Smite players, start your engines and prepare to take on the world, because today, Hi-Rez Studios officially released the newest Smite god, Maui. For those unfamiliar with Maui, he’s a powerful warrior who uses his signature fish hook to do major damage to his enemies as well as utilize some awesome defensive abilities. He’s sure to provide hours of fun and challenge in the world of Smite, so go ahead and try him out! And be sure to check out the rest of our Smite coverage while you’re here! Introducing Maui, the Smite God Inspired by Legendary Polynesian Mythology

Get to Know Maui, the Smite God Inspired by Legendary Polynesian Mythology

To celebrate the upcoming launch of our newest god, Maui, we thought we’d take some time to tell you everything you want to know about him and his inspirations. We dove deep into Polynesian mythology and found that there were more stories about Maui than we could even count — we ended up focusing on just one, but it was hard to choose! We hope this article on Maui will be useful for both new and experienced players, so you can learn a little bit about where he came from and what makes him unique.

who is Maui?

Maui is a smite god inspired by legendary Polynesian mythology. He is known for being one of the most famous demigods from this region and was born from his father Ranginui and his mother Papatuanuku. His parents were both gods; he was not able to be born without their union. He has two siblings: older brother Tane and younger sister Hina. One day, Maui became very frustrated with humans because they were so ungrateful for all the gifts that their parents would give them. So, he decided that if it was up to him, he would make sure they had nothing because they never appreciated anything they had been given in the first place.

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what are his abilities?

Maui has many legendary abilities that are based off of his myths and legends. He is a melee warrior who can travel through the jungle with ease, making him an ideal jungler for new players. His first ability is called Mana Tiki, which is a smiting attack that can be used on enemy gods or minions. His second ability is called Tapa Tapa, which heals himself and allies in range while also applying a debuff to enemies in range that slows their movement speed. His third ability is called Fish Hook, where he throws out his fishhook at an enemy god or minion and pulls them towards him. This ability also applies a slow effect on enemies hit.

what is his playstyle?

Maui is a melee warrior. He has abilities that allow him to deal damage over time, heal himself and others, and provide protection for his allies. His passive ability allows him to reduce cooldowns on his abilities when he damages enemy gods. His first ability is called Mana Tide which heals himself or an ally over time as well as slowing nearby enemies when it ends. His second ability is called ʻIke Moa which causes damage while also protecting Maui from attacks with its shield. His third ability is called Fish Hook which causes damage and stuns enemies in a line in front of him. Finally, his ultimate skill allows him to use all of these skills at once for increased effectiveness!

how can you counter him?

Maui is an excellent counter-jungler who excels at clearing camps and disrupting jungle pressure. His ultimate, Pulverize, can be used to interrupt abilities from a long range which makes him difficult for enemy gods to escape from. He’s also very mobile in the jungle thanks to his passive and a low cooldown on his dash ability. However, he’s weak when fighting 1v1 against most other junglers because of how easily he can be kited. His lack of hard crowd control effects also make it difficult for him to peel enemies off allies or secure kills on enemies who are fleeing.

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The Backstory

Maui is an ancient demigod from Hawaiian mythology. He was a hero who accomplished great deeds and had many adventures. His most famous feat is his fishing up the North Island of New Zealand from the sea. The island became known as Aotearoa or Land of the Long White Cloud because of Maui’s feat. In honor of this legend, Hi-Rez Studios has created a new god in their MOBA game Smite named after Maui.

His Skill Set

Maui is a Guardian who excels in combat against other gods. His primary weapon is his legendary fishhook, which he can use to pull enemies closer and then stun them with his enchanted club. He also has an ability called Tsunami that channels the power of the ocean to summon forth a tidal wave of water. This wave damages all enemies in its path and slows them down significantly. The last skill on his list is Bolster Allies, which enhances the strength and speed of allies while weakening opponents within a certain radius.

Maui’s Ability Set: There are two abilities that make him different from most guardians; one being Fade Away. It allows him to either take cover or regenerate health for up to 5 seconds if he takes damage during those 5 seconds or just get out of harm’s way if needed. The other unique ability is Overwhelm.

Introducing Maui, the Smite God Inspired by Legendary Polynesian Mythology

Pro Tips

-Maui’s Passive: Mana Mojo: Every time Maui hits an enemy god with a basic attack or ability, he gains mana. This effect can stack up to 10 times and lasts for 10 seconds. -Maui’s 1st Ability: Tiki Totem: After a brief delay, Maui summons a Tiki totem that creates a shield that blocks all damage and healing from enemies inside it. The totem will detonate after 5 seconds if not destroyed by enemies.

How To Play Him

Maui is a warrior who uses his fish hook to slow enemies and deal magical damage. The fish hook can also be used to pull enemies closer or away from Maui depending on what he needs in that moment. He has incredible crowd control abilities and excels at disrupting enemy lines. In addition to his abilities as a warrior, he has an ability called Mana Tide which restores mana for every wave that hits him. His ultimate ability, Riptide Rush causes Maui to charge forward with unstoppable force dealing tons of damage to everyone caught in his path while applying strong slows.

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Maui’s Ultimate Ability will trigger invulnerability frames during the charging animation before releasing devastating knockback effects. His last passive is called Tidal Surge, which allows him to instantly heal himself when hit by CC effects like stuns or slows.

Quick Guide

Maui is a new addition to the game of Smite. Though he has only been in the game for a little over a month, he’s already garnered a lot of attention. His main attack weapon is his fish hook, and his passive ability allows him to return mana when he hits enemies with it. His special ability causes him to leap high into the air and slam back down again, causing damage in an area around where he lands. One of his passive skills causes all enemies hit by his fish hook to also be slowed while they’re hooked on it. Other than that, he doesn’t have many crowd control abilities. His ultimate skill makes it so that every time he hits an enemy with his fishhook, they take additional magic damage and are stunned for 1s (even if the enemy was not being hit by his hook).


-Smite’s newest god is Maui.

-He has a legendary fish hook with which he can pull islands from beneath the ocean and can call on sharks to attack his foes.

Introducing Maui, the Smite God Inspired by Legendary Polynesian Mythology
Introducing Maui, the Smite God Inspired by Legendary Polynesian Mythology

-Maui’s skin color is deep blue with a green tattoo on his chest that forms an octopus shape around his navel.

-His voice actor is Jason Marnocha. -He also has an ukulele with which he can put enemies to sleep and sing songs of protection for his allies.

-Although Maui was first introduced in 2006, it took nine years for him to be made into a playable character in Smite.

-It will take time before we see how well players adapt to this new addition of the game but those who are interested in playing as Maui should download him now because he will be available only until June 27th!

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