Secretaries don’t usually appear on-screen too often, especially when it comes to prestige shows like The Crown. So, when The Crown introduced one in season 2, Patricia Campbell (played by Gemma Whelan), everyone was pretty excited to see what she had in store. Luckily, the actress was just as good as her character — and everyone couldn’t get enough of her incredible performance. Gemma Whelan Is Brilliant As Patricia Campbell In ‘The Crown’

Let’s learn about Patsy

Patricia Campbell was the Secretary to Lord Altrincham on The Crown (TV series). She was put in charge of typing up the editorial for a newspaper. Patsy typed what she thought Lord Altrincham meant and managed to embarrass him in print when she shared her thoughts with her boss, who laughed hysterically at her.

A woman in the press room

The Crown is a Netflix original, made by the same people that brought you Downton Abbey. The show’s first season focused on the relationship between the Queen and her husband, Philip. The second season has so far followed their children-Prince Charles and Princess Anne-though some of their parents moments have been popping up in flashbacks as well. Regardless, it has been an utterly beautiful and intriguing show to watch all along.

Gemma Whelan Is Brilliant As Patricia Campbell In ‘The Crown’

Patsy’s real value

Patricia Campbell is a character who, to start with, doesn’t seem that necessary to the plot. She’s Lord Altrincham’s secretary in season two, and as viewers learn about her relationship with Sir Anthony Strallan, it becomes clearer that she has an intellectual curiosity and appetite for progressive social change which makes her much more than just a professional secretary. You can see how smart Patsy is when she tells Strallan off when he dares to ask if she wants a career outside of work.

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Be aware of your bias

I am a huge fan of The Crown, but I am probably more excited about Gemma Whelan as Patricia Campbell. Patricia is a secretary to Lord Altrincham, the editor of the fictional paper The Globe. Not only does she type up his editorial, she types out any idea that he can think of and does it better than he can himself. She thinks for him and comes up with ideas for the paper on her own volition.

Loyalty should be rewarded

Patricia is a trusted and hard-working secretary. There’s never been any hint of impropriety from her side but you can tell that Lord Altrincham does not respect her as much as he does the men in the office. The scene where she types up his editorial for him shows how talented Patricia really is and she deserves to be recognized for it more often.

Gemma Whelan Is Brilliant As Patricia Campbell In ‘The Crown’

We are all capable of change!

Patricia and Lord Altrincham both have their own strengths and flaws. The two try to bring the best out of one another. We are all capable of change, especially when we work in a workplace that tries to understand how to maximize our strengths and minimize our weaknesses. Gemma Whelan is brilliant as Patricia Campbell on The Crown (TV series). She gives the character just the right amount of vulnerability and insecurity without ever coming across as weak or without self-respect.

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Final thoughts

Patricia is introduced in The Crown season 2 as the secretary who typed up Lord Altrincham’s editorial, and we only get a few moments with her. However, she resonates with me deeply because she doesn’t want to be stuck at the bottom of the totem pole for the rest of her life. She might not have landed the dream job yet, but that never stopped her from being able to give great life advice and be a strong advocate for equal rights.

Frequently asked questions

Who is Gemma Whelan in the crown?

In the second season of Netflix’s The Crown, we see Gemma Whelan as Patricia Campbell. She is a secretary who works with Lord Altrincham and types up his editorial in the first episode of the second season. Although she only has a few minutes on screen, she portrays her character very well. We also get to know more about her when she interacts with Lord Altrincham and his assistant and becomes friends with them outside of work.

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What else was Gemma Whelan in?

Gemma Whelan is known for her roles in TV shows like Game of Thrones and Girls. But, The Crown cast the British actress in a new role as the secretary to Lord Altrincham, who creates a scandal when he publishes an editorial criticizing the Prime Minister without telling him first.

Gemma Whelan Is Brilliant As Patricia Campbell In ‘The Crown’

Where is Gemma Whelan from?

Gemma was born in Teddington, England on January 10th, 1979 and grew up there with her three siblings. Her mother is Irish, which explains the red hair, freckles and pale skin that have become Gemma’s trademarks.

How old is Gemma Whelan?

Gemma Whelan is thirty-eight years old. Originally born in 1985, she has lived through the fall of the Berlin Wall and the 9/11 attacks.

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