Antoine Costa, played by Fares Fares in Westworld, brings an excitement and intensity to the show that many actors do not possess, and he’s been fun to watch as one of Karl Strand’s (played by Gustaf Skarsgård) security officers. If you have not watched season 2 of Westworld yet and don’t want any spoilers, this article will not be helpful; however, if you haven’t seen it and are interested in seeing what kind of actor Fares Fares is, I would highly recommend giving this show a chance. Fares Fares as Antoine Costa – A Welcome Addition to Westworld Season 2

Why does this matter?

Since its debut, Westworld has been one of the most talked about shows on television. The show’s first season was a massive success, and fans are eagerly awaiting the second season. One of the things that makes Westworld so great is its strong cast, and that cast just got a little stronger with the addition of Fares Fares as Antoine Costa. It looks like he’ll be playing Karl Strand’s right-hand man, which should be interesting since Strand appears to be at odds with his boss Ford (Anthony Hopkins). Hopefully, we’ll get more info soon!

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Who is Antoine Costa?

Antoine Costa is a member of Karl Strand’s security team on the HBO series Westworld. He is played by Fares Fares. Fares has starred in The Commuter, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and was an Emmy nominee for his role in The Night Manager. In addition to his acting, he is also a director and producer. His debut film Zero Killed won Best Narrative Feature at the Los Angeles Film Festival and was nominated for three more awards. His production company Casablanca Media recently announced it will produce its first feature film The Sisters Brothers starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Joaquin Phoenix set to release later this year.

Fares Fares as Antoine Costa - A Welcome Addition to Westworld Season 2
Fares Fares as Antoine Costa – A Welcome Addition to Westworld Season 2

Where do we go from here?

The second season of HBO’s hit show Westworld just got a little more interesting with the addition of actor Fares Fares in the role of Antoine Costa. While we don’t know much about his character yet, we’re excited to see what he brings to the table. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on any new details that arise! We can’t wait for Westworld season two!

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The new season premieres April 22nd on HBO at 9pm EST

What are your thougheally goes on behind closed doors. If he doesn’t share any intel on our favorite park, maybe there’s a chance for another blockbuster twist!

Relationships with other characters

Since joining the cast of Westworld in season 2, Fares Fares has quickly become a fan-favorite. His character, Antoine Costa, is a member of Karl Strand’s security team and has a complicated relationship with both his boss and the other members of the team. He was born in Cairo, Egypt but has lived most of his life in Sweden where he studied acting at Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts. Fares also studied under Peter Brook and played major roles in Hamlet (Rosencrantz) and Julius Caesar (Brutus). It wasn’t until 2006 that he got the chance to play an Arab man when he starred as Al Qaeda leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in ABC’s The Path to 9/11.

Fares Fares as Antoine Costa - A Welcome Addition to Westworld Season 2
Fares Fares as Antoine Costa – A Welcome Addition to Westworld Season 2

Character traits

Antoine Costa is a strong and reliable presence on Karl Strand’s security team. He’s a good listener, quick to act, and always has the best interests of his team in mind. He’s also a bit of a mystery, which makes him all the more intriguing. I’m looking forward to seeing more of him in season 2 of Westworld. His character seems like he’ll be an integral part of the story moving forward. In one episode, he was tasked with talking down a group of armed men who were protesting outside the park. When the situation got violent, Antoine was shot at point-blank range but managed to use his body as a shield to protect his colleague. It was not only heroic but incredibly selfless and thoughtful.

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