Peaky Blinders is one of the most exciting shows on TV right now, but it can be difficult to keep track of all the characters, not to mention how they relate to each other and the overall plotline. Check out this guide to see which characters appear in the show, who they are, and how they fit into the story. You’ll never miss an episode again! Peaky Blinders: The Recurring Cast and Characters You Need to Know

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Get to Know the Intriguing Characters of Peaky Blinders

The name Peaky Blinders refers to the gang, but also gives you an idea of the kind of violence and action that takes place on the show. You may have heard about this epic BBC series from your friend or just happened to find it on Netflix; if so, you probably want to know more about it! Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most interesting and notable characters in Peaky Blinders as well as some fun facts about them (and the show) that you might not know.

Lobo Chan role played Mr. Zhang

Lobo Chan played a prominent role as Mr. Zhang on Season 1, Episode 4 of Peaky Blinders. Mr. Zhang was introduced as a Chinese gangster with connections to Birmingham mafia leader Changretta (Adrien Brody). He was accused of having an affair with Grace Burgess and murdering Polly Gray, though these allegations were later proven false in Season 1, Episode 5 (A Way Out). Just before Lobo Chan’s character was executed by Solomon Shelby in that episode, it is revealed that he is actually Detective Sergeant Green from Scotland Yard who is on a mission to track down Changretta for his criminal activity in England.

Peaky Blinders: The Recurring Cast and Characters You Need to Know
Peaky Blinders: The Recurring Cast and Characters You Need to Know

Neil Bell role played Harry Fenton

Harry is Tommy’s relative, who brings his wife Grace (she’s a Protestant and therefore forbidden from marrying into their family) home from America. Although he shares some screen time with his more famous brother, Cillian Murphy’s Tommy Shelby, Harry is by no means a slouch in Peaky Blinders — instead of merely tagging along for dinner, Harry usually has his own storyline going on. He eventually kills Grace for her infidelity, essentially committing an act of domestic violence (and landing him in prison for it). At least he got one thing right during that wedding toast. Here’s to you both, may you be happy until you die! … Happy! Happy! That’s a big word isn’t it?

Samuel Edward-Cook role played Danny

Danny is Tommy’s [Darby] friend, who appears in Season 1 Episode 1. Danny plays a part in helping Tommy move Lucy’s (Charlie Murphy) body from Arthur Shelby’s (Paul Anderson) yard after she killed herself. He was also present when Joe Solomon (Noah Taylor) began talking to Alfie Solomons (Tom Hardy). He joins up with Billy Kimber (Gary Carr), Solomon’s right-hand man, during his race against Arthur at Aintree. It is unknown if he survived or not after Billy shot Arthur’s daughter Grace Shelby(Annabelle Wallis).

Tony Pitts role played Sergeant/Inspector Moss

Tony Pitts is Sergeant/Inspector Moss, one of Campbell’s right-hand men in Birmingham. He was an original member of Shelby’s gang (along with Arthur Wilson) but has now transferred his allegiance to Campbell. His face is horribly scarred and we never learn how he came by his injuries. But he does seem quite friendly with all the Shelbys, especially Michael who, it appears, saved him from drowning after a drunken night out on The Banks. And Pitts seems loyal to them as well—he is always ready with a snide remark or sarcastic smile whenever anyone mentions how much they miss Michael Shelby… Just in case anyone needs reminding that Pitts doesn’t give a damn about any of them.

Peaky Blinders: The Recurring Cast and Characters You Need to Know
Peaky Blinders: The Recurring Cast and Characters You Need to Know

Kevin Metcalfe role played Scudboat

A member of Arthur’s inner circle. Kevin Metcalfe plays Scud in Peaky Blinders season 3. Metcalfe has been featured in several movies, including Evelyn, Charlie Bubbles and Decadence. His television credits include Doctor Who, Misfits, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Silent Witness and Foyle’s War. Most recently he appeared on ITV’s Law & Order: UK as well as BBC’s Silent Witness.

Jeffrey Postlethwaite role played Henry

Henry Shelby is Tommy’s uncle, but he lives in Dublin for most of season 1. He is mentioned as having an illustrious career in politics before retiring to spend more time with his family, including his niece Grace and nephew Tommy. Henry supports his nephew throughout his political journey, often providing useful advice when needed. There are hints that there’s a serious issue between him and Grace’s father, Charlie Strong… but it remains hidden until near the end of season 1. For that reason, Henry is one of the Peaky Blinders you shouldn’t be surprised by their secrets!

Matthew Postlethwaite role played Nipper

is a primary character, who appears as main character in episode 1×04. He is Tommy Shelby’s (Cillian Murphy) right-hand man, who has been with him since they served in France together during World War I. Throughout season one, he tries to convince Tommy that killing Arthur could destroy everything for them in Birmingham, even though it would satisfy their shared hatred of him. He also flirts with Aunt Polly (Helen McCrory), but is rejected when she tells him her heart belongs to Arthur. In episode 3×04, he decides that Tommy needs therapy if he wants any chance of happiness; under orders from Tommy and Aunt Polly, he hires a young military doctor called William Mason (Joe Cole) who specializes in treating soldiers suffering from shell shock from war.

Peaky Blinders: The Recurring Cast and Characters You Need to Know
Peaky Blinders: The Recurring Cast and Characters You Need to Know

Simone Kirby role played Irene O’Donnell

Irene O’Donnell is a recurring character played by actress Simone Kirby. Irene serves as both a friend and romantic interest for Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy). She has been seen throughout seasons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Irene was an informant for Alfie Solomons (Tom Hardy) during World War I. In 1922 when it became clear that Alfie was about to be taken down by his enemies in Birmingham, he sent Irene out of town to hide until everything blew over.

Rory Keenan role played Donal Henry

Donal plays Freddie Thorne on Peaky Blinders. He’s one of Michael Gray’s oldest friends, along with Solly Solomons, who is played by Aidan Gillen in seasons one and two. But Donal will be back for season three. Not much is known about Donal’s character so far; but there are a few things we can guess about him based on what’s been revealed about his Peaky counterpart, Freddie. First of all, Donal’s real name is Rory Keenan.

Adam El Hagar role played Ollie

Ollie is Cillian Murphy’s character Thomas Shelby’s brother. Ollie, a former soldier, manages Shelby’s illegal horse-racing side business, but it’s unclear how he was able to find work after being released from prison in season one. Perhaps because he served with some of his brother’s associates? Or perhaps because he served under Major Colthurst (Richard Brake), who is himself working with crime boss Campbell (Sam Neill)? For now, it remains a mystery. Ollie doesn’t have much of a role in season two — that we know of — as far as we can tell!

Sam Hazeldine role played Georgie Sewell

He is a British actor who was born in London. Before he started his acting career, he has worked as a teacher at several high schools. He was also an amateur mixed martial arts fighter. He made his TV debut on TV series Misfits, but later gained huge popularity after he played one of Joe’s gang members in Peaky Blinders (2013-present). In 2014, he became a recurring cast member in American Horror Story: Freak Show as Hayden McClaine.

Peaky Blinders: The Recurring Cast and Characters You Need to Know
Peaky Blinders: The Recurring Cast and Characters You Need to Know

Wanda Opalinska role played Rosemary Johnson

Wanda Opalinska plays a character named Rosemary Johnson. She is an antagonist in Season 1 of Peaky Blinders and is played by actress Wanda Opalinska. It appears that she works for Thomas Shelby (Cillian Murphy) as a madam at his casino in Manchester. She later meets Tommy’s brother, Arthur (Paul Anderson), with whom she develops a relationship. Though we get little information about her life before Season 1, it is revealed that Wanda was abandoned by her parents at an early age when they couldn’t handle taking care of her any longer. After living on her own for most of her life, she enters into a new phase of life with Arthur by opening up a restaurant together called Restaurant Le Rêve with him as chef.

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Daniel Fearn role played King Maine

King is a dangerous man. He’s damaged, but has a big heart despite his shady past. He can be violent when angered, but he is also kind-hearted towards people he cares about. We don’t really know where he came from or who his family is, but he does have family somewhere (he said once that he needed to go back home because his mother was ill). He is loyal only to Tommy Shelby and Cillian Murphy (who plays Arthur in Peaky Blinders), whom King seems to idolize as an older brother or father figure.

Paul Bullion role played Billy Kitchen

Billy Kitchen is a character in Peaky Blinders. He is played by Cillian Murphy’s friend Paul Bullion. Billy is first introduced in Season 2 Episode 3, In episode 3 (S02E03) Billy was ordered by Tommy Shelby (played by Cillian Murphy) to kill a police officer after he robbed Fr Chang’s gambling den. When Tommy threatens him, Billy states that he doesn’t want to be part of it anymore and as such wants out of his employment. This leaves Tommy no choice but to have Arthur Shelby Jr..(played by Noah Taylor) murder him instead.

Josh O’Connor role played James

He is Cillian Murphy’s real-life brother. In Peaky Blinders, he plays an ex-soldier turned family enforcer who carries out jobs for Tommy Shelby. O’Connor has also appeared in television shows like Anna Karenina (2012), The Last Weekend (2013) and Our Girl (2014). He stars as Len in upcoming British drama When Harvey Met Bob.

Dorian Lough role played Mario

He is known for playing Tony in the crime thriller In Bruges (2008), Sergeant Richard Mayne in Sherlock (2010–present) and Alby Brock in Peaky Blinders (2013–present). Mario was born on December 16, 1983, is 35 years old as of 2017, Irish actor best known for his role as Mario Condello in TV series Peaky Blinders. He’s been married to wife Annabel since 2012. Mario has Irish nationality.

Allan Hopwood role played Abbey Heath

Allan was a member of Billy Kimber’s gang. He was one of three men who accompanied Arthur Shelby (Cillian Murphy) in an attempt to settle things with his father, Thomas Shelby (Paul Anderson). When they went into Soho, they found that Papa Shelby had been arrested by Detective Inspector Campbell (Sam Claflin) for their crimes. However, they were unaware that Campbell is one of their associates – Jack Twist (Bobby Smalldridge), so Thomas was released from custody after being struck in front of his son.

James Eeles role played “The Digbeth Kid” Harold Hancox

Harold is one of Tommy’s fellow inmates at Stockbridge prison, who helps him escape at considerable risk to himself. Together with Michael Gray, he is given a small role in Tommy’s first major hit on Luca Changretta in Black Mirror (1.2). Due to his outstanding performance for ‘The Black’ [the gang of Peaky Blinders], he was invited by Cillian Murphy [Tommy Shelby] for a job as an apprentice, but got caught and ended up in Winson Green Prison where he once again met Tommy, who offered him a position with them again. (10)

Peaky Blinders: The Recurring Cast and Characters You Need to Know
Peaky Blinders: The Recurring Cast and Characters You Need to Know

Erin Shanagher role played Mrs. Ross

Who is Mrs. Ross? Mrs. Evelyn Ross played by Erin Shanagher, is Tommy’s mother. She’s blind from diabetes, but only wears a pair of oversized sunglasses to cover up her disease since she doesn’t want anyone feeling sorry for her. She regularly takes care of business with her husband and has allowed him to do whatever he pleases as long as he kept things at home running smoothly and didn’t get into too much trouble—which was a challenge at times considering his business associates were often felons like himself.

George Gwyther and Callum Booth-Ford role played Karl Thorne

Karl is Tommy’s older brother. He is quiet, reserved, cautious and soft-spoken. Karl is also very honest with himself about who he is as a person; a hardworking auto mechanic who has always tried to do what was best for his family. Karl lives in fear of Tommy finding out he works with Luca Changretta because Tommy would kill him if he found out that he betrayed their family. But even though Karl isn’t outspoken like Tommy, these two brothers have always been close with each other over the years.

Stephanie Hyam role played Charlotte Murray

Charlotte is a young woman who works at a London brothel, where she meets Tommy Shelby. She becomes his girlfriend before he is sent off to fight in World War I. She doesn’t hear from him for several years, but after he returns, they resume their relationship. Though Tommy initially proposes marriage, Charlotte breaks up with him because of his uncontrollable temper. When Tommy marries Ada Shelby instead, Charlotte begs him not to tell Ada about their previous relationship; it is implied that he takes her up on her offer and stays with her instead of going through with his wedding day.

Kenneth Colley role played Vicente Changretta

As a child, Vicente Changretta was employed as a shoeshine boy by Alfie Solomons (Aidan Gillen), who would go on to become a Jewish gangster in Birmingham. Through his relationship with Solomons, Changrettas made acquaintances with such criminals as Arthur Shelby (Paul Anderson) and Freddie Thorne (Billy Kitchen). His connection with Solomons allowed him to join many criminal organizations. During World War II, he served in an Italian Air Force squadron alongside Spanish fighter pilot Ace Lagarto (Michael Grady). Later in life, he entered into a heated feud with Thomas Shelby, which led Changrettas’s daughter Grace (Sophie Rundle) running away from home.

Bríd Brennan role played Audrey Changretta

Audrey Changretta is played by Bríd Brennan in Peaky Blinders TV series. Audrey is a hit woman from New York City who has been brought over by Tommy’s father, Arthur Shelby, Sr., to assist with his money-making businesses. She grew up in Queens but left when she was 15 years old and never went back. Audrey worked as a prostitute on Amsterdam Avenue. When Tommy first meets her he assumes that she’s just another girl one of his dad’s friends has had sex with at some point; however, it turns out that Tommy’s father had sent for her specifically after hearing about her reputation from one of his associates who had visited New York City recently.

Frances Tomelty role played Bethany Boswell

She is an optimistic twenty-something from Northern England who believes in true love and happily ever after. She has just left her family’s funeral home behind with plans to go backpacking around Europe when she meets Tommy. After a whirlwind romance, she marries him, despite her reservations about his criminal past. However, she eventually comes to terms with his gangster life when he decides that they need more money if they are going to be able to start a family of their own.

Richard Brake role played Anton Kaledin

Anton Kaledin is a gangster boss of London’s Ukrainian community. He is one of Solomon Joyner’s partners. Unlike his compatriots, he doesn’t flinch when Tommy Shelby tells him he will not get financial aid from them. He was shot dead by Ada Thorne during an ambush arranged by Tommy Shelby and John Shelby. His death caused a rift between Solomon and his brother-in-law Charlie Strong that ended with Charlie’s death at Solomon’s hands.

Alex Macqueen role played Patrick Jarvis MP

He’s not a politician in real life, but actor Alex Macqueen is one of those British actors whose face you recognize, even if you can’t quite place it. I’d like to say it was because he’s brilliant (and he is), but probably it’s because he pops up in everything from Gavin & Stacey and The Imitation Game to Vikings, Black Mirror, and now, Netflix’s Peaky Blinders. But what does Alex Macqueen do when not playing an MP? What else would you expect of a man who looks like a scoundrel? He plays one.

Ralph Ineson role played Connor Nutley

a hardworking bookie who’s set up shop in Birmingham, a city dominated by gangs. Nutley crosses paths with Tommy Shelby after being tricked into a setup, but he turns out to be an invaluable resource for information about what’s going on around town. He gets caught up in the feud between Cillian Murphy’s Tommy Shelby character and Sam Neill’s Chester Campbell character. Ineson is best known for his role as Game of Thrones’s Dickon Tarly, Samwell Tarly’s younger brother who seems more interested in books than swordplay. He has also appeared in films like Snow White & The Huntsman, Seul Contre Tous (aka Engagement), My Brother Tom, Nowhere Boy and Good People.

Peaky Blinders: The Recurring Cast and Characters You Need to Know
Peaky Blinders: The Recurring Cast and Characters You Need to Know

Peter Bankole role played William Letso

Peaky Blinder is an English crime drama television series. It was first shown on BBC Two on 13 September 2013. It was created by Steven Knight, produced by Caryn Mandabach Productions, and directed by Otto Bathurst. Peaky Blinders is set in Birmingham, England in 1919, just after World War I. It follows a gang who sew razor blades into the peaks of their caps, and their fierce boss Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy). In season 1 it’s revealed that he’s a decorated veteran of WWI, but as time goes on we learn more about his past and how he became so powerful. Peter Bankole plays William Letso in Peaky Blinders. He’s one of Tommy Shelby’s right-hand men—and not to be messed with! Letso is one of those guys who always has a plan B up his sleeve because he knows things can go wrong at any moment…and they usually do!

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Richard Dillane role played General Curran

Dilly is such a great actor! If you’ve seen him in The Strain, you’ll know what I mean. While Richard’s character never made an appearance in Season 2 of Peaky Blinders, he will be back for Season 3. So who is Richard Dillane playing as? Who does he play on Peaky Blinders? His character General Curran looks set to cause some havoc… More on that later! Stay tuned here at TV Fanatic! #peakyblinders #GeneralCurran #RichardDillane

– Jamie Chapman played Freddie Thorne: Freddie was one of Tommy’s old friends from Birmingham and it seemed like he’d been living quite a good life since leaving. That all changed when his wife passed away though, and it seems like things aren’t going so well for him anymore… But where is Jamie Chapman now? Is he still acting?

Dominic Coleman role played Priest

Determined to force out a confession from Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy), young priest, Father John Hughes (Dominic Coleman) is more than willing to get his hands dirty. A man of God, it seems he is also quite a violent one too as he eagerly grabs hold of a pistol. While capable at his job, could he really be connected with Billy Kimber? At first glance, maybe not. But is there more going on than meets the eye? A good guy gone bad perhaps? With only one season under its belt thus far, we can safely say that Peaky Blinders has provided us with many surprises so far – both expected and unexpected. Here’s hoping that continues! We’re curious… Are you watching Peaky Blinders?

Wendy Nottingham role played  Mary

Wendy played Mary Ann Cotton. When her mother died, she began working as a housemaid for three households before marrying at 16 years old. She quickly got bored being married and had an affair with a soldier. One morning, her soldier husband’s brother noticed he was dead and went looking for his sister-in-law who they thought had something to do with it. They found Mary in bed next to him and arrested her, but she killed herself right before they could question her further. In court, one officer described it as the most deliberate case of murder that I have ever investigated which really got everyone thinking about what could possibly be going on inside Mary’s head. Wendy played Mary Ann Cotton.

Billy Marwood , Jenson Clarke , and Billy Jenkins role played  Charles Shelby

Billy Marwood is an English actor. He has been in lots of roles on film and television since 2013. Among his most notable roles include a recurring role as Jenson Clarke in Peaky Blinders. Billy Marwood is best known for his work as Billy, Deakins’ partner in crime, and for his portrayal of Andy Yates in C4’s Traitors (2014). Other notable appearances include: Plebs, Timewasters, and also The Interceptor TV series. He has also appeared in several productions on stage as well as on radio. In 2016 he will be appearing in I Am Bolt playing Usain Bolt’s father.

Luca Matteo Zizzari role played  Matteo

A young Italian with a difficult past. His character is introduced in Series 2, Episode 6 when he stumbles into a family breakfast, blind drunk and collapses onto Tommy Shelby’s lap. He reveals that his brother was killed at war and he’s come to Birmingham for revenge. Though Matteo is not present for long, he does go on to have an interesting impact on characters such as Grace Burgess and Aberama Gold.

Jake J. Meniani role played  Frederico

Played by Aimee-Ffion Edwards, Fredricko is Thomas Shelby’s (Cillian Murphy) girlfriend. She is a bit mad, but she is loyal and devoted to him despite knowing his dark secrets. Her father was killed by one of Francis Molony’s (Joe Cole) cronies. She attempted suicide after that and has been treated for mental illness at Wormwood Scrubs Hospital where she met Thomas. But during Season 3, Jake receives word from Bill Pargrave that Maria’s dad died in prison due to torture (we learned from season 2 he was a very dangerous criminal). We can only imagine what kind of effect that will have on Maria and her relationship with Thomas Shelby.

Peaky Blinders: The Recurring Cast and Characters You Need to Know
Peaky Blinders: The Recurring Cast and Characters You Need to Know

Graeme Hawley role played  Niall Devlin

Niall Devlin is a character in season 4 played by Graeme Hawley. Niall first appears when Shelagh brings him along to a meeting with Alfie Solomons. He speaks with a strong Belfast accent and has an intimidating presence. Niall is later revealed as an undercover constable, but his true allegiance remains in question throughout most of season 4. In episode 10, he leads raids on all of Tommy’s businesses and arrests him while also gunning down Billy Kimber in front of Tommy, who later shoots Niall multiple times as he begs for mercy on his knees.

Donald Sumpter role played  Arthur Bigge

Arthur Bigge is a British government official and diplomat who is a key ally for Thomas Shelby in his quest for respectability. Arthur also gives some much-needed advice as Thomas navigates London’s political waters during The Great War. Donald Sumpter has played characters on programs like Downton Abbey, EastEnders, Black Mirror, and Law & Order: UK. You might recognize him as Mr. Kindly from Syfy’s 12 Monkeys!

Jamie Kenna role played  Billy Mills

Billy Mills is one of Tommy’s friends, played by Tom Hardy. Billy is an ex-First World War soldier who has just returned from war and his nerves are destroyed. He tells Tommy that he’s seen many deaths during the war. At first, Billy doesn’t seem like a significant character in Peaky Blinders but he does help Cillian Murphy (Tommy Shelby) with advice for business and also adds a bit more comedy to it. Tommy also tries to have Billy stand for election after being asked about his opinion on communism since Billy fought for his country during WWI but politics isn’t what Billy wants in life so he declines Tommy’s offer.

Joseph Long role played  Chef

his is a guy who loves his work and loves what he does so much, that it rubs off on those around him. Chef is a bit odd because he’s not just a chef; he’s also a bounty hunter who knows how to make people disappear. But, even though Chef sounds like a scary individual, there is nothing intimidating about him. This character comes from Birmingham and has clearly seen some things in his time. He was quite sweet with Michael, especially considering what was going on in episode two of series four! I can’t wait to see more character develop in Chef over time…I think we have some real depth here!

Andreas Muñoz role played  Antonio

While he might not be one of Peaky Blinders’ main characters, Antonio still ends up being a pivotal member of their gang. Played by Andreas Muñoz, Antonio is first introduced as a wealthy Spanish aristocrat who comes from one of Birmingham’s wealthiest families—the same family that ultimately puts Tommy out on the street. However, we soon learn that Antonio is also a freedom fighter who fights for his people in Spain and has even joined up with Spain’s communist party.

Peaky Blinders: The Recurring Cast and Characters You Need to Know
Peaky Blinders: The Recurring Cast and Characters You Need to Know

Ethan Picard-Edwards role played Billy Shelby

Billy is a recovering alcoholic who struggled with his sobriety while trying to hold his family together. Ethan’s character, Billy Shelby, is one of three central characters on Peaky Blinders. After he wakes up from what we assume was a drunken stupor and returns home after a night out in Birmingham, England. His brother Tommy assumes that Billy has fallen off again but discovers his brother was arrested for fighting at The Garrison Pub and accidentally kills their father’s prized racehorse because he wasn’t in control. Soon, Billy meets Grace Burgess (Annabelle Wallis) after she purchases clothing from Alfie Solomons (Tom Hardy) at her family shop and they began a physical relationship as well as developing an emotional connection.

Dave Simon role played  Mulchay

not much is known about Dave’s early life, other than that he was born and raised in Birmingham, England. The start of his criminal career came as a child, where he ran with gangs in between stealing on a local level. However, at 18 years old, Dave moved into dealing drugs and money laundering. With time though, he soon moved away from those ventures in order to focus on illegal betting and gambling through a number of bookies across Birmingham and London. He also worked under Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy)’s father Arthur (Paul Anderson) who at that time controlled all illegal gambling within Birmingham.

Heaven-Leigh Clee  and Orla McDonagh role played  Ruby Shelby

19 year old actresses. These two charming young ladies are daughters of Cillian Murphy and Helen McCrory. They started filming their scenes when they were aged 10 and 12 years respectively in season 2 and continue till date, almost 7 years later! Ruby is a carefree working class girl who can charm anyone easily with her mischievous smile. One can see clear family resemblance with her uncle Tommy as she shares his cynical side while being easygoing just like him. Her carefree attitude gets her into many a scrape but she always manages to get out of it unscathed, thanks to her innocent look that wins people over (if not terrifies them). She has all manner of flings during seasons 1-3 but she never lets any man take control over her.

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Elliot Cowan role played  Michael Levitt

(William Shelby) portrayed by Elliot Cowan, is a former soldier turned businessman. After being convicted for his part in a failed bank robbery (that took place during World War I), he is sent to Birmingham prison. Here, he meets and befriends Tommy Shelby, who has been jailed for murdering three police officers on his family’s farm. Michael takes over as leader of their gang upon his release from prison and helps set up an arms deal with Winston Churchill at Whitehall when Tommy is jailed again for killing Joe Kennedy.

Peter Campion role played  Micky Gibbs

Portrayed by Tom Hardy, Micky is an ex-serviceman who served in France during World War I and claims he was a member of Michael Collins’ Irish Republican Army (IRA). Micky becomes a sergeant in Alfie Solomons’ gang but is posted by Thomas Shelby. He ends up getting shot by members of another gang from Toxteth after he collects his uncle’s racing bets. A few episodes later, it emerges that Micky survived because he was shot in his bulletproof vest. His torso suffered two broken ribs and facial injuries as a result.

Peaky Blinders: The Recurring Cast and Characters You Need to Know
Peaky Blinders: The Recurring Cast and Characters You Need to Know

Tim Woodward as Lord Suckerby

Tim Woodward is known for his roles in Game of Thrones, where he played Gawen Westerling, and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, as Captain Cassian Andor. The English actor will play Suckerby in Season 4. According to Digital Spy, Suckerby is a visiting American businessman who operates at an extremely high level and has an important role to play with what’s coming next for Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy). Woodward also played Georgie Woodstock in Season 2. Unlike previous seasons that typically adapted one book per season, Season 4 will feature a new story line separate from both novels. It looks like we’ll be seeing some new characters!

Darragh O’Toole role played  Liam

Darragh O’Toole is a Dublin based actor. As well as his role in gangster drama Peaky Blinders, Darragh has also starred in Love/Hate and Ripper Street. The talented 29-year-old began training for acting at age 15 and it’s been a labor of love ever since. In addition to his budding acting career, he’s currently working on two documentaries about Irish music and popular culture.

Peter Coonan role played  Connor Dunn

During Series 1, Connor appears as one of Chester Campbell’s (Sam Neill) special agents. From Series 2 onward, he works as a member of Grace Burgess’ (Annabelle Wallis) Apostles, who are mainly tasked with delivering messages and supplies around Birmingham. In Season 3, it is revealed that Connor is actually a Lees man sent by Mr. Lees himself to spy on the Shelbys and deliver their downfall should they betray him. He struggles when asked to kill in Mr. Shelby’s absence but kills Aunt Polly after she stabs her nephew Arthur.

Assaad Bouab role played  Henri

Assaad is Henri’s more aggressive and independent younger brother, who looks up to him greatly. He is far less cultured than his brother, and has never been seen in an episode without a full beard and sideburns. His youth makes him volatile, with little patience for those who do not wish them well. At times he seems entirely loyal to his older brother and believes that it is his right (and duty) to protect Henri at all costs. It’s shown that he’s vicious, violent and very skilled in handling weapons – knife fighting being especially good as demonstrated when in battle with another old Irish gangster during war between groups.

Franc Bruneau role played  Miquelon Island Police Commissioner

Miquelon Island is a small French-speaking island located off the coast of Newfoundland in Canada. The police commissioner role for Miquelon is Franc Bruneau, played by Pascal Payet. In season 3, episode 5 Blackbird, Miquelon was among three islands raided by Thomas Shelby’s gang while they were on their way to stop Churchill from buying weapons from Eamonn Brody on Dominica Island in order to destroy Britain’s blockade in season 4. It has been confirmed that Francesca Orsi will appear as Max Bezuhov in season 4.

Simon Wan role played  Han

You might have recognized him as being in Broadchurch and also appearing in Happy Valley. If you like a good police drama, chances are you’ll enjoy watching his portrayal of Tommy Shelby’s brother, Arthur, who has been stealing Tommy’s money left and right. He is portrayed by Charlie Murphy. In Season 3 it appears that Arthur is willing to be honest with his brother again but maybe not so much as he takes off on a boat with Polly Gray (Helen McCrory). What could that mean? Where will he end up at next? It will definitely be interesting to see if these two can get along.

Naomi Yang role played  Li

This character is also known as Aunt Mei. She’s Tommy’s (Tom Hardy) sister and a seamstress. You can spot her wearing glasses in many scenes and you might notice that she sits near Tommy during meetings, carrying out secretarial duties. It seems likely that she knows more than she lets on – or perhaps Tommy just trusts her more than others… it’s yet to be seen if that trust is warranted, though we do know he tells her things first before he reveals them elsewhere in Season 3b of Peaky Blinders . [1] [2] [3]

Aneurin Barnard role played  Doctor Holford

Barnard played a character in Peaky Blinders, titled Doctor Holford. He is Thomas Shelby’s physician who prescribed him oxycontin. He also tried to blackmail Tommy, using his arrest record, which he knew about. In Season 3, his character was murdered by Tommy in front of thousands of people attending Princess Victoria’s wedding.

Abbie Hern role played  Mary Bone

____ is a senior member of The Garrison, and takes a fatherly role with Shelagh. ____ is hardened and bitter after years at war, and has little patience for fools. ____ was born in Birmingham and spent his youth in Rugeley. Following that, he got work as a coal miner before being called up to fight in World War I. In 1915 he was wounded at Mametz Wood on July 13th, and returned home where he went back into mining as his occupation.

Peaky Blinders: The Recurring Cast and Characters You Need to Know
Peaky Blinders: The Recurring Cast and Characters You Need to Know

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Do cast of Peaky Blinders get along?

After much anticipation, Peaky Blinders returned on September 15, 2018 with a stellar season 4 premiere. The world has been craving answers and theorizing all summer long as showrunners revealed that season 4 would reveal big truths behind some key players in Birmingham’s criminal underworld. But if you’re new to Peaky Blinders or simply have a few questions about what makes these characters tick, fear not. We’ve gathered all the major pieces of information about Cillian Murphy’s Tommy Shelby and co. into one place for your convenience. Let’s go ahead and dive in!

What disease does Tommy Shelby have?

Ankylosing spondylitis is a form of arthritis that affects joints and causes inflammation in a person’s spine. The disease typically causes pain, stiffness, fatigue, and swollen joints. In severe cases, it can cause ankylosis: a fusion between two or more vertebrae that limits movement but reduces pain. It’s unclear whether Tommy Shelby has ankylosing spondylitis; it was first thought that he may have osteoarthritis or syringomyelia—but his medical condition is most likely not diagnosed. Peaky Blinders: The Recurring Cast and Characters You Need to Know

Are Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy friends?

Both Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy were born in 1974 in England. They both started acting young, with Murphy landing his first major role when he was just 15 years old. After that, they went on to have highly successful careers. Both have appeared on several popular TV shows and starred in blockbuster movies including The Dark Knight Rises and Inception. But are they actually friends?

Are Cillian Murphy and Annabelle Wallis friends?

In season 4, Murphy and Wallis are married characters Tommy Shelby and Grace Burgess. There was speculation that they were dating after meeting on set. Murphy even called their fictional relationship easily one of [his] favorite things about [Peaky Blinders]. If you’re wondering if there’s any truth behind that friendship-turned-romance, Cillian and Annabelle both said in separate interviews that they get along great but aren’t close friends IRL . The two do have an easy chemistry on screen, however — perhaps because their offscreen relationship is just as friendly? As for whether or not we’ll see a future for Tommy and Grace in real life: We’ll have to wait until season 5 drops later in 2019.

What did they cut out of Tommy Shelby’s mouth?

Tommy Shelby’s mouth is a running mystery on Peaky Blinders. It’s never really clear what was taken out by Alfie Solomons (played by Tom Hardy) in season 2, episode 1. Some suspect it was his tongue, but that doesn’t quite make sense; we’d be able to see and hear him struggling with an inability to talk, for one thing. My personal theory is that he has no teeth.

Is Tommy Shelby mentally ill?

Tommy is one of those rare characters who is magnetic and terrifying at once, both a huge reason for, and a victim of, his own success. Tommy has definitely been noted for his eccentricities, but he’s been less remarked upon for what many see as a mental disorder. In Episode 1, Grace Burgess notes that Tommy sometimes stops talking midsentence and stares off into space. Dr. Abernathy later references Tommy’s delusions in Episode 4. Is it possible that Tommy really does have some sort of mental illness? Could he be bipolar or suffering from PTSD? Only time will tell…but either way, there is definitely something strange about him.

What is Tommy Shelby dying of?

Writer Steven Knight shared with Rolling Stone that Tommy will fall ill. [Tommy’s] obviously mortal, he said. In [the season 4] premiere, we have an answer as to what he’s dying of. Knight added that Tommy is aware he has a limited amount of time left and wants to settle things before his passing. He’s in pursuit of reconciliation, Knight said.

What illness does Alfie Solomons have?

First introduced in season 1, Alfie Solomons (played by Tom Hardy) is a complicated and dangerous character. His recurring illness, which requires him to inject morphine into his eye in order to manage pain, only adds complexity. Fortunately for those of us watching at home, we got a pretty interesting look at Alfie’s backstory in season 2. As we learned more about who he was before he became a successful businessman in Birmingham and member of The Garrison – an alliance between several prominent Black Country gangsters – it became clear that there’s much more than meets the eye with Mr. Solomons. Keep an eye out for Alfie as he continues his complicated relationship with Tommy Shelby. Peaky Blinders: The Recurring Cast and Characters You Need to Know

What are they smoking in Peaky Blinders?

It’s not just a question for creator Steven Knight and actor Cillian Murphy, who plays brooding bad boy Tommy Shelby. But if you don’t understand what the juice is, where it comes from or why Tommy calls it his secret weapon, you haven’t been paying close enough attention to season three of Peaky Blinders. What is most interesting about the juice? It has nothing at all to do with that addictive little flower… erm… weed… called cannabis sativa—otherwise known as marijuana.

Does Arthur Shelby have PTSD?

One theory is that Arthur suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after he survived mustard gas attacks in World War I. As a result, his moods can swing wildly and he may act irrationally. In one episode, he even has a panic attack while trying to choke down food; his brother calls it a panic attack but it’s never confirmed by an onscreen character. Additionally, PTSD is known for making people more susceptible to addiction and substance abuse—and that may explain why Arthur turned to heavy drinking after returning home from war. It’s not uncommon for sufferers of PTSD to turn back toward addictive substances as a way of self-medicating their feelings of anxiety and stress. Peaky Blinders: The Recurring Cast and Characters You Need to Know

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