Cryptocurrency may finally be getting the recognition it deserves by investors around the world, with recent moves suggesting that the asset class could see some fast-tracking of its status in global markets. The Financial Stability Board, an international committee focused on monitoring and making recommendations about the global financial system, recently proposed a set of principles to govern cryptocurrency regulation, which included clearer definitions and classifications for the various types of digital assets now circulating through the markets. This new framework will make it easier for regulators to classify new cryptocurrencies, as well as bring some much-needed transparency to the industry as a whole. Cryptocurrency Assets Could See Fast-Tracking of Status

Crypto Tokens Are Securities, DOJ Says

The DOJ’s recent statement that crypto tokens are securities came as no surprise. ICOs are often used to raise funds for startup ventures, which makes sense when you consider the securities laws governing such transactions. At the same time, however, it creates problems for entrepreneurs who either don’t have a preexisting business plan or need capital up front.

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Crypto Market Tumble Leaves Investors Scrambling

Even after a recent downturn, crypto assets are still exploding in popularity. With a record number of initial coin offerings last year, we’re now seeing investors scrambling to get on board in order to claim potential stake in what some predict will be the world’s most lucrative market. In order to better manage the transition, though, it may be worth instituting Fast-tracking for cryptocurrency assets at the federal level; if you own a U.S.

Facebook To Launch Cryptocurrency In 2020

Facebook is currently developing a stablecoin which will help them approach some problems like international money transfers. They are also in talks with big financial institutions, as well as US regulators to explore using cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. If Facebook launches this currency, then there could be fast-tracking of status for other cryptocurrency assets.

Cryptocurrency Assets Could See Fast-Tracking of Status
Cryptocurrency Assets Could See Fast-Tracking of Status

Coinbase Expected To Become Publicly Traded Company This Year

Coinbase, one of the most popular online exchanges for buying and selling cryptocurrencies, is expected to become a publicly traded company this year. Coinbase’s acquisition by an established public company will pave the way for it to list its own shares on the open market. If it does so successfully, other cryptocurrency companies could find themselves trading in a similar manner.

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US Regulators Call For Stronger Crypto Trading Surveillance

It has been announced that the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and Securities and Exchange Commission are working together to develop a system that will track cryptocurrency trades in order to identify cases where market manipulation is taking place. Many view this as a positive step in the right direction.

New York Exchange May Soon List Ripple XRP Coin

New York Exchange’s parent company announced today that they will be fast-tracking the designation of Ripple’s XRP Coin as a security. This is not the first time the SEC has evaluated this coin and its classification as a security. The San Francisco branch recently said it didn’t have enough information to determine if XRP is actually a security. A letter was sent to CNBC, which says the New York branch needed more time to explore what impact securities trading would have on investors before designating XRP as a security.

Frequently asked questions

What are the best cryptocurrency portfolio tracking apps?

If you want to track all your investments in cryptocurrency, then Cryptonator is the perfect app for you. It tracks over 300 cryptocurrencies and stores funds in cold storage wallets for greater security. This app supports 30 languages and has a seamless user interface which makes it easy to understand and operate. Cryptonator also features price graphs, social trading functionality and much more!

Cryptocurrency Assets Could See Fast-Tracking of Status
Cryptocurrency Assets Could See Fast-Tracking of Status

Why are the assets tracked in this chart cryptoassets?

Simply put, cryptoassets are digital assets that have a notional monetary value. Like with real currency or gold, cryptocurrency assets can be traded or exchanged between users without the interference of a central bank. Because there is no middleman and assets are decentralized, cryptocurrency markets are theoretically less susceptible to corruption. There’s also an added level of anonymity that comes from trading assets on these markets.

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How much does it cost to use crypto portfolio tracker?

Possession is nine tenths of the law, but it’s not exactly difficult to fraudulently claim ownership over someone else’s cryptocurrency. One such example is the case against Gerald Davis, who allegedly purchased $7.4 million worth of Bitcoin and tried to sell them off as his own.

How to generate real-time data about crypto assets?

One way to generate real-time data about cryptocurrency assets is by connecting it to a blockchain. We can use this data to then create insights and better understandings of the markets we are operating in. This can also be used as an edge to trade on while providing a plethora of new benefits. With instant transfers, trustless trades, decentralization, transparency, and no fraud the crypto market will have never seen before, this revolution in finance will completely redefine money.

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