A Minion movie was always inevitable, since the little yellow creatures have become one of the most marketable entities to come out of popular culture in recent years. However, while they were relatively harmless and cute when they first appeared in Despicable Me , they’ve evolved into something far more sinister in their own movie, Minions: The Rise of Gru . Julie Andrews takes on the role of Gru’s mother, Marlena Gru, who steals the show with her delightfully wicked personality and villainous ways. Marlena Gru Steals the Show in Minions: The Rise of Gru

Gru’s Mom Is Back

With a Bad Rap and an Army of Good Reasons Julie Andrews is back as Marlena, Gru’s mom, and she’s not playing second fiddle to anyone. In fact, when Gru (Steve Carell) asks her if she can be his sidekick again, his mother isn’t having it. Her last attempt at being a good guy didn’t work out so well, and now that she knows he’s up to no good with those little yellow henchmen—hired on to him by Dru (Jason Segel)—she plans on standing her ground… even if it means banishing him from their home for good. Spoiler alert: It does mean that. Well, technically he has until midnight, but you get the point. When asked what will happen if he comes back before then, she says: It depends how much I’ve had to drink. She might just be joking about that last part but we’re not taking any chances.

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Meet Marlena Gru

While the minions made their big-screen debut with Steve Carell in Despicable Me, they really steal their scenes from Gru’s mother. Marlena Gru is set to take over as one of 2015’s most memorable movie characters and it seems Julie Andrews as Marlena has her co-stars on edge. In a recent interview, Sandra Bullock called Andrews’ portrayal unreal and said that she was totally intimidated.

If you see Minions: The Rise of Gru you’ll understand why Bullock felt that way—and if you haven’t seen it yet, maybe steer clear until you do. You might want to avoid spoilers while trying to recover from having such an incredible character come out of nowhere.

Who Is Julie Andrews

Gru’s mother, Marlena Gru, is voiced by Julie Andrews. The legendary actress and singer has starred in everything from Mary Poppins to The Sound of Music, as well as many Broadway hits. She’s also no stranger to animated movies, having lent her voice to Disney classics like Pocahontas and The Princess Diaries. For her work on Minions, Andrews is nominated for an Oscar at next year’s Academy Awards. In addition to voicing Gru’s mom, she will co-star alongside Sandra Bullock, Jon Hamm and Michael Keaton in 2015 film The Guilt Trip.

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Julie Andrews Play Role as Marlena Gru

I’m Not a Man! I’m Gru’s Mother!: Julie Andrews as Marlena Gru, Gru’s mother; I think we’re gonna see a lot more about what made Gru become who he is and what made him want to steal all that stuff from the museum in particular, producer Chris Meledandri said. Because it wasn’t just a random choice. It was really something that had affected him deeply. And I think part of what’s going on in this movie is that he starts to question some of his motivations. Is stealing from these people actually satisfying me? Does it make me happy? And there are moments where he has a sense of happiness outside of his criminal life for the first time.

What Makes Gru’s Mom So Funny?

Julie Andrews has played mother roles before. In fact, one of her first big movie roles was in Mary Poppins, but Gru’s mom was a step up from her usual performances. Gru’s mother, Marlena Gru (Julie Andrews), is quite honestly an adorable granny and she steals every scene she is in. She definitely seems to be as evil as Gru but with a much more pleasant demeanor. With that being said, if I ever see my own grandmother walking down city streets during a bank heist dressed like Mrs. Gru, I’m calling my uncle right away!

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How does she compare to other Evil Mom characters?

Gru’s mom, Marlena Gru, played by Julie Andrews, is one of many memorable villains in the Despicable Me franchise. Her character represents a contrast to those played by Sandra Bullock (Miss Hattie) and Miranda Cosgrove (Charlotte). Marlena can be described as villainous yet charming; she possesses personality traits that make her endearing. It’s not surprising that she steals scenes away from other hilarious characters because it is difficult to resist her charm even while watching despicable acts unfold. She’s mischievous and unpredictable with flashes of brilliance and wit; these characteristics set her apart from other Evil Mom characters and are hallmarks for what makes her so good at what she does—or rather, what makes her so evil at it.

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