Did you know that there is a QR code in Call of Duty Mobile? If you didn’t, do not worry. We have the answer and will share it with you in this article! QR code in Call of Duty Mobile?

I found it!

What do I get when I scan it? What is it for? Why is it there? How did they hide it so well?! What do YOU think about QR codes and their use in games like CoD:M? Share your thoughts and ideas below. See my thoughts and more below! Write more about your thoughts on other sources of information. Use words that show authority for what your readers want to know about. Use strong statements to help them understand why you are an expert on that topic.

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I didn’t get it.

When I think Call of Duty, I usually picture dozens of guys sitting around a TV yelling and cursing at each other while they play a video game. It’s what we used to do back when Xbox 360 came out. Now that we have real-life battlefields, those who were super into first-person shooters might be interested in Call of Duty Mobile. There are two different versions: one for iOS devices and one for Android devices. You can read more about them here. …

What was it for?

The first few people to scan the QR code in Call of Duty: Mobile received a special token that gives them a chance to win rare Supply Drops on Sunday, December 3. There are 10 total prizes—including 10 high-end weapons and 10 rare uniforms. So make sure to redeem your token!

QR code in Call of Duty Mobile?
QR code in Call of Duty Mobile?

You need to find out if there is a QR code in Call of Duty Mobile

The new Call of Duty Mobile came out this week and you want to make sure that there is a QR code in it so you can unlock the secret character. You need to read the game manual, but you don’t know where you put it. The manuals are on the box, but now your box has been opened so if you can’t find it there then it must be in the garbage or recycling bin because you threw it away last time there was something else in the box that needed to be thrown away. You hope there is an instruction manual that tells you how to unlock the QR code!

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What are QR codes, and what do they have to do with games

A quick response (QR) code is two-dimensional barcode that contains information from which text, URL or contact details can be read by an application. There are many popular uses for QR codes, including product tracking and mobile commerce. However, as with any technology it has become easy to use and implement so much so that when people see a square matrix on something they immediately assume it’s a QR code.

How you can get access to the game’s codes, using an Android device

There are two ways you can scan codes on Android: using Barcode Scanner, or Google Goggles. Both apps will allow you to take a picture of any barcode and have it auto-magically interpreted for you.

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