Google Page Experience has just announced their newest update to their search algorithm, and it’s going to change the way websites are ranked! This new update will give more weight to sites that load quickly, so it’s important that you start taking action now if you want your website to stay up in Google’s search results. Find out what changes are coming and how you can prepare by reading this helpful guide! Google Update! What’s Changing?

What does the change mean for brands and publishers?
Google is likely adjusting its algorithms to prioritize content that engages readers, so businesses with high-quality, valuable content will be rewarded. Google may also be increasing the weight of web links from trusted sites in order to combat spam and low-quality links. We’ll have a better sense of what’s changed when Google releases more information about its update—but it’s good practice for businesses to focus on creating engaging, helpful content that keeps readers coming back.

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What does it mean for advertisers, and ad agencies?
As soon as Google announced its announcement on August 21, we all had questions. If you haven’t kept up with industry news over the past week, here’s a recap: Google has made some major changes to its advertising platforms. Here are answers to some of your most pressing questions.

Google Update! What's Changing?
Google Update! What’s Changing?

How do you think your business will be affected by this change?
We do not know a lot about what will change but our goal is to make your experience on google awesome! If you have any questions please call us or email us and we will be happy to help you in anyway possible. Thank you for being a loyal customer, were looking forward to getting things started with you!

As an advertiser, how will you be affected by this change.
In my opinion, Google has finally gotten fed up with web designers and developers who have historically abused their platform. They’re fighting back by targeting ads to mobile users and eliminating ads that take up too much space on a page. If you’re one of these scumbags, I hope your page views plummet because of it.

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