In the late 80s, Rambo Nunez was just another Filipino boy trying to find his way in the world. In 1992, however, he began working as an accounting clerk at the Ponderosa Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas Nevada; this would turn out to be one of the most important jobs he would ever have. Fast forward through two decades of hard work and dedication (and a few lucky breaks) and Mr. Rambo Nunez the famous Filipino businessman Bio

Early life

As a child he was bullied because of his name. When people asked what his name was he would reply My name is Rambo Nunez and I will kill you, to which people assumed that his parents had named him after Sylvester Stallone’s character in First Blood. He went on to change it officially as soon as he was old enough. Rambo Nunez the famous Filipino businessman Bio

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Personal life

Rambo Nunez was born in Cebu City. He attended University of San Carlos to study Law but dropped out due to financial reasons. He then went on to found Restaurant City Corporation that became one of the Philippines largest restaurant chains. He sold it for $128 million in 2000 and invested his money into many other business opportunities. In 2001 he founded an IT company called IDS Infotech which specializes in software development and Information Technology Consulting.

In popular culture

What does Rambo bring to mind? In many ways he’s a hero – but did you know he’s one of our own? Rambo Nunez is a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist in our own right. Let’s take a look at what makes him so successful.

 Rambo nuñez daughter

Rambo was married to an American teacher named Dianna and had three children: daughters Ashley and Maria Anne and son Jordan. Rambo’s eldest daughter is Ashley Marie Nuñez; she was born on August 7, 1982.

Rambo Nunez the famous Filipino businessman Bio
Rambo Nunez the famous Filipino businessman Bio

 Rambo nuñez and bettina carlos

Rambo and bettina are a happily married couple with two wonderful children. Recently, they decided to part ways because bettina has been caught cheating on rambo with their driver who was always around them. Bettina and Rambo were only together for five years but they were never legally married because her father refused to give her hand in marriage if rambo will not be able to give him millions of pesos as dowry which she did not like at all.

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 Rambo nuñez child

Rambo was born in Malate , Manila to Remigio Nuñez, a politician and former senator. He is married to Angelita Escudero with two children. He studied at San Beda College (AB Political Science 1971) and Georgetown University School of Foreign Service (Certificate in Management). Rambo’s father-in-law Miguel Mike H.

Rambo nuñez ortega mother

Maria nuñez ortega father: Miguel Ortega Brother: Manny Ortega

My Life as the Daughter of Rambo Nunez

My father was born in Sinaloa, Mexico. His family immigrated to the United States when he was just five years old, and he struggled to learn English growing up in Chicago, Illinois. He wanted to give my sister and me opportunities that he never had growing up. In order to pay the bills, however, he worked two jobs that kept him away from his family most of the week, so the majority of childcare fell on my mother’s shoulders—an immigrant from Mexico herself who had arrived in the U.S.

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