Doctor Who has undergone many changes over the years, but nothing may be as radical as the newest regeneration. Doctor Who will finally have its first female incarnation this fall in Yasmin Khan, played by actor Mandip Gill (The Good Karma Hospital). Yasmin Khan will make her debut in the 2022 Doctor Who specials before taking over as the 13th Doctor full-time in Season 27. So who exactly is Yasmin Khan, and why is she being asked to fill one of TV’s most prestigious roles? Here’s everything you need to know about the new face of Doctor Who! Introducing Yasmin Khan: The New Face of Doctor Who

About  Mandip Gill

Mandip Gill stars as Yasmin Khan in the Doctor Who 2022 specials. Besides her acting, Mandip is also a singer and dancer and has collaborated with Alesha Dixon and BBC Asian Network DJ Nihal. On top of all that, she also is a powerful voice for mental health with an international platform due to her work on Doctor Who. As an ambassador for Heads Together she helped them raise awareness about mental health in schools by visiting 120 schools in one year.

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About Her Role As Yasmin Khan

The BBC have just announced the newest actor to take on the iconic role, Mandip Gill as Yasmin Khan. Dr. Gill is no stranger to the screen, having been in shows such as EastEnders and Hollyoaks before landing this highly coveted part. With a string of TV appearances under her belt and Doctor Who’s recent history of being lead by young women (Karen Gillan, Jodie Whittaker), there is a lot riding on Dr. Gill’s performance when she takes over from Jodie Whittaker later this year in Doctor Who 2022 specials and beyond!

Introducing Yasmin Khan: The New Face of Doctor Who
Introducing Yasmin Khan: The New Face of Doctor Who

What Is Doctor Who?

Doctor Who is a British science fiction television series created by Sydney Newman and Donald Wilson. The Doctor is a Time Lord who travels through time and space in their TARDIS, which looks like an old English police box. In the show, they explore different time periods while solving problems they come across. It was originally intended to be educational for children with moral messages layered on top.

This Season’s Guest Stars

Our next Doctor is going to be played by a woman and we’re thrilled! Jodie Whittaker will play the Doctor and with her, she’s taking on the irreverent mischief that has been synonymous with the show for years. Joining her are Mandip Gill as Yasmin Khan and Bradley Walsh as Graham O’Brien – but what else do you need to know about these three new faces?

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Our Main Character

Mandip Gill as Yasmin Khan, a newly minted nurse, seems to have an agenda in Doctor Who (2022 specials). While she was introduced as the new sidekick for Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor at the end of Doctor Who (2022) Part One, viewers will be getting more on her character in later episodes.

And Our Main Villain

Doctor Who (2022 specials) fans were first introduced to the new female incarnation of the Doctor, Yasmin Khan in 2016. Played by Mandip Gill, we saw her defeat the Monks and bring peace back to her home planet – Mondas. It was assumed that she was gone for good when the Doctor said goodbye at their parting in An Earthly Child but we have a special peek into her life and more time travelling adventures with Danny Pink.

Introducing Yasmin Khan: The New Face of Doctor Who
Introducing Yasmin Khan: The New Face of Doctor Who

A Lineup of Guest Stars You Can Expect to See in These Specials

Doctor Who fans, prepare to meet your new favorite character! Yaz will join the cast for the show’s 2022 specials and take over as the lead for 2020. Yes, it is still a little hard to say goodbye to Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor, but we cannot wait to see how Yaz tackles her first adventure.

Top 5 Things We Know So Far About The Next Series Of Specials

1. Mandip Gill has been cast as Yasmin Khan, a woman who can’t remember her own past and travels with the Twelfth Doctor in pursuit of answers about herself.

2. We’re looking forward to seeing how her journey will link with Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor when she regenerates in the 2020 Christmas Special.

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3. What we do know is that Yasmin shares some similarities with Kate Stewart (played by Caitlin Blackwood) – they both have genius-level intellects, big hearts and are unafraid to take risks.

4. She also loves snuggles, bubble baths and recklessly jumping out of spaceships!

5. Yasmin is set to make her debut on December 24th in an episode called The Woman Who Fell To Earth – tune in for more info soon!

Introducing Yasmin Khan: The New Face of Doctor Who

Frequently asked questions

How old is Mandeep Gill?

Mandip Gill was born on 16 March 1987 in Coventry, West Midlands, England. She is the daughter of an Indian-born Sikh family who came to the UK in 1968. Mandeep has been playing her current role as Yasmin Khan since 2020 and first appeared in The Woman Who Fell To Earth.

Who is Indian actress on Doctor Who?

Fans of the BBC sci-fi series were surprised when it was announced that English actress Mandip Gill had been cast in a recurring role as Yasmin Khan, the new companion to Peter Capaldi’s 13th incarnation of the iconic character. Since then, social media has been abuzz with mixed reactions from fans both excited and displeased with this change to canon.

Introducing Yasmin Khan: The New Face of Doctor Who

What is mandip Gill in?

Mandip Gill is a British actress and writer. She is best known for her portrayal of Yasmin Khan in the 2016-2020 season 20 specials, alongside Jodie Whittaker. Mandip has also appeared in EastEnders and Downton Abbey.

Who plays Yasmin in Doctor Who?

The newest and most diverse companion to take on the TARDIS will be Yasmin Khan (played by Mandip Gill), a British-Muslim solicitor from Leeds. As well as being the first companion to wear a hijab, she’ll be the first mixed-race Time Lady in Dr. Who history. Despite her usual warmth and wit, in her debut episode ‘The Woman Who Fell To Earth’ we see how quickly she can turn anger into power.

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