If you’re familiar with the TV show House of Cards, then you’re probably already familiar with Hammerschmidt’s right-hand man, Sean Jeffries. The character has only appeared in two episodes so far (only 10 more to go!), but the writers have done an excellent job of introducing him as an up-and-coming journalist who can be trusted and relied upon by his boss, Lucas Hammerschmidt, despite being only in his 20s. That being said, there are still many things that we still don’t know about Sean. Hammerschmidt’s Right-Hand Man

Will be focused on stories

Sean is in his early 20s. He grew up in Toledo, OH and went to Ohio State University where he majored in English. Sean joined a fraternity there and had a lot of fun, but also focused on school. After graduating, he moved to DC and got a job at The Washington Herald working under Jason Hammerschmidt as an investigative reporter. I love doing research; digging into someone’s past is always fascinating to me!

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Will be great with people

Part of a good reporter’s job is making connections, and Hammerschmidt will do well here. He knows how to work with people and speak their language. This helps him figure out what information is reliable and what isn’t; additionally, he can get access to sources that might not be available to others.

Hammerschmidt's Right-Hand Man
Hammerschmidt’s Right-Hand Man

Must be a fast learner

When you’re breaking into journalism, it can be hard to stand out from a sea of writers. One way to do that is to learn quickly and incorporate your new knowledge into your writing. A good reporter is always learning—if you want to be a great reporter, be a hungry learner. This means keeping an eye on major media outlets, reading industry blogs, and closely following developments in relevant fields like politics or business. And if you’re already working in a newsroom as an assistant or freelancer?

Has to be hardworking and motivated

The best thing that ever happened to Hammerschmidt (Robert Redford) was hiring a young reporter named Ben Bradlee Jr. (played by Bradley Whitford). The title of my first book, The Modern Newspaper Reporter and Editor: A Guide for Reporters, Editors, and Publishers , is self-explanatory.

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Has to have ambition

There’s one reporter at The Washington Herald who has a tenacious desire to write and report. He’s always looking for new stories, working on leads, searching for leads and scouring news sources for anything he can use. His name is Sean Jeffries and he has a very bright future in front of him…if only his boss, Hammerschmidt, doesn’t drag him down with him. (season 5)

Will take risks for an exclusive story

Need advanced computer skills

Will protect other reporters from political pressure

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