Georgina Rodríguez Hernández ( Buenos Aires , January 27, 1994 ) is a model and businesswoman with Spanish and Argentine nationality, raised in Spain , who became known as the partner of soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo in 2017. Cristiano Ronaldo’s Girlfriend – Georgina Rodríguez

5 Things to Know About the New Girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo

This week, it was confirmed that Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo (one of Forbes’ Most Powerful Celebrities) is dating Spanish model and businesswoman Georgina Rodríguez. Here are five things to know about his new girlfriend. [Source: Biography]

1st Things

First things first, forget what you think you know about Cristiano Ronaldo. You probably have a series of ideas that have been repeated so many times on television and in magazines that seem to be engraved in your head. But there is much more than meets the eye. That’s why we are going to tell you 10 things that may surprise you when it comes to Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend, Georgina Rodríguez. And if it does not surprise you at all, well … just read it anyway!

2nd Things

In 2017, one of Cristiano Ronaldo’s biggest moments was his win at The Best FIFA Football Awards in London . He was awarded as The Best Player . After that night he came back to Madrid with his girlfriend, her name is Georgina Rodríguez. She is an ex-model and a great businesswoman, who starts to be known by portuguese soccer fans because of Cristiano Ronaldo.

3rd Things

The story of Cristiano Ronaldo began in 1985 when his mother, Dolores Aveiro , met Carlos Salvador , a footballer who had just moved to Andorra . A few months later they had a child: Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro. When he was four years old, he emigrated with his family to Portugal, where his father played until 1992. Then he went to Manchester United and has remained there for many years.

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4th Things

He was born in Funchal ( Madeira ) on February 5, 1985. In his early childhood, he moved to Lisbon with his parents and became interested in football at a young age. At 12 years old, he joined Sporting CP ‘s youth academy. He made his professional debut for their senior team in 2002 and won several trophies during his time there.

5th Things

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Cristiano Ronaldos Girlfriend - Georgina Rodríguez
Cristiano Ronaldo’s Girlfriend – Georgina Rodríguez
  • Born: 27 January 1994 (age 28 years), Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Height: 1.68 m
  • Partner: Cristiano Ronaldo (2017–)
  • Children: Alana Martina dos Santos Aveiro
  • Nationality: Argentine, Spanish
  • Parents: Ana María Hernández, Jorge Rodríguez
  • Siblings: Ivana Rodríguez

How I Became Model: Part 1

How I became a model is a story, which begins in a small town on my native country (Buenos Aires), when I was 12 years old. It was not until then that I realized my life was going to be very different from everyone else. As soon as I started school, all of my friends began talking about boys and what they wanted to become when they were older, but for me, it felt like everything changed. My life took on another dimension from day one.

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Workout Routines Of Models Like Me

You can’t tell me that there aren’t days when you find yourself standing in front of your closet, mouth agape, grasping at all of your clothes and just shaking your head because they’re too big. You don’t want to wear them anymore, but you don’t know what else to do. Don’t feel bad — it happens to most people (me included). But here are some tips for how I stay in shape with my busy lifestyle

How To Become A Social Media Star

There are a lot of ways you can go about it, but here are a few tips to help you out. First and foremost, be yourself. Don’t try to act like someone else. People will notice if you’re just pretending to fit in. They won’t like that as much as they would if you were yourself. In other words, own your brand and keep it real! Be unique and genuine!

Facts & Rumors About Us

She’s Cristiano Ronaldo’s new girlfriend. She has 2 brothers and 2 sisters, named Enrique, Carlos and Natalia. Her father is a passionate Real Madrid fan and her mother was a former handball player. She started dating with him in 2017. They have been together for almost 3 years now. The couple doesn’t have any children yet, but they are planning to have one soon. She loves dogs and she owns a Golden Retriever dog name Vida, which means life in Spanish language.

Before Fame

She began her career as a model when she was 14 years old. Her first appearance was in an advertising campaign for clothing store Mango . A year later, she appeared on covers of magazines such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar , and walked runways for designers like Dolce & Gabbana and Christian Dior . In 2009, at age 15, she moved to Milan to continue her modeling career. At 17, Rodríguez signed with IMG Models , one of the world’s largest modeling agencies.

Personal Life

She was born in Argentina but she is of Spanish nationality, so she has a dual citizenship. She was born in 1994 , January 27. Her full name is Georgina Rodríguez Hernández and her nickname is Gina Roca. She also has an Instagram account with over 4 million followers where she keeps her followers informed of what she is doing at all times.

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Net Worth

In 2017, Forbes estimated her net worth at $700 million. In 2018, it was revised to $1 billion. This makes her one of only four Spanish women among billionaires in the world and one of five Latin American women with a similar status. According to Forbes, she is also second among all Latin Americans behind only María Asunción Aramburuzabala, who has an estimated wealth of $5 billion.

Where is Georgina Rodríguez from?

She was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but she was raised in Córdoba, Spain. She has Spanish and Argentine nationality. Her father is from Argentina and her mother is from Spain. Her family moved to Madrid when she was a child.

How old is Georgina Rodríguez?

Georgina Rodríguez was born on January 27, 1994 in Buenos Aires , Argentina. She is 25 years old. Her birth sign is Aquarius . Her nationality is Spanish and Argentine. Her ethnicity is White Latin American (Spanish, Italian and Portuguese).

How tall is Georgina Rodríguez?

168 cm (5′ 6.1) feet and inches? her weight is 52 kg (115 pounds) with brown eyes and black hair. Her body measurements are: Bust – 84 cm, Waist – 60 cm, Hips – 91 cm. How much does she weigh? What is her height in feet? How tall is she in meters? How old is she in years and months ? Is Georgina Rodríguez married or dating someone?

Who is the mother of Ronaldo’s twins?

The mother of Cristiano Ronaldo’s twins is a model named Georgina Rodriguez. Rodríguez, who is also 25 years old, has been dating soccer player Cristiano since April 2017. The two are very happy together and share a fun-loving relationship that’s totally chill and casual. In March 2018, Rodriguez gave birth to fraternal twins Mateo and Eva in Spain.

How tall is cr7 Jr?

Cristiano Ronaldo, Jr. is one of three children born to Ronaldo and his ex-girlfriend, Irina Shayk. As his father’s most successful son in soccer, it’s no surprise that Cristiano Jr. has already received some training from Real Madrid when he was 6 years old.

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