Intel announced its newest line of vPRO processors, the 12th Gen Core vPRO processors, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week. Intel’s latest processor line will allow users to create, edit and share their content even faster than before. It’s no secret that Intel has been the go-to processor company for over 20 years now, and this new generation will show that they aren’t slowing down anytime soon. Intel’s newest chip to power workstations

Newest Features Of The New Chips
With new features, comes a higher price. But with Intel’s new line of chips aimed at professionals, you get what you pay for. With more computing power per square centimeter than any processor in its class, Intel’s 12th Gen Core vPRO processors promise great performance while keeping your wallet fat and happy. And they aren’t just fast in a vacuum; their speed is boosted by new innovations that allow them to switch between multiple applications without reloading or restarting each time.

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What Professionals Use Workstations For
Workstations can be used for any number of professional tasks, from creating virtual reality (VR) content for architecture firms and video game development studios to performing complex calculations for aerospace engineers and researchers at large pharmaceutical companies. Workstation specifications will vary depending on what a given person needs it for, but there are a few things that all users need in order to perform well: It needs fast memory (and lots of it), robust storage capabilities, plenty of connectivity options like USB ports and an Ethernet port, and a powerful processor.

Workstation Class Features That Are Standard
Workstation-class features like Intel vPro technology and full system virtualization are now standard on Intel Core vPRO processors, allowing businesses to deploy systems that can manage all their devices from a single platform. Businesses can leverage these new capabilities with no additional hardware investment, while maintaining existing PC infrastructure.

A Quick Look At Some Workstations That Feature This Chip
Dell Precision 5520, HP Z4, and Lenovo ThinkStation P520. All of these devices have high-end CPUs and graphics options that push them into a professional space. They also feature vPro technology, which helps them control multiple peripherals at once—especially helpful in shops with a number of different workers and machines. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking for an upgrade, check out some of these workstations from Intel.

Intel's newest chip to power workstations
Intel’s newest chip to power workstations

How Much Do These Processors Cost?
Though Intel hasn’t revealed pricing for these new chips, it has said that its 12th Gen vPRO chips start at $242 and go up from there. You can expect them to be quite a bit more expensive than last year’s models, which cost $213 per unit.

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Benefits Of A Workstation
Professional users that demand maximum performance need a system with a powerful processor and one or more high-performance graphics cards. A proper workstation also needs professional-grade chipsets, ECC memory, and plenty of ports. Most of these come at a price premium over consumer hardware.

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