A lot of people like to use b2k in free fire and when they are new to the game, they don’t know how to use b2k efficiently so they just mash the button. In this guide, I will teach you how to use b2k by actually explaining it in terms that everyone can understand and use. So without further ado, let’s begin! Free Fire B2K Macro Guide

How to use a Macros

Do you ever find yourself asking, How do I make my character run forwards? or How do I turn around? No problem! We’ll cover all of these in our easy to follow macro guide. A key note before we begin: You can only use a macro if your game is enabled with keyboard and mouse controls. If you have changed your controls to xbox style button inputs you will need to change them back for macros to work correctly.

Free Fire B2K Macro Guide
Free Fire B2K Macro Guide

How to Choose The Best Weapon For Close Quarters Combat

When playing in close quarters combat, you need to choose a weapon that can allow you to take out your enemies quickly and efficiently. If you are able to use rifles, then it is recommended that you use an assault rifle like the M4. Assault rifles are able to hold a lot of ammo which gives you an advantage when it comes to eliminating players who choose smaller weapons such as SMGs. Assault rifles also do quite well at longer ranges which gives them some versatility on different maps.

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Other Tips, Tricks and Strategies

This macro is one of my favorite macros for Free Fire. It does 2 things well: (1) it helps you check who’s behind you and (2) it helps you peek around corners. In order to set up your touchpad to make these actions, hold down all 4 shoulder buttons, then press both thumbsticks in toward each other while still holding down shoulder buttons. Once held, quickly tap in on one thumbstick and tap out on another a few times –

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