The news that Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, husband to Queen Elizabeth II on Netflix’s hit series The Crown will be played by Finn Elliot, left fans in shock on July 18th, 2017. Although no specific reason was given as to why original actor Matt Smith didn’t return, many suspected it was due to the age difference between Elliot and Claire Foy (the actress who plays Queen Elizabeth II). In contrast to Smith at 36 years old, Elliot is only 23. The Crown Shocker: Finn Elliot Cast as School-Aged Prince Philip

About the show

The Crown is a British drama series, following the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. The show was created by Peter Morgan and has been aired on Netflix since November 4, 2016. The first three seasons follow the young Elizabeth’s reign and the fourth season covers her silver jubilee and beyond.

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The show has been praised for its acting, complex historical narrative, visual splendour, and meticulous production values.

Season two introduced a 10-year-old Prince Philip to the cast, played by Finn Elliot.

About Finn Elliot

Finn Elliot, who played school-aged Prince Philip in seasons 2 and 3 of The Crown, was cast to play the same character in season 4.

The Crown Shocker: Finn Elliot Cast as School-Aged Prince Philip
The Crown Shocker: Finn Elliot Cast as School-Aged Prince Philip

The first two seasons of The Crown explore Queen Elizabeth’s early reign and the second two seasons will explore her later years.

It is unclear how far into the future season 4 will go, but we can expect that it will take place during the 1960s.

How does it feel to play an icon?

Finn Elliot, the 16-year old British actor who played the young King George VI in The King’s Speech, has been cast as the school aged Prince Philip in season 2 of The Crown. He will be playing alongside Claire Foy and Matt Smith.

It is clear that the showrunners were trying to stay true to history by casting a younger actor for this role. Not only does he share the same name, but also has an uncanny resemblance to the prince at his age.

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What did you do with your hair?

said Finn Elliott, the 11-year-old actor who plays the young Prince Philip. I had to watch it a few times to see what he was doing.

He told Entertainment Tonight Canada that his father seemed happy to play such a young version of himself. My dad’s always pretty happy, he said.

Frequently asked questions

How old is Finn Elliot?

Finn Elliot is only ten years old and he has already landed a recurring role on the Emmy award winning Netflix series, The Crown. He will play the role of school-aged Prince Philip, who is the Duke of Edinburgh and husband to Queen Elizabeth II. In season two, he will be seen in flashbacks, while in season three he will appear on screen. I think that it’s exciting to see so much young talent appearing on this show.

What school did Prince Philip go to in the Crown?

Prince Philip went to Gordonstoun School in Scotland, which is a boarding school that was founded in 1934. He excelled at sports and was made the captain of the rugby team. This was also where he met his future wife, Princess Elizabeth (who would later become Queen Elizabeth II).

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Although he didn’t initially want to go to college, he eventually went to Christ Church College at Oxford University for three years. He later attended the Royal Naval College at Dartmouth.

The Crown Shocker: Finn Elliot Cast as School-Aged Prince Philip
The Crown Shocker: Finn Elliot Cast as School-Aged Prince Philip

Who plays young Prince Philip in the Crown?

The Crown is a very well known show, but did you know that the actor who plays young Prince Philip on the show is not who you might think? The actor, who goes by the name Finn Elliot, was born in 1999 and is currently only nineteen years old. In fact, he has played school aged prince Phillip on seasons 2 and 3 of The Crown. He also appeared in the movie The Danish Girl alongside other actors Eddie Redmayne and Alicia Vikander.

What was Prince Philip’s childhood like?

Philip was born on June 10, 1921 to the Duke and Duchess of York (later King George VI and Queen Elizabeth). In the first season of The Crown, we see a handful of scenes depicting his childhood. He spent much time in his nursery with his nanny, Mabel Anderson. When he was four years old, his father took him for a drive in the family’s new car. Together they drove from London to Scotland and back again.

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