As the Crow Flies, by Ayad Akhtar, shines an insightful light on the struggle of second-generation immigrants to find their place in modern American society. Selim, who was born in America and raised in Pakistan, struggles to fit into the two societies he now calls home but can never fully call his own. To make matters worse, he finds himself caught between two different versions of Islam — his father’s rigid orthodoxy and his mother’s indulgent liberalization — and has no idea which path to follow as he tries to chart his own course through life. Selim Takes Flight in As the Crow Flies

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A Thief’s Guide to Istanbul by Burak Yamantürk! There’s no mistaking it, from the streets to boats, from coffee shops to brothels; Istanbul is always a lively place, day or night. It’s even better at sunset when all three have time to mix and mingle. In his latest novel, author Burak Yamantürk takes readers through an ordinary day in Istanbul and a typical evening out on Islanbul [sic]—one that turns into so much more as its lead character, Selim Colak (The Boy with No Name), gets caught up in one of his father’s hijinks. The result?

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Burak Yamantürk (bayanogullari) Songs 2016 Burak Yamantürk: Other Names, Current Name In Turkey – from his birth certificate, birth date and year vary by web source. According to Social Security Administration information, he was born on 1 October 1980. Commonly credited as starting career around 2001. He’s been a business owner since at least 2011 (though evidence suggests he has had some online presence prior to that).

Selim Takes Flight in As the Crow Flies
Selim Takes Flight in As the Crow Flies

This is probably a very busy guy – but I love his music videos and wanted to include them. Be sure to check out other Turkish artists; I have many playlists here of Turkish singers – some known worldwide, others not so much!

Tell me about your experience

Burak Yamantürk is more than just a handsome young Turk. He’s currently an Associate Artist with Opera Theatre Company of Boston, under Artistic Director David Angus, and has previously studied at TADA! Youth Theater and MET summer intensive. He’ll be tackling his first non-comic character when he takes on Shakespeare’s villainous Selim in Opera Theatre Company of Boston’s production of As The Crow Flies. (The show opens October 10th.) We had a chance to talk to Burak about how he prepares for a role and what he likes most about working with OTC…

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How was it for you?

You play a smallish role as Selim in Sofia Coppola’s The Beguiled but you still manage to steal every scene you’re in. What was it like working with an incredible ensemble cast and how do you feel about your character? Any memorable moments from filming? I loved every moment of working on that set. It was so great to work with these amazing actors, including Colin Farrell and Nicole Kidman. The script is brilliant. All of my favorite scenes were shot at night, which is always more fun for me because I’m a night owl. I also got to play golf a lot on set because I had a golf cart!

Did you have any trouble with it?

I did have a little trouble with it. The reason I had trouble is because i am not familiar with Burak Yamantürk and I had to use Google to find information about him so I could write something that would fit into his bio. If you have no idea who your person is google can help you find information about them. It is also good for background research for people if you want to talk more about them later on in life after that first post on them.

Selim Takes Flight in As the Crow Flies
Selim Takes Flight in As the Crow Flies

What would you like to see improved?

I would like to see a list of all articles and some way of filtering them by author or category. For example, if I was looking for a good resource post from Coding Horror, I could filter out all articles that are not resource posts. Right now when you look at your page view stats it is hard to find an old post and hard to find a random post you haven’t seen in awhile. In addition, when trying to look at an older entry there’s no easy way to do so using my browser; I have to click on each month and scan down until I see what I’m looking for. Perhaps it’d be helpful if each entry had an associated tag as well – that might allow better searching?

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Burak Yamantürk kimdir vikipedi?

Burak Yamantürk (born 16 February 1976) is a Turkish actor. He is married to actress Pelin Çiftl? and has two children, a son and a daughter. He appeared in films as early as 1996, starting with Hülyalar Aşklar. He also played leading roles on television series including Yaprak Dökümü and Bir Aşk Hikayesi, based on novels by Nermin Bezmen.

Burak Yamantürk hangi burç?

Burak Yamantürk is a Taurus. Born between April 20 and May 21, Burak is among those who are stable, reliable and take on responsibility. It’s no wonder that he accepted to be Selim when offered by Oscar-winning director Fatih Akin. Actually I had not read or seen ‘The Edge of Heaven’ [the German film for which ‘As The Crow Flies’ is an adaptation] before. But being asked to play Selim was just great, like a call from heaven – my agency sent me over it saying that it might be something very special indeed… So we made Fatih Akin’s phone ring… with my answers!

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