You’ve arrived at Elden Ring and have defeated the soldier that once protected the Ring of Brodgar. Now, you’re ready to take on one of the bosses in the latest content release from Bethesda, The Elder Scrolls VI: Elden Ring. Of course, this isn’t going to be easy, so you need to know how to find and beat the dragonkin soldier located in Nokstella’s Cliffs. Let’s take a look at his stats, abilities, and recommended gear before facing him in combat! Elden Ring Boss Fight

The Location Elden Ring Boss Fight

Nokstella Lair – In Nokstella’s Lair, there are only two monsters to fight. They both appear in Phase 4 of Nokstella’s Deadly Dance, however, unlike all other Elden Ring bosses where additional monsters will spawn every 3 phases or so, there is only one monster in Nokstella’s Lair and it will not respawn for another few minutes.

The Dragon Kin

Nokstella is a female dragon, and a Dragon Kin. The Dragon Kin are thought to be one of several types of dragons that make up most of her kind. Nokstella’s name is likely derived from Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, otherwise known as Saint Elisabeth of Thuringia, and from Nox or Nyx, who is an all-seeing titaness in Greek mythology.

General Strategy

The Nokstella Elden Ring Dragonkin Soldier is powerful, so be sure to focus fire and heal when needed. It’s important to save resources for its Death Grip attack, as that one can only be avoided with a well-timed dodge. Use your limit break when it activates. Each Nokstella soldier will have different moves and timing, so practice makes perfect! Good luck!

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The Boss

The Elden Ring boss is a large dragon-like creature called Cythstail The Blighted Tongue. It’s probably one of the most fearsome looking dragons in history, with a body that looks like a black ribbon covered in sharp barbs and spikes. Its head is flat with eight glowing eyes that glow blue or orange depending on its current status.

Elden Ring

The first boss you’ll encounter in Elden Ring is all about attrition and patience. As you enter her arena, she will send three clones of herself running towards you to be dispatched by your party. After they are gone, she becomes active; get into a rhythm of dealing damage while avoiding her magic attacks until another set of clones arrives. Continue in this manner until she’s dead—not too tough with some practice.

Dragonkin of Elden Ring

This is a collective term for any creatures that were once of Nokstella, such as Dragonkin and Drakes. This can also include sentient beings that have been affected by Nokstella’s toxins, such as Man-Serpents. Dragonkin follow orders without question and will fight to the death if commanded to do so. A dragon’s appearance can be altered by its species’ corruption; Dragonkin are no exception, manifesting with powerful abilities tied to their element.

The dragonkin soldiers and their tactics

The dragonkin soldiers in Elden Ring are ruthless and will do anything to win, including slaughtering each other. They’re led by Queen Nokstella, who possesses her own unique abilities. While she often fights alongside her dragonkin, she can also summon them individually or separate from one another to create diversions that attack from multiple angles at once.

Elden Ring Boss Fight
Elden Ring Boss Fight

The boss fight

Nokstella is one of three dragonkin you encounter during your adventure in Elden Ring. Her physical form does not reveal her true self, however. Instead, she disguises herself as a young woman with olive skin and auburn hair who wields two red blades—one in each hand. She has no legs or feet; instead, she floats above ground, shifting from place to place. She has no armor or clothing, but her body is covered in scars that seem to move and shift over time. When you first see her floating above ground (which will be about halfway through your battle), it’s difficult to make out anything beyond that fact that there’s something there; it’ll take some time for you to realize what exactly it is.

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How do you beat dragonkin?

Dragonkin are challenging and powerful enemies, capable of spewing fire, shooting lasers, and defending themselves with melee attacks. Your best bet is to avoid fighting them directly unless you are level 50 or above; they have a ton of health, so it will take a long time for an inexperienced player to wear them down. Instead, you should attempt to sneak past them; dragonkin typically don’t notice lone players passing by.

Where can I find dragonkin soldier?

Dragonkin Soldier can be found inside Elden Ring’s Ethereal forest. You will come across him as part of your main story quest line, but only if you explore enough to find his little nest. The nest is a short walk North from Ranger camp (not visible on map). Use vines and trees to jump up and reach it! What do I do with dragonkin soldier? : Once you have defeated him, he will drop a note that leads you to someone else. This person gives you more quests that lead into other sidequests that ultimately reward you with something special… But we won’t spoil it for now!

How do you beat dragonkin soldier?

You can kill him quite easily with a bow or crossbow. If you don’t have one of those, you’ll want to engage him up close. If he pulls his sword out, back off immediately—he’s going to fire an arc of lightning at your location. The good news is that Elden Ring consists primarily of shields and barriers; they absorb damage rather than take it outright. It means there are few spikes in difficulty and more opportunities for challenge-driven moments like boss fights.

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How many bosses will be in Elden Ring?

Since there’s no release date in sight, we have no clue. It could be one, or it could be three, but either way it should be exciting! Here are some rumors of bosses that may appear: The Stag Lord (The Witcher), Dragonkin Soldier of Nokstella (Dark Souls II), Dragonslayer Ornstein and Executioner Smough (Dark Souls), Gael An Draonor and Dark Sun Gwyndolin (Dark Souls I). And more…

What do I do after dragonkin soldier of Nokstella?

After defeating him, you’ll be able to go back and get your gear, but you won’t be able to fight him again. From here on out, things only get harder. Be sure you do all of your side quests before leaving Faelor (unless you really need that cash), because you won’t be coming back for a while. Your next stop is going to be at Istarelle’s Refuge, which is located in Elden Ring. This is where you will meet up with Morag Tong leader, Vipir The Fleet. After speaking with Vipir, you will need to travel north-east towards Nokstella Village. You will have to defeat three waves of enemies in order to reach her lair; however, there are some secret areas along the way where you can find new weapons and armor if needed.

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