One of the greatest things about Gmail is that it gives you access to hundreds of third-party apps that make your life easier. One such app is Send Anywhere, which allows you to send files of any size and type to anyone with an email address. All you need to do is install the app on your computer and follow these steps: click the Plus icon in the top right corner, choose Send and then hit Attach Files (or simply use the key combination Ctrl+Shift+I). In no time at all, you’ll be sending folders by Gmail! Everything You Need to Know About Sending a Folder by Gmail

Create your own email account

If you’re using your personal email address, and don’t want to risk losing contacts when you open your own account, create another email account using a different provider. Most companies (Google included) give you 10GB of storage space—that should be more than enough for all of your clients.

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Google Drive account

Your first step is going to be setting up a Google Drive account. When you do, you’ll be given 15GB of space that can be used for folders as well as individual files. If that’s not enough, Google offers tiered storage packages. The more you pay per month, the more storage space you receive.

Sign in with both accounts on desktop

In your regular inbox, click on Compose. On that same page, click on Create Archive and choose who you want it sent to. At the top of your screen under from: select your name from your first account. To attach a folder, in your second account (the one where you have been saving attachments) open up any message or email with at least one attachment in it.

Open the Drive program

In Windows, use your keyboard’s Windows key (or Apple’s Command key) and hit E. On a Mac, hit Finder and then click on Applications. Find Drive. It looks like a cloud icon. (It may also be called Google Drive.) Open it up.

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Select the file you want to attach

Most of us have files we’ve created or downloaded that are sitting somewhere on our hard drive or in our Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive folders. If you want to attach one of these files to an email, click and drag it from your desktop onto your message in Gmail. Alternatively, you can go File > Attachments > Attach Files… and find it there.

Everything You Need to Know About Sending a Folder by Gmail
Everything You Need to Know About Sending a Folder by Gmail

Attach it as you would any other file

In your email, click Attach > File or drag and drop it on top of your message. This will open up a window where you can browse for files that are saved locally. Find your folder and select it. Here’s what it will look like: And here’s how that same attachment might appear in an inbox: To send more than one file as an attachment, simply attach each file individually: Drop them into your email, just as you would with one file.

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Click Send

There’s no need to download a third-party email application or account when you can create and send folders directly from your webmail inbox. It’s easy as pie, and it helps keep your sent emails organized. Here’s how: Open your email account (Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc.). Enter and address at To: Click Compose in bottom right corner of screen.

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