The Umbrella Academy’s Aidan Gallagher has been as busy as can be lately. In addition to playing Five Hargreeves on the hit Netflix series, he also has been working on the third season of You’re the Worst and recently wrapped production on his own indie film, A Prayer Before Dawn. But in an exclusive interview with SYFY WIRE, Gallagher opened up about the unique role he plays in The Umbrella Academy, his chemistry with costar Tom Hopper, and why there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to his character’s ability to jump through time and space. Aidan Gallagher Reveals What It’s Like to Be Five Hargreeves

How Did it All Begin?

Unlike most science fiction characters, Aidan Gallagher’s character in The Umbrella Academy wasn’t born with powers. Instead, he got them from a cosmic event called The White Event which caused a group of superpowered children to be born around that time. In an interview with Syfy Wire, Aidan revealed what it was like being one of these kids and how his character differs from other superheroes.

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Auditioning for the Role

Before shooting for Five began, Aidan Gallaghersaid he was nervous about playing such a pivotal role. When I auditioned for it, I really thought that I had no chance. … [It was] obviously something I really wanted but kind of feeling like a long shot, he said in an interview with Collider . But when getting the call from show creators J.J.

Aidan Gallagher Reveals What It's Like to Be Five Hargreeves
Aidan Gallagher Reveals What It’s Like to Be Five Hargreeves

Working on I Am Not Okay

I Am Not Okay was a great experience, but it took its toll on me. I never really thought of myself as an actor, which meant that after filming wrapped and I went back home, I found myself having a hard time adjusting back to reality.

Fun Facts

I have all of these notes here in front of me. I have a notebook full of stuff that I’ve written down that might be helpful when it comes time for me to craft my character. With that being said, there are things from day one—I remember sitting with [series creator] Jed [Whedon] and working on what that voice was. Obviously, we went through many versions of how he should sound and what his quirks were.

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