Are you looking to set up dual monitors but don’t have the money to buy a graphics card? You can still connect two monitors to your computer without needing any additional hardware, and it will take just under an hour from start to finish. While this method won’t be quite as fast or effective as using a GPU, it’s an excellent way to add two extra monitors to your PC if you don’t have any available slots on your motherboard and can’t afford to buy a new one. How to Connect Two Monitors Without a Graphics Card

Why Do I Need To Connect Two Monitors?

Having multiple monitors is great because you can have all your documents in one monitor and use the other for word processing or browsing the internet. This means less space on your desk and less need for scrolling up and down. It’s easy to set up, too! There are two common ways to connect multiple monitors: using an HDMI cable or using an adapter. If you want two of the same kind of monitors it will be easier to just use the HDMI connection as then both computers will have the same resolutions and sizes.

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What Type of Connection Should I Use?

How to Connect Two Monitors Without a Graphics Card
How to Connect Two Monitors Without a Graphics Card

The simplest way to connect two monitors is by using an HDMI cable. This will allow you to stream video content from one monitor onto the other, and it’s compatible with pretty much every operating system. The second option is DisplayPort, which can be used for most newer monitors that have been released in the last decade or so.

How Can I Use Both Monitors with my Computer?

You can use two monitors with your computer by plugging in one monitor on the back of your computer, which you should be able to find an output like HDMI or DVI or VGA, and the other monitor into the wall with an HDMI cord. When you do this, it will mirror the screen on both monitors. If you have a separate graphics card and both of these monitors have their own input available, then all you need is an extra long DVI or VGA cable.

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Which Brand of Monitor should I Buy?

You want a monitor that’s clear, easy to read, reliable, and easy on the eyes. Makers like Samsung, ASUS, and Dell are reputable brands in this field and all make quality displays for reasonable prices. As you shop around, there will be more than one display model from each brand with different specs to choose from. For example, I have an ASUS gaming monitor with 1920×1080 resolution and 144Hz refresh rate with excellent contrast ratio of 1:3000 which is awesome when playing games at night time or watching movies.

How to Connect Two Monitors Without a Graphics Card
How to Connect Two Monitors Without a Graphics Card

Will the PC Work Properly If I Have Multiple Monitors?

Do not forget that two graphics cards are required for more than one monitor. If your computer does not have a card, you’ll need an adapter that connects with the cable from the video output of one monitor and the input from the video output of another monitor. To take advantage of all the monitors capabilities, make sure to set it up so that each screen is showing different information. Otherwise, you can see just one screen at a time by setting both screens as mirror images or duplicates.

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