Can you imagine the pressure on Eduardo Capetillo as he prepared to play Ricardo Urzúa Lozano in the 2017 movie High Heat? Not only did he have to act his part, but he also had to change his appearance and mannerisms to become the beloved pitcher who helped propel the Chicago Cubs to their first World Series in 108 years! With help from the right cosmetic dentistry, Capetillo was able to make the necessary changes to look like Urzúa Lozano and give an outstanding performance that captivated audiences all over the world. Eduardo Capetillo Becomes Ricardo Urzúa Lozano in High Heat

Why you should watch this show

This Mexican drama follows the life of Ricardo Urzúa Lozano, a talented but undisciplined pitcher who is recruited by a major league team. The show chronicles his struggles to make it in the big leagues, as well as his personal life and relationships. He was injured before ever playing a game for the MLB team he was drafted to, so he has to figure out how to get back on track with his career.

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It airs on ESPN 3 Mondays at 8 pm Eastern Standard Time and Wednesdays at 8 pm Eastern Standard Time.

Eduardo Capetillo Becomes Ricardo Urzúa Lozano in High Heat
Eduardo Capetillo Becomes Ricardo Urzúa Lozano in High Heat


Eduardo Capetillo is a Mexican actor, singer, and model. He is best known for his roles in telenovelas. In 2013, he played the role of Ricardo Urzúa Lozano in the television series High Heat. The show was set in Mexico City during the heat wave of 1995. It follows the story of a group of friends who are trying to survive the heat wave. Capetillo’s performance was praised by critics. As the heat intensifies, so does the danger, and Ricardo must use all his skills to survive. The film is packed with action and suspense, and Capetillo gives an electrifying performance as the tough-as-nails protagonist. If you’re looking for a riveting drama about crime and punishment, then this is the movie for you!

Eduardo Capetillo Becomes Ricardo Urzúa Lozano in High Heat
Eduardo Capetillo Becomes Ricardo Urzúa Lozano in High Heat

The transition process

It’s always a bit strange to see an actor take on a new role, especially when they’ve been so iconic in previous work. But that’s what Eduardo Capetillo is doing in the new film High Heat. He plays Ricardo Urzúa Lozano, a character very different from his previous roles. In this one he’s more of a grounded, empathetic father and husband – not necessarily the type of guy you’d expect him to play. The performance was also a big change for him as he played opposite newcomers instead of some more experienced actors.

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Preparing for the role physically

Eduardo Capetillo had to put on 25 pounds for the role of Ricardo Urzúa Lozano in High Heat. To make himself look more like the character, he also wore a mustache and had his hair styled in a particular way. He spent hours in the makeup chair each day to ensure that he looked the part. When it came time to film the series, his co-stars made him feel as comfortable as possible.

The young actor was able to talk with them about their own life experiences so they could help him better understand how to play his character accurately.

For example, when it came time for Eduardo’s first love scene in the show, he talked with Romina Gaetani about her experience of filming her first sex scene in another telenovela she starred in.

Preparing for the role mentally

Eduardo Capetillo is no stranger to taking on different personas. For his latest role in the telenovela High Heat, he had to step into the shoes of Ricardo Urzúa Lozano, a successful businessman who is also a bit of a playboy. To prepare for the role, Capetillo consulted with a psychiatrist to get into the mindset of someone who is so confident and sure of himself. I wanted to understand him as a human being, says Capetillo. He has some problems, but he’s always been able to come out victorious thanks to his innate intelligence and leadership skills. I don’t think that’s just me—I think that’s everyone. When we take risks, we are always going against something or fighting against something; it’s like we need an enemy in order to feel alive.

Eduardo Capetillo Becomes Ricardo Urzúa Lozano in High Heat
Eduardo Capetillo Becomes Ricardo Urzúa Lozano in High Heat

Final thoughts

High Heat is a gritty, edge-of-your-seat thriller that will keep you guessing until the very end. Eduardo Capetillo gives an intense performance as Ricardo Urzúa Lozano, a man caught up in a race against time to save his family from a ruthless drug cartel. With its twists and turns, High Heat is a heart-pounding ride that you won’t want to miss. It’s out now on Blu-rayTM + DVD + Digital HD!

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