You may be wondering if your tagged Facebook photos will still be saved when you delete your Facebook account and the answer is yes, but only if you back them up to an iOS Photos album first. If you didn’t know that already, here’s how to do it. Start by opening Facebook on your iOS device and tapping More in the bottom right corner. Scroll down until you see Settings and Privacy, then tap on that to see the Account Settings screen. How to back up your tagged Facebook photos to your iOS device

Download the Facebook app from App Store

Before you can save any of your tagged photos, you’ll have to download and install Facebook’s official app from Apple’s App Store. The process is simple enough; just search for it by name or scan in its unique QR code. Once installed, open up a photo inside of Facebook and tap on that familiar-looking square icon at the bottom right corner of your screen. On first use, you might be asked for permission to access specific items on your iPhone — so make sure that you don’t miss a step!

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Go to Settings

Tap on your name in the upper-left corner of your screen. This will take you to a screen with three options (see figure 2). Tap on Privacy Settings. If you’re logged into more than one account, tap View All… and select which one you want to view. Once there, tap on Download a copy… Downloading a backup is useful if something happens with Facebook and you lose access to all of those photos! When you go to download your backup, it’s important that you know where it will be saved. You can choose between iCloud or iTunes. You may not see an option for iCloud if you don’t have enough storage available—it depends on how many photos are being backed up as well as how much other content is stored there already. It may also take a little while for all of your data to sync to iCloud—so give it some time before freaking out that nothing has happened yet!

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Click Photos

Log into Facebook and click on Photos. Choose a photo you want to tag yourself in, it must be an album that you’re in as well. Click Download from beneath the picture, then choose an iOS device from which you wish to save it. This will automatically create an album with all of your tagged photos. You can also download them individually by clicking on each one and choosing Download Original at the bottom of the pop-up window.

Click Upload New Photos (while connected to Wi-Fi).

To get started, open Facebook in Safari on your iPhone or iPad, and click Upload New Photos. Once you’ve done that, head over to Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup and toggle off Back Up to iCloud. Doing so will force all of your new photo uploads from here on out to be saved directly onto your local device. This is a good thing! While logged into Facebook on your iOS device, tap at the top right corner of any photo that has been uploaded to your account. This should bring up a menu containing three options: Share/Send (which is likely already selected), Tag Photo/People and Add Caption. Select Add Caption by tapping it.

How to back up your tagged Facebook photos to your iOS device
How to back up your tagged Facebook photos to your iOS device

Select which albums should be uploaded

On an iPhone or iPad, in Photos app, tap an album that has photos from Facebook. Then tap > Import. If you want some albums but not others, tap Selected Albums (you can add and remove individual albums). To upload all your other albums too, tap All Albums. Your imported items will appear at the top of My Photo Stream. You can then download them by tapping Download All. Once you’ve downloaded a photo, it’ll be stored on your device until it is replaced by a new photo—or until it is deleted manually.

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Hit Save. Your photos are now backing up as you take them.

The first time you do anything on a new iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you’ll be prompted to set it up and get started. Don’t let it throw you: You don’t have to set everything right now, as long as you have a backup plan for your photos. That’s where Apple Photos comes in. This app is pre-installed on every single Apple device that has ever been released—so there’s no excuse not to use it! It makes it easy to back up all of your photos without having to think about it; just make sure they’re backed up automatically with iCloud Photo Library.

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