently due to their experience and past transgressions.

Intimacy Official Trailer

45 Netflix TV Show 2018 Verónica Fernández, Laura Sarmiento, Ana Wagener, Yune Nogueiras and Itziar Ituño star in Netflix’s Spanish drama series Intimidad. The show examines a group of women who are complicated by their proximity to one another. Writer/producer Fernández teamed up with director Sarmiento (The Day Will Come) to create an eight-episode season about female friendship. Watch more trailers here!

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Closer than you think

For many, intimacy is associated with sex, but it’s more than that. By embracing vulnerability and rejecting shame, we can have deeper connections—whether or not we end up in bed together. Recently released on Netflix, Spanish series Intimidad (directed by Laura Sarmiento) puts a magnifying glass to relationships and how they can make us feel more connected. By exploring human nature through complicated characters and relationships, Fernández and Sarmiento uncover themes that run deep in all types of partnerships (professional or otherwise). Though Intimidad is about three couples who explore different forms of love (not just romantic), it offers valuable lessons for everyone.

Spanish Drama Intimacy Examines the Complexities of Relationships
Spanish Drama Intimacy Examines the Complexities of Relationships

Last week I watched a Spanish show called Intimacy on Netflix…

Last week I watched a Spanish show called Intimacy on Netflix. The show, created by Veronica Fernandez and Laura Sarmiento, explores many aspects of relationships through a narrative that doesn’t tie everything up neatly at the end (though there is some closure). Since it was originally made for Spanish TV, there is no dubbing in English; however, as an American viewer you can easily adapt to hearing some spoken Spanish in shows. Overall, I would give it a solid 4 out of 5 stars (four being good and five being great). Here are some key points why: The acting was strong…: The acting was strong in most scenes but wasn’t perfect. There were occasional moments where the emotional intensity lacked subtly or realistic nuances between characters.

Here are my 3 favorite things about this show

1. Itziar Ituño as Laura: Actress Itziar Ituño is known for her roles in films like Peppermint Candy (Lee Chang-dong) and Heli (Amat Escalante). Her role in intimacy was both raw and vulnerable. We see her character transform from a carefree happy-go-lucky girl, to a woman who cannot even recognize herself. Through both physical and emotional trauma, she shows strength we never saw before.

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The Cast

The show’s cast is composed by Itziar Ituño (Julia) and Patricia López Arnaiz (Dana), Ana Wagener (Alicia), Emma Suárez (Vanesa), Verónica Echegui (Anita) and Yune Nogueiras (Clara). Filming began in October 2017 in Barcelona. The series was developed by director Verónica Fernández and writer Laura Sarmiento; both are involved in Spanish films and television productions since 2005.

Spanish Drama Intimacy Examines the Complexities of Relationships
Spanish Drama Intimacy Examines the Complexities of Relationships

Watch on Netflix

When it comes to relationships, we all like a little drama from time to time. That’s why we watch Netflix, read gossip blogs, and visit friends with juicy stories. However, too much drama can be a bad thing—it can end a relationship and leave us heartbroken, even if we were rooting for it to fail (don’t act like you weren’t cheering on Carrie when Big tried calling off their wedding). We want to see relationships succeed in real life so that we can experience true love and happily ever after; or at least that is what Spanish drama Intimacy seems to believe.

Watch with subtitles

Although Intimacy is filmed in Spanish, you can watch it with English subtitles. Make sure to go into your Netflix app’s settings and turn on Subtitles & Closed Captioning under Subtitle Language. Then head over to My List on Netflix, find Intimacy and look for English subtitles under Audio & Subtitles in the Video Settings menu. Select that and start watching!

Join the online conversation

Let’s be real: we’re so far removed from our grandparents that it might as well be a different species. And no TV show has highlighted that more than intimacy. From The Sopranos to Breaking Bad, we’ve seen how much our cultural norms have changed in recent years, but very few shows have been able to capture it so bluntly—or accurately—as Spanish drama Intimacy. The series focuses on seven different relationships at various stages and is filmed entirely on iPhones, resulting in some incredibly intimate scenes that highlight human emotion better than just about any other show out there. If you want to join an online conversation surrounding intimacy, now’s your chance!

Spanish Drama Intimacy Examines the Complexities of Relationships
Spanish Drama Intimacy Examines the Complexities of Relationships

What Next?

The next episode in Netflix’s new series Intimacy left us on a cliffhanger, but if you’re wondering what will happen next to Santiago and Julia, you aren’t alone. While we don’t have confirmation yet, there are some other questions fans want answered as well. For example: What is going on with Helena? Is she really pregnant or just hiding something else? And what are we supposed to make of her husband? He hasn’t been very active in season one and while he seems like a good guy (he’s shown taking care of his sick mother), he certainly doesn’t seem overly concerned about his wife.

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Five things you should know before watching it

In addition to being a critical hit, Intimacy has been popular with audiences. With more than 16 million views, it was named one of 2016’s top five most-watched series on Netflix in Spain. The show—which premiered in April and follows a young professional couple dealing with relationship issues after moving into their new home—is also a technical achievement, since it was shot using handheld cameras. According to director Verónica Fernández: A camera operator normally has two hands for camera movement and another two for operating sound or lights, but we decided to make our cinematographers do everything by themselves.

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