It’s an interesting journey, says Diane Lane of her role as Annette Shepherd, the former childhood classmate of Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) who returned to Washington in season 6 of House of Cards and immediately began lobbying the First Lady and her husband—President Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey)—for favors to benefit Shepherd Unlimited. We started out with this idea that she was all-powerful and she wasn’t going to be pushed around and the next minute, she was blackmailing someone who had been abusing their power over her. Diane Lane on the Authenticity of Her Character

I think she is so real because she really just acts like herself.

In preparation for her role as Annette Shepherd, co-head and public face of industrial conglomerate Shepherd Unlimited, Diane Lane asked an old college friend to write her a letter that included details about everything from hobbies to style. She also observed how other people in power carried themselves—and what they said when they were standing up in front of a group.

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My favorite thing about her character in this season of House of Cards is that you see how calculated and manipulative she can be.

She’s playing a game, and it shows. She knows what she wants and will stop at nothing to get it. I just love that about her. The show has always been very honest in its portrayal of politics but even more so in its portrayal of Claire Underwood’s character.

Diane Lane on the Authenticity of Her Character
Diane Lane on the Authenticity of Her Character

What does it mean when a woman uses her sexuality to get ahead?

Diane Lane isn’t afraid to admit that Claire Underwood is a power-hungry politician who is willing to use her sexuality in order to get ahead in Washington, D.C., but she says that doesn’t mean she thinks what Claire does is OK. I want it to be real.

She goes after what she wants.

Diane Lane is best known for playing everyday women pushed to their limits, in films such as ‘Unfaithful’ and ‘A Perfect Murder.’ With her newest project, ‘House of Cards,’ premiering its sixth season Friday (March 4), Yahoo spoke with Lane about playing Annette Shepherd, a ruthless businesswoman who aims to dismantle Claire Underwood’s presidency.

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