The eighth series of the British science fiction television programme Doctor Who featured an incarnation of the Doctor portrayed by Matt Smith, and was first broadcast on BBC One in 2012. It was executive produced by Steven Moffat, produced by Caroline Skinner, and directed by Toby Haynes and Jamie Payne, who had previously worked on Doctor Who as director and producer respectively (Payne would also direct two episodes in the ninth series). The series contained 14 episodes: seven regular episodes, followed by a two-part story and an annual Christmas special. Doctor Who 2022: Old Swarm Matthew Needham

About His Role A Old Swarm

Matthew Needham, who also played Vincent opposite James McAvoy in The Ritual, is to play a character called Doctor Who 2022. His other acting credits include Sherlock and House of the Dragon. He had a role in The Hours as Sebastian Flyte which was one of the young Hugh Laurie’s earliest film appearances. Matthew is the son of actor Nigel Bruce and Charlotte Holland, who both appeared on the popular 1960s TV series The Avengers.

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Matthew Needham, born April 13, 1984 in the UK is an actor. He has made appearances in TV shows like House of the Dragon (2022), Sherlock (2010) and The Ritual (2017). Matthew is also set to play the new doctor for Doctor Who on BBC after Jodie Whittaker’s replacement who was played by Peter Capaldi. He will be known as Matthew Needham As Old Swarm .


Doctor Who 2022: Old Swarm Matthew Needham
Doctor Who 2022: Old Swarm Matthew Needham

Matthew Needham is a British actor, who played the character of Harry Sullivan in the 1980s series of Doctor Who. He then became a recurring guest star as Moriaty’s ‘right-hand man’ and henchman, Inspector Gregson, in the long-running BBC Sherlock. Matthew also starred in ITV thriller The Replacement from 2018-19 and will star in forthcoming thriller House of the Dragon (2022). In addition to acting, Matthew is an active storyteller for children.

Personal Life

Matthew was born on April 13, 1984 in the UK. He is an actor, known for The Ritual (2017), Sherlock (2010) and House of the Dragon (2022). He studied at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama where he graduated with a BA Hons in Acting. His first appearance was in 2010 as Young Alfred Kinsey in Sherlock. His next role as Matthew Needham As Old Swarm appeared in the film Doctor Who 2022 and other roles followed, including Rickshaw Driver’s Son in Happy Valley Season 2 Episode 1 and Alex Kingston As Himself In Friends From College Season 1 Episode 5.

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How did swarm escape Doctor Who?

When the Doctor met his old incarnation in the same body, he offered to help him so that he could leave. The offer was soon turned down as swarms plan came together. He had captured River Song and started an incubation cycle on her brain which would grant him the knowledge of all of time and space. Seeing this, he offers to swap with River Song but before they can make the change, they get attacked by Cybermen who break open his container killing them both.

Why does Swarm look different Dr Who?

Dr. Matthew Needham portrays the human villain of The Ritual in a terrifyingly desperate future, and is set to return as multiple other roles across a number of productions from the BBC, such as Sherlock and House of the Dragon. Swarm has made appearances in many projects across many industries but there’s something about him that makes him an unforgettable character every time. One could say it might be his steely gaze, or that he looks like a whole new person- but it actually goes deeper than that.

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Frequently asked questions

What happened to swarm and Azure?

I’m not sure about the whole plot of House of the Dragon, but I know that it will be released in 2022 and is set to feature one-off stories from Doctor Who throughout its run. The episode’s director, Alice Troughton (who was an assistant director on previous episodes like The Waters of Mars and Midnight), is directing with Simon Nye as the scriptwriter.

How did swarm escape?

In Doctor Who 2022, it is revealed that the death of Jack’s father was caused by the insect-like creatures called ‘The Swarm’. The surviving swarm took over Jack’s body and created a new human with its DNA in order to survive. Jack takes on the name of Swarm, realising he has no other identity than being just a different version of his previous self. In many ways, he is an entirely new man.

Doctor Who 2022: Old Swarm Matthew Needham
Doctor Who 2022: Old Swarm Matthew Needham

Who are the mouri Dr Who?

The Doctor is a time-traveling humanoid alien called a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey. The Doctor has travelled throughout all of space and time, saving countless lives in both the past and future. He flies through time with his spaceship called the TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space) that takes him where he needs to go. The TARDIS looks like an old 1960s English police box. He travels with human beings that are just ordinary people who end up accompanying him on his adventures.

What species is swarm Dr Who?

Swarm is a time lord, who came from the future. The Doctor first encountered Swarm when he was attacked by the robot. He was wary of the robot, as it tried to kill him, but found out that it

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