Fans of the popular British sci-fi show Doctor Who have been waiting with baited breath to hear who will be filling the titular role in the next installment of the series, which airs in 2022 on BBC America and features an all-new cast and special guest appearances by original Doctors including Tom Baker, David Tennant, Matt Smith, and Peter Capaldi. Dan Starkey Joins the Cast of Doctor Who 2022 as Kragar


What would happen if somebody you once loved had a chance to remake history? Such is the premise behind Doctor Who 2022, coming out in 2020. Dan Starkey As Kragar Doctor Who. In it, we see what life would be like if someone with one faulty heart had had a second chance to do things right. Let’s get to know more about this new and exciting era for Doctor Who!  Doctor Who is one of TV’s most iconic and beloved shows around the world.

About Dan Starkey

This year, we were saddened to hear that Dan Starkey would be leaving his role on Doctor Who. Now, we’re excited to learn that he’s been cast in an upcoming episode for Doctor Who 2022. There is no word yet on which episode Dan will be featured in.

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Former Doctor Who actor Dan Starkey joins the cast of Doctor Who 2022 as Kragar, a fiendish space pirate and nemesis to both David Tennant’s tenth Doctor and Karen Gillan’s Lady Jaxa. Originally seen in Stephen Baxter’s The Wreckers (2014), Kragar is one of the fiercest opponents to ever face our heroes, a sadistic killer and self-styled Queen who we can’t wait to see meet her match!

Dan Starkey Joins the Cast of Doctor Who 2022 as Kragar
Dan Starkey Joins the Cast of Doctor Who 2022 as Kragar

Personal Information

Daniel James Dan Starkey (born 17 September 1987) is an English actor who played Kenny in Wizards vs. Aliens and has also made various appearances in Doctor Who. He joined the cast of Doctor Who in 2020 to play Kragar, one of three new faces on board the TARDIS. He is excited to be given such a big opportunity. I am just happy to be given a shot like this with such an iconic show, he says.

Involvement in Multiple Television Series

The actor Dan Starkey has just been announced to play a main character in the upcoming Doctor Who series called Kragar due to air in 2022. Not much is known about the character other than he will be an agent working for Torchwood, a crime-fighting organization that includes members from both UNIT and MI5 and was formed by Queen Victoria. What is known is that Mr.

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Notable Work in Film and Television

Dan Starkey has been in some of the most iconic television series ever, including Doctors vs. Aliens, Wizards vs. Aliens and Class Dismissed, so it’s no surprise that Dan has also joined the cast for Doctor Who in 2022. With his role on Doctors vs.

Dan Starkey Joins the Cast of Doctor Who 2022 as Kragar

The show stars Jodie Whittaker, with returning starring cast members Peter Capaldi, Pearl Mackie and Matt Lucas. Guest cast includes Tony Osoba and Camille Coduri (as Jeanine), Dan Starkey As Kragar, Bethany Black, Fiona Hampton, Katharine Gordon and Stephen Campbell Moore. Dan Starkey will be playing Kragar.

Awards, Nominations & Achievements

Dan Starkey is best known for his work on Wizards vs. Aliens, which received an Emmy nomination in 2013 for Outstanding Special Visual Effects, Class Dismissed, which won a Royal Television Society Award for Best Drama Series in 2017 and Doctor Who in 2005. In December 2019, Dan made his debut on British TV playing Kragar for The Unearthly Child episode on channel 4 before taking over the role of Drax and joining UNIT from 2020 to 2023.

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Upcoming Projects

The 44-year-old British actor is set to join Peter Capaldi in the final season of Doctor Who in 2020. He will play Kragar, a shape-shifting warrior from another world who has been exiled for thousands of years and spends his time gambling with death. Dan was born in London, but grew up on a farm in Devon, England. As a teenager he went on to become head boy at Kings School Taunton before studying English Literature at University College London.

Further Reading/Sources

Dan Starkey is set to appear in the latest edition of Doctor Who, which will be premiering in 2022. Details about his character or what exact episode he will be appearing in have not been revealed yet.

Dan Starkey Joins the Cast of Doctor Who 2022 as Kragar

Frequently asked questions

Who is Dan Starkey?

Dan Starkey is known for Wizards vs. Aliens (2012), Doctor Who (2005) and Class Dismissed (2016). Dan will join the cast of Doctor Who in 2022 playing a new character, Kragar. He is excited to be joining this amazing show and this incredible cast, crew and production team.

What movies and TV shows has Dan Starkey been in?

Dan Starkey is an English actor known for playing Rob Curley in Wizards vs. Aliens (2012), Kellen in Class Dismissed (2016) and Karag in Doctor Who (2005). On top of that, he has been seen on such British TV shows as Doctors and Wizards vs. Aliens.

Who is Tom Starkey on Christmas University Challenge?

Tom’s an EMMY-award winning TV, theatre and film actor. He is known for Class Dismissed (2016), Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Who. In his debut appearance on Christmas University Challenge, Tom joined Colin Baker who portrayed ‘Doctor Who’ from 1984 to 1986 and beat him in a head-to-head round, despite being a lifelong fan!

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