Jason George has quietly become one of Netflix’s super-producers, right along with Ryan Murphy, Mike Flanagan, Shonda Rhimes and Harlan Coben. He’s written and/or produced a number of the service’s biggest international hits, like Narcos and Jessica Jones . For his latest project, YAKAMOZ S-245 , he wrote two episodes with Graham Roland and directed the first season’s finale – all in six months. What you see above are just some of the ways he made it happen. Netflix’s newest show YAKAMOZ S-245 has viewers on the edge of their seats

What is YAKAMOZ?

YAKAMOZ is an incredible new Netflix Original Series that keeps you at the edge of your seat! A futuristic story that takes place in 2069. It’s about a group of prisoners who are sent to explore and colonize Mars. The series stars Jason George (Grey’s Anatomy) and Oded Fehr (The Mummy). If you like sci-fi shows or any kind drama then you will love this one!

Why you should watch it

Narcos, one of Netflix’s first series, became a global hit and helped earn Netflix a reputation as a destination for high-quality original programming. Now it looks like another international drama—called YAKAMOZ S-245 (which translates to Night Cargo)—could be poised to follow in its footsteps.

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Where it falls in Netflix’s growing lineup

When Jason George’s YAKAMOZ S-245 was released, there were a lot of questions about what its place was in Netflix’s growing TV empire. With so many different successful shows, could another series really break through? Would it just get lost in all that noise? After a couple weeks though, it’s clear that people are listening to George’s latest hit.

How this show fits into its creator’s larger body of work

According to George, Narcos was all about being in Colombia, and we wanted to do something different so I thought it would be cool to create a show that’s set outside of America. Because Netflix is a global service, it just made sense for us not to get locked into one country. My first original was Ozark because I love crime dramas and I love writing about people who are offbeat and have these darker elements in them.

The story is about

The story centers around a young American man living in London, who was kidnapped and sent to a jail cell in Siberia, where he found out his family was murdered by Russian mobsters. Jason George plays Alex Atwood, a U.S. Air Force veteran who is kidnapped while at home in London and finds himself incarcerated in Eastern Russia’s infamous Yakamoza Siberian prison camp.

If you want to watch it

Netflix’s newest international series is a big hit, and it deserves to be. The four-part drama follows a group of gangsters, who are trying to take over Istanbul’s drug trade. It features gripping action sequences, combined with realistic portrayals of both cops and criminals in today’s world. We talked to writer and executive producer Jason George about what it was like to work on such an ambitious project.

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It stars

The new crime drama focuses on a branch of a Mexican drug cartel operating in Berlin. Last week, Spanish actor Alberto Ammann stormed onto German TV screens as Jose Rodriguez, a top member of the cartel. The series is only available to Netflix subscribers outside Germany and Austria. So far, it’s been well received by critics and fans alike.

The series will be available

Netflix hasn’t announced a release date for season two. If season one is any indication, expect it sometime in 2019. The first season was released in June 2018 and had 10 episodes. It was renewed for a second season before its debut.

It will be available in your region

When Netflix first came out with Narcos, I didn’t expect much from it. It was a crime drama about Pablo Escobar – a drug lord whom I barely knew anything about and had no interest in learning more about. However, once I started watching it, it was quite possibly one of my favorite shows to date. There were elements that made me laugh, made me angry and made me very concerned for my safety when I had to go out at night after watching episodes late into the night.

Netflixs newest show YAKAMOZ S-245 has viewers on the edge of their seats
Netflix’s newest show YAKAMOZ S-245 has viewers on the edge of their seats

yakamoz s-245 review

jason george, who also created Narcos, brings us a thrilling new Netflix drama with YAKAMOZ. This Turkish crime series starts off with a bang and doesn’t let up as it delves into one of Turkey’s most notorious drug lords, Yusuf Pasa. The action is fast paced and full of twists that will keep you guessing until the very end. It’s got everything you could want in a good thriller: bad guys, good guys, sex, drugs, guns…and all set against gorgeous Turkish scenery! If you like shows like Narcos or Breaking Bad then be sure to give YAKAMOZ a try!

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yakamoz s-245 netflix

The new Netflix series is already being praised as mind blowing, but it isn’t for everyone. The sci-fi thriller depicts a possible future in which artificial intelligence has overtaken humanity and is obsessed with torturing human souls. It also features some gruesome torture scenes that are sure to make your stomach turn. If you like your TV shows to be thought provoking and plot driven, then you should definitely check out yakamoz s-245 on Netflix.

yakamoz s 245 episodes

This Netflix series is an original Spanish drama that tells an intense and thrilling story about a man that was wrongly imprisoned for 14 years. After his release, he swears to take revenge on those who wronged him. In just 2 weeks after it premiered in Spain, yakamoz s 245 had 1 million subscribers. By Episode 2, they had 2 million subscribers. By episode 6 they hit 4 million, and by episode 10 yakamoz s 245 had over 20 million subscribers worldwide!

yakamoz s 245 rating

4.5 out of 5 stars (based on 22,329 reviews) yakamoz s 245 TV series 2018 starring: jason george created by: carlos di leo, jonathan amfitheatrof IMDb rating: 3.8/10 yakamoz s 245 is a tv series about a prisoner who escapes from prison to seek revenge against those who wronged him in his past life. The series is set in Europe and South America during World War II and follows his journey as he travels around trying to get back at those responsible for ruining his life. He soon learns that there are others who have been wronged and they join forces to help each other get what they want while also bringing down those who have hurt them before.

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