On Manifest, Michaela Stone, played by Melissa Roxburgh, has found her way back home from Flight 828 thanks to some help from Officer Liam Cole, played by Josh Dallas. But the family still isn’t sure whether or not to trust Ben Stone and what he’s telling them about their missing year of time as they attempt to move on with their lives. Here’s what we know about Ben so far on Manifest. Manifest: Josh Dallas as Ben Stone – A New passenger on Flight 828

Quick Overview

Josh Dallas stars in NBC’s Manifest, a new sci-fi thriller about a flight from NYC to Florida that disappears for five years, only to return in seconds with everyone looking exactly like they did when they boarded. Josh is one of the series’ main characters, Ben Stone, a college associate professor in mathematics and Michaela’s brother. He was a passenger on Flight 828 and is shocked by how everything has changed. His sister believes he is an imposter while some believe he is an angel sent to help save people. In fact, his major plotline revolves around his uncertainty over whether or not he should help passengers who want answers about their future (and past) lives.

Who Is josh dallas

Josh Dallas is an American actor, best known for his starring role as Prince Charming/David in Once Upon a Time and his role in Fifty Shades Freed.

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He was also in Valentine’s Day, alongside his wife Ginnifer Goodwin. In 2015, he portrayed a lawyer named Kevin Volchok on The CW show Reign, who was actually Alexander Kirk; and played Gaston in NBC’s live production of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. On April 1, 2017, it was announced that he had been cast to play John Young in ABC’s television series Ten Days in the Valley, which premiered in September 2017.

Josh Dallas as Ben Stone

Josh Dallas was one of my favorite passengers from flight 828, but I don’t think that his character was fully developed in Manifest. As a mathematical genius, Ben’s IQ is off-the-charts; however, he lives a very low key life for someone with such exceptional ability. It didn’t make sense to me that he would only teach at a local college and drive an old vehicle around campus. He should be publishing papers and receiving lucrative job offers from prominent universities across the country. Also, it seems like there would be less of a chance for him to leave his wife if he had more going on personally; perhaps they could have even met while they were both attending Harvard or MIT?

What makes the story great?

Manifest may or may not have convinced me that aliens exist. The show, however, has made a believer out of me when it comes to Officer Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh). Michaela is Ben’s younger sister who, while investigating his disappearance, also happens to catch flight 828 when it mysteriously reappears. At first she seems like an open-minded skeptic with an unflappable nature and borderline annoying determination to get at what happened on that plane. However, in episode 3 Looking for Answers she changes everything.

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Questions We Have After Watching The First Episode

The new Passengers! One of them is….Ben Stone? What will happen to Michaela and Ben? Will he be helpful or will he be a threat to his sister, Michaela’s, life? Stay tuned to find out who Ben really is and what could happen in Season 2. #Manifest #JoshDallas #NewPassengerOnFlight828#WhoIsBenStone#WhatCouldHappenInSeason2#Michaelayouhavemysupport!

Opening Theme Song & Preview For Next Week’s Episode

When Montego Air Flight 828 landed safely after a turbulent but routine flight, the crew and passengers were relieved. Yet in the span of those few hours, the world had aged five years and their friends, families and colleagues, after mourning their loss, had given up hope and moved on. Now, faced with an impossible mix of time lines and lost opportunities, they’re all given a second chance. But as their new realities become clear, a deeper mystery unfolds and some of the returned passengers soon realize they may be meant for something greater than they ever thought possible. With more than 60 million fans across social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to date (and almost 5 million YouTube subscribers), Quantico has been ABC’s most engaging series since its debut in 2015.

josh dallas wife

In Safe Landing, Ben mentions that he has a wife, but she is never seen. In Manifest season 1 episode 4, it’s shown that his wife (portrayed by Jennifer Finnigan) and son were killed in a car accident. In season 2 episode 10 it’s revealed that he had been dating Isabella (portrayed by Jane Lynch) for two years after being widowed. They eventually broke up due to their differences of opinions regarding Michaela, who they both love dearly.

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josh dallas net worth

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josh dallas young

Movie star Josh Dallas has been appearing in movies and TV shows since 2005. His breakout role was in ABC’s Once Upon a Time, where he plays Prince Charming. At age 27, he married his co-star Ginnifer Goodwin. Now 34, he is expecting his first child with her. One night when working late at school, he sees a bright blue light out of his window and investigates. He ends up being sucked into one of three doors that appear to have opened at random locations around town (the other two are in Illinois and Puerto Rico). These portals, called events by those who travel through them, are random occurrences throughout history; they were originally considered an urban legend until they were proven real.

josh dallas children

In 2004, he was cast in his first feature film role, playing Tyler in The Girl Next Door. His performance was well received by critics; critic Roger Ebert praised him and stated that Dallas had a charming Southern accent while Manohla Dargis of The New York Times said he was  disarmingly winning. In 2005, Dallas appeared in four film roles—two in short films and two others in major motion pictures. The short films included Doin’ Time and Distance, which were shown at several festivals across America before being released online.

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