Lucas Sinclair (portrayed by Caleb McLaughlin) was one of the most memorable supporting characters in Netflix’s hit series Stranger Things. He was one of Will’s friends and was portrayed as someone very down-to-earth and kind. Although Lucas does not have the same abilities as Eleven, he is still very important to the plot and the development of Eleven’s character. Here are some character traits about Lucas Sinclair from Stranger Things . Lucas Sinclair: A Stranger Things Character Profile

Early Life

Caleb McLaughlin was born on July 18, 2001 in Harlem, New York. He is an actor known for his roles as Lucas Sinclair in Stranger Things (2016) and Raymond Brown in Captain Fantastic (2016). He has also done voice acting work on a number of animated films such as The Boxtrolls (2014), Storks (2016), and Sherlock Gnomes (2018). McLaughlin began pursuing an acting career at an early age. He was scouted to join Kids II by casting director Carmen Cuba, which led to him doing several commercials while living in California. At age ten, he returned to New York and landed a lead role in The Journey of Allen Strange, a short film by Ahmet Zappa which screened at Sundance that same year.

Lucas Sinclair: A Stranger Things Character Profile
Lucas Sinclair: A Stranger Things Character Profile

Personality Traits

According to a Variety interview with Caleb McLaughlin, Lucas is a character-driven person. He’s very serious about his job and he always wants to get things done. Sometimes he thinks about his actions before he does them. He’s always thinking in three or four moves ahead. In a separate interview, McLaughlin also told Collider that Lucas doesn’t get emotional easily, and has somewhat of an authoritative attitude. Not only that, but he often forgets things—like Eleven at school in episode two!

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Physical Appearance

Caleb McLaughlin is only thirteen years old but he is already almost six feet tall. He has short, brown hair and glasses. When you first see him, he wears an orange shirt with a blue jacket and some khaki pants. He seems like a normal kid, but Will’s friends are keeping their eyes on Eleven while they try to find Will. Lucas and Dustin help Chief Hopper look for Will when he disappears, but everyone else tries to be normal so that no one will suspect anything strange is going on in Hawkins. In reality, no one in town ever suspects that aliens have landed there until it’s too late!

Relationships with Other Characters

Besides being one of Will’s friends, Lucas has very few other relationships that are significant in terms of plot. He seems to have a good relationship with his family, though it’s unclear whether or not he is close with them since we rarely see him at home. It does seem like he is friends with Max and probably spends a lot of time over at her house, as well. Otherwise, Lucas simply goes about life and enjoys it fully—much like a young man should. His greatest struggle is accepting his love for Max by actually becoming brave enough to ask her out on a date! For now at least… #MaxLucasForever! 😉

Lucas Sinclair: A Stranger Things Character Profile
Lucas Sinclair: A Stranger Things Character Profile

Who is Lucas Sinclair’s best friend?

Lucas Sinclair’s best friend is Will Byers. The two boys meet when Lucas and his family move to Hawkins, Indiana. This makes Lucas a member of The Byers Gang that also includes Mike Wheeler, Dustin Henderson, and Will Byers. They are all united by their love of Dungeons & Dragons, bad 80s movies, and arcades in downtown Hawkins. The boys may live on different sides of town but they manage to get together whenever their parents allow it. Most notably at Halloween in 1984 when The Byers Gang dressed up as characters from The Thing. It is at one of these gatherings that Will first encounters Eleven before she is revealed to be an escaped experiment from Hawkins Lab.

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Was Caleb McLaughlin in what would you do?

Actor Caleb McLaughlin portrays Lucas Sinclair in Stranger Things . Prior to joining Stranger Things , Caleb McLaughlin was cast in a recurring role on ABC’s The Goldbergs as Adam. He has appeared in episodes of NCIS and Comedy Central’s Detroiters. Caleb McLaughlin is also credited as one of Will’s friends, where he plays as Lucas Sinclair. He is considered to be a popular actor for his memorable roles in both television and film. In addition to appearing in Season Two of Netflix’s Original Series Stranger Things, McLaughlin can be seen alongside Adam Sandler and Chris Rock in Netflix’s first ever original film The Week Of premiering May 5th 2018.

What episode on Law and Order SVU is Caleb McLaughlin in?

Season 17 Episode 6, Undercover Blue (2 Oct. 2013) as Sean Flanagan . He is a 15-year-old boy who fires a gun during an Occupy Wall Street protest, and later shoots and kills his boss after he was fired from his job for a racist comment to one of his co-workers. As such, he is arrested for murder and tried as an adult even though he was under 18 at the time of both shootings.

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Who is playing Lucas in Stranger Things Season 4?

Since 2014, Caleb McLaughlin has played Lucas in all three seasons of Netflix’s hit show. His character is one of several friends of Eleven. While on a mission to find Will, they encounter a girl with strange powers – but only Lucas is able to see her. He later befriends Eleven and helps her adjust to life in Hawkins after being rescued from MKUltra experiments by his group of friends (Mike, Dustin, and Will).

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