If you use WhatsApp regularly, then you may have been flooded with cashback offers ever since the feature was launched in India. While some of them might be good and worth your while, others can prove to be quite scammy in nature, so it’s best to know what exactly you’re getting into when you sign up. In this guide on how to get up to Rs 8 cashback when you send money via WhatsApp Pay, we will help you gain an understanding of the platform, how it works, and what you should watch out for when using it. How to get up to Rs 8 cashback when you send money via WhatsApp Pay

What is WhatsApp pay?

WhatsApp is a mobile messaging app which is hugely popular and widely used in India. Recently, WhatsApp launched its digital payment service for businesses as well as consumers. Using WhatsApp pay, a user can now shop or pay bills on merchant platforms without having to share their credit/debit card details with them. The payments are done by using your bank account and all that you need is an UPI enabled bank account linked with your phone number.

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Why use it?

If you are an existing user of WhatsApp, it is extremely easy and convenient to send/receive money without having to ask for a credit card number. Just install your bank’s app on your smartphone and enter your debit/credit card details (without sharing them with anyone, obviously) and start using it by simply sending some amount using their UPI-enabled payment option. That’s all. You don’t even need an internet connection!

How to get up to Rs 8 cashback when you send money via WhatsApp Pay
How to get up to Rs 8 cashback when you send money via WhatsApp Pay

Where to Use it?

In your blogs, articles or ebooks that talk about how paytm has partnered with WhatsApp and how customers can easily transact using whatsapp. You can use images related to these mobile apps. To avail cashback on WhatsApp payments of Rs 50 and above, all you need to do is link your bank account number to Paytm wallet first. Here’s how:

Go to m-payments>Pay Via UPI/Payment System>UPI> Link a Bank Account option in Paytm App

Enter details like Name, Account Number, IFSC Code etc. Enter OTP (One Time Password) sent by your bank.

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That’s it! Now whenever you make a payment of Rs 50 or more through UPI/Payment System >WhatsApp Payments >Transfer To Bank >Send Money option in WhatsApp app, you will be eligible for instant Cashback!

What Can I Send Money To?

In India, you can only send money to people who have a bank account with a bank that supports WhatsApp Pay. You cannot send money to someone using a prepaid wallet like Mobikwik or Freecharge or any other service. Also, sending money within your own bank is faster than sending between banks.

How Does It Work?

As a WhatsApp user, if you want to transfer or receive money from another user, all you need is their phone number and an internet connection. You can then use your mobile data to make a transaction using your bank account. It’s safe and fast! The best part? You’ll also get 0% on service charges while transferring.

What are the Charges?

There are no transaction charges for using a debit card on WhatsApp. You might incur a 2.7% fee while using your credit card, depending on your bank’s policy and whether you’re transacting online or at an ATM. The good news is that there are no service charges or annual fees associated with WhatsApp Pay, which means it will cost as much (or as little) as your existing bank account to use it.

How to get up to Rs 8 cashback when you send money via WhatsApp Pay
How to get up to Rs 8 cashback when you send money via WhatsApp Pay

If I’m New, What Do I Need To Know?

To start sending and receiving money through WhatsApp, here’s what you need to know: Make sure your bank account is linked with a UPI-enabled mobile number. Then, head to Contact (in-app) -> WhatsApp Payments -> Pay or Send Money. If someone sends you some coin, it’ll land in your digital wallet.

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FAQs on sending and receiving money on WhatsApp Pay

* I cannot receive money on my bank account, how do I fix it? * After sending money from my phone, it says payment failed. What should I do? * Can I use WhatsApp Pay if my friends don’t have it? * Do more than one friend in a group have to have WhatsApp Pay for payments to work in that group? * How can I know if someone has used WhatsApp Pay with me before or not?

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