An official speedrun of Elden Ring, the highly anticipated next game from Dark Souls developer FromSoftware, has been completed in under 10 minutes by speedrunner The_Enchantress. This record time beat the previous record by nearly 30 seconds and has set the stage for even more records to be set as players continue to master the game’s speedrunning mechanics. Elden Ring Speedruns Officially Beatable in Under 10 Minutes

Video game industry reacts to speedruns

A PC Game speedrun for Elden Ring released by record holder Snipermaster117 has set off a barrage of reactions from gamers. The 5-man team managed to finish their run of Elden Ring in 9 minutes and 26 seconds, shaving several minutes off previous times and almost beating it in one take.

The information that could make the gaming community happy again

After months of play, speedrunners have finally found a way to finish The Elden Ring within ten minutes. Now it’s official. There is no longer any excuse for PC gamers to put off playing one of 2019’s most anticipated games. This news comes just days after players discovered they could skip entire sections of The Elden Ring by using glitches and exploits. We’re happy that we can finally bring you some good news about PC gaming again!

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This is how far we got with Elden Ring so far

Even though it is still not officially released, Elden Ring speedrunners have already figured out how to beat every main story mission of Game Director Hidetaka Miyazaki’s new project within a maximum time of 9 minutes and 42 seconds. If you include cutscenes, loading times and ending credits, that doesn’t even leave you enough time to get a drink. Why are speedruns so important for games?

What more should we expect from Tom Clancy’s New Vision?

PC game developers are incredibly talented, there’s no doubt about that. The evidence is all around us. We only have to look at games like Red Dead Redemption 2, Far Cry 5 and Marvel’s Spider-Man for proof of that. But what happens when a blockbuster development team tackles a license?

Why is it even called Tom Clancy’s New Vision when it comes to video games?

This year’s E3 was a bit of a non-event, but there is one video game series you’re sure to hear more about in 2019: Tom Clancy’s New Vision. The Tom Clancy franchise has been sold off to publisher Ubisoft, with its name being changed to include New Vision on all future games and products. The reasoning behind all of it is perhaps tied to maintaining brand recognition, but even then it seems silly that any developer would want their work to be associated with Tom Clancy.

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How will this game change the way we perceive video games as an entertainment?

First, a quick rundown of how speedrunning works. A speedrun is basically when you play through a game as fast as possible. For example, let’s say I wanted to beat Super Mario Bros. as quickly as possible; I could start by playing through normally and see what my best time was. Then I could use that time to set a goal for myself (like beating it under 30 minutes). Then I would go back and try to beat it again using strategies that are specifically designed to help me get through faster (like jumping on enemies or collecting coins to buy power-ups). The result?

Why did they have to release another trailer?

The original trailer was released 2 months ago and was over 20 minutes long. Everyone hated it! It was boring as hell! I’m not even going to give that many details about it here, because you can find countless articles online about it (just search for Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer on Google). Let’s just say that we are all dying to play Kingdom Hearts 3.

What else can be said about this new approach to making a video game while they’re at it?

Square Enix has decided to change its focus towards PC gaming for their latest release, Elden Ring. Recently, a speedrunner managed to complete Elden Ring under ten minutes with no breaks. The game is officially beatable within ten minutes!

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Show me what you’ve got, gameplay!

Games are a funny thing. While most people (rightfully) believe they’re an escape from real life, there are those who see it as an extension of their reality. These gamers live and breathe their game of choice, either to master all its challenges or for personal enjoyment, or even sometimes a bit of both. The speedrunning community is one such example, dedicated to making games fast through sheer determination and perseverance.

Has anyone pioneered the soul Rune Level 1 speedrun of Elden ring yet?

The Elden Ring speedrun community was shaken up today when an anonymous user posted a 2:59 video of a successful Rune Level 1 (RL1) speedrun, crushing old world records. This user’s account has been deleted and no one is talking, but speculation is rampant that someone has finally achieved what many thought impossible – beating Elden Ring before even completing all of its story missions.

 elden ring speedrun weapon

best weapon to kill yourself with, Top 11 weapons to use when speedrunning Elden Ring!!! Let’s talk about some of our favorite weapons to use while playing through Elden Ring as quickly as possible. They may not be your favorite, but they are what you’re stuck with for speedrunning! Check out these funny tools that we use on stream!

elden ring speedrun categories

These are three categories for speedrunning Elden Ring: solo, multiplayer and co-op. In case you don’t know what speedrunning is, it’s basically completing a game as fast as possible. This can be achieved by beating a record time or any number of other methods. It doesn’t matter how you play so long as you reach one of those goals within a certain amount of time, like 24 hours for example.

elden ring speedrun time

Elden Ring players have discovered a way to cut down many of their playthroughs of FromSoftware’s latest release, bringing some speedrunning records under 10 minutes. Through careful tricking and slashing, these speedrunners have managed to beat Elden Ring faster than ever before, with some even finishing it under ten minutes.

elden ring speedrun all bosses

In a major feat for gaming speedrunning, Andrew Skip Jameson has now completed an Elden Ring speedrun of all bosses (including side bosses) under 10 minutes. The previous record holder was held by VicariousGaming1 and stood at 12 minutes, 5 seconds. The new record is now set at 9:57.

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